Leo, Aquarius, Virgo, Pisces ✨
The slow & steady positive gradual changes will become more evident over the next few weeks! You’ve been in a process of trying to play it cool despite feeling so much uncertainty in your life. You will be rewarded for your courage and strength.
There’s a strong energy of internalizing other people’s emotions right now and you’re being guided to shake off that energy. This next phase of your life is to be called back to who you want to be. Spirit wants you to loosen up a bit, do something different or crazy 😛
You’re being pushed away from social norms and constructs. If you’re someone who tends to play it safe, doing just the opposite could give your confidence a boost and a chance to experiment with the unknown. It won’t be in vain. It’ll clear up blockages in your creativity.
You wear different very well. The retrograde energy could still be lingering and having you a bit confused about your place in the world but that feeling will fade over the next several weeks. The purpose of the confusion is to urge you to dig deeper into who you really are.
If you’ve been pretending in any way, being more conservative for other people’s comfort, the energy is shifting towards “idgaf, and I don’t care who likes me!” That attitude will keep you connected to yourself bc you won’t be taking action for others.
Be prepared for a couple different opportunities for abundance. This can come in the form of a new job, collaborations, a bonus of some kind or just a new outlook on life. Whatever you do, do it with confidence & dare to be different. ❤️
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23 Feb
Capricorn, Cancer , Gemini, Sagittarius ✨ Some of you might feel like throwing the towel in, giving up and walking away but know that nothing is set in stone yet. Energy is very mutable and things are still shifting around. All hope is not lost. Take a step back for a moment.
Be careful of lashing out at someone or making an impulsive decision due to your own fears or insecurities. If you have already done this, the damage is not yet irreversible. Practice self care right now so you can ground your energy & be able to respond in more appropriate ways.
For others of you, you’re in the process of trying to find what you really love. Whether this is in the form of a passion or what you’re searching for romantically. Don’t be afraid to explore all your options or change your mind. As you grow, your ideas of love also grow.
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23 Feb
Aries, Libra , Taurus, Scorpio ✨
A major breakthrough is coming towards you that you may not have felt ready for. You’re being brought into the spotlight in some way which will cause a huge expansion or increase for your life. You’re more ready than you feel for this shift.
If you have Sagittarius placements this is definitely for you or a Sagittarius could be of significance. If you’ve been hiding your gifts or in the background for a while, you’re ready to show people what you’ve tapped into or realized about yourself.
It’s okay to be in the shadows for a short period of time but eventually it’s time to shine again. You will be gaining some type of recognition for something that you’ve been working on or thinking about for some time. Either way you’re about to get very, very lucky. 🍀
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13 Dec 20
Cardinal Signs (Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, Aries) Solar Eclipse Message 📩: Your hopes and wishes are only as good as the actions you put behind them. You have a lot you want to accomplish or have been thinking about doing, but following through might be the issue.
For some, your destiny involves the people around you & you have to be prepared to compromise and be able to work better with others. There could be a Gemini or an Aquarius of significance that can help you. Negotiation is key. Try not to burn your bridges with people.
It’s okay to not know everything in one day. We all have to start as students and learn from each other at some point. There’s a very significant connection that will be teaching/guiding you. This could be romantic for some, for others a friend, family member or mentor.
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13 Dec 20
Fixed Signs (Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius) Solar Eclipse Message 📩: You could be dealing with some struggles or hardships in private, especially in regards to finances. You are either isolating yourself by choice or feeling isolated by others. There is an energy of exhaustion.
Whether you know it or not, you’re going through a deep purging/releasing of everything that doesn’t serve your emotional well-being. If you find you’re crying more often, more emotional, or just very ungrounded, you’re releasing energy that’s been stagnant within you.
You are preparing for the next chapter in your life and getting an upgrade on a soul level. In order to be able to manifest, it’s important to clear your energetic field regularly. Get a reiki cleanse, take a spiritual bath or listen to binural beats online.
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13 Dec 20
Mutable signs (Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces) Solar Eclipse Message: 📩 Over the last few weeks, things could’ve been very emotionally heightened for you or even unpredictable. Take some time to reset. The energy is still high & situations aren’t done unfolding.
Eclipses bring about fated changes, sudden endings & new beginnings. This isn’t the time to be fighting against what’s being taken away from you. This is the time to surrender & trust that there is a divine plan in order and everything will make sense in the coming months.
Spend some time alone in reflection. Find ways to channel your emotions in healthy ways. This feeling of being stuck or trapped won’t last as long as you’re willing to go with the flow of where things are heading & not try to rebel against it.
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22 Nov 20
Fixed signs 📩 (Scorpio, Leo, Taurus, Aquarius): Let your emotions lead the way. You have them for a reason and they can be used to push you towards your goals. Practicing communicating love or your deepest feelings without fear of embarrassment is about to unlock doors for you.
It’s going to take a lot of courage for you to overcome fears of vulnerability, intimacy, closeness etc, but the more you do it, the easier it will become. All forms of love are going to be presented to you and you may be very hesitant to allow it to come towards you.
You have the power to bring hope back to the hopeless, love back to the lonely & connection to those who feel disconnected. But do you truly allow yourself to accept those things when other people offer them to you? It’s time to practice becoming more confident in your feelings.
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