Today is the premiere of something I’m really proud of: the first episode of the Muckrake Podcast’s A Certain Route To Failure documentary series.

We’re diving deep into how we’ve reached this point of crisis in the America.…
This is the story of how our politics were coopted by the wealthy and powerful, how our economy was perverted into a hypercapitalistic state, our communities destroyed, the GOP into a fascist movement, and how we reached this moment where it feels like there’s no alternative.
We begin in 1979 with Jimmy Carter’s “Malaise Speech,” which warned that America was on “a certain route to failure” unless it changed course. Unfortunately, the Right undermined his message and radically reconfigured our politics and economy while promoting greed and consumption
We’re going to trace how the failure of America to change course, to look beyond greed and corrosive individualism, took us down that road of failure, dismantled government and shared society, and led to this moment of fascistic crisis.
If this episode hits for you, please consider sharing. Our real history isn’t that well-known and if we’re going to fix things we have to understand what’s happened. We have to learn from the past, and we have to do it in a hurry.

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25 Feb
It’s not a coincidence that our culture is just reboots and reimaginings, nostalgia acts and retreads, that all these entertainments are just recycling as fascism and the Gilded Age replay and we’ve lost the ability to imagine a different future.
There are plenty of malevolent people with visions of a future and designs for technocratic dystopias, neo-fascist states, illiberal sham democracies hiding corporate control, theocracies.

They can’t chart the course. We have to come up with something new and better.
There’s a sinister quality to nostalgia, and in an America that is struggling the act of harvesting it can both be comforting but also damaging. It can inspire fondness for “easier” times where oppression was hidden or focused, and it can be weaponized.
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24 Feb
America is awash in conspiracy theories that threaten our safety because of unaddressed white supremacy and a culture that makes us feel powerless, alienated, and keeps us in the dark about the political and economic forces controlling our lives.

Awful tragedies and terrorist attacks in our recent history have been inspired by conspiracy theories and a culture that hides the actual machinations of power that dominate our lives, using simplified, weaponized explanations to redirect anger and cement control.

2. Image
This modern moment, both in terms of how our cruel, unequal economy works, and how our govt has been dismantled, has its roots in the 1980's, when figures like Reagan and Thatcher radically changed our cultures to make the wealthy and powerful even more wealthy and powerful

3/ Image
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22 Feb
As America passes half a million dead by even conservative estimates, we need to examine how we got here, how this tragedy could have taken place, and how the wealthy and the powerful and the GOP created the perfect conditions for such a disaster.

We need to begin with Richard Nixon, whose tarnished, disgraceful presidency left the Republican Party in tatters in the 1970's and many in the GOP wondering whether they would ever recover.

If they were to come back, it would take a new plan and a new strategy.

William E. Simon was Nixon's Treasury Secretary and he believed the survival of the GOP and capitalism depended on an aggressive new strategy to create a "powerful counterintelligentsia" that could twist reality in their favor.

It inspired a deadly new trend.

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21 Feb
Sharing videos of someone like Don Jr. is just reveling in someone else’s mental unwellness, contributes to a toxic culture of spectacle, and actually increases his ability to poison disclose and enlarges his communication ability.

It’s a lose-lose situation, all the way around.
These social media channels thrive and profit off damaging anti-discourse, incentivize divisive, dangerous behavior, and work to couple these outrageous characters like Don Jr, MTG, and Boebert and the outrage they produce.

The only way to get past this is opt-out.
The Trump Presidency needs to be a lesson. This moment of political and societal crisis didn’t just happen. We have to learn from it, get better, and make choices that’ll fix this.

Continuing to wallow in spectacle and feeding these damaging profit structures only makes it worse
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20 Feb
The sad but disturbing truth is that what we’re seeing in Texas, this senseless awful tragedy, isn’t an aberration or a freak accident.

The wealthy and powerful have spent decades dismantling government as a public good, and it’s only going to get worse.…
The problem of our time is that we are living in the awful consequences of one terrible, self-serving decision by the wealthy and powerful after another.

Climate catastrophe, crumbling infrastructure, political instability and impotence. All of it a glaring, bleeding consequence
With Ted Cruz and his disgusting decision to leave constituents to die, we see the true nature of what our politics has become. An apparatus of the wealthy and the powerful to become wealthier and more powerful while leaving people to suffer and die.
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19 Feb
What was so disturbing about Ted Cruz leaving his constituents to freeze to death while he escaped to a luxury resort is that he revealed who he really is and how our government is full of self-serving actors who don't care if we live or die.…
This isn't a pretty truth, but our political system has been co-opted by individuals serving the whims of the powerful and wealthy who are only worried about their power and enrichment.

Cruz made the mistake of behaving authentically, and according to his own ethics.
Cruz isn't a senator to help people, improve the world, or serve his constituents.

He's there to make money and build his brand. His leaving Texans to freeze and starve to death wasn't surprising, but it was revealing.

This is who he is and what our government has become.
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