THREAD: A 57-year-old houseless man named Israel Iglesias just died in the Houston jail on a $1,500 money bond. What happened to him is important, and it will make your blood boil. (1)
In October, undercover Houston cops went to a “homeless camp.” They gave Mr. Iglesias cash from the City of Houston and asked him to get them some meth. They say he got them 0.6 grams from another houseless man. They tipped him a few bucks and left. (2)
Four months later, in February 2021, the cops decided to arrest him for it. They took the case to the Harris County DA Kim Ogg, whose office decided to press charges. He was frail and had no money. (3)
The Harris County DA asked that Mr. Iglesias be caged even though he was presumed innocent. The judge required him to pay $1,500 cash. If he could pay 10% (or $150) to a for-profit bail company, he could get out. He couldn’t. He died. (4)
No media outlet has found it important enough to report on his death. (5)
The City of Houston just increased its police budget to almost $1 billion. They shot and killed 6 people in the 6 weeks before George Floyd's murder.… (6)
Only the U.S. and the Philippines have for-profit bail bond companies. There are about 400,000 people in cages right now in this country because they cannot pay cash bail. (7)
Harris County cages over 5,000 people every night because they can't pay. Here is a poster local organizers make each week of the judges who are choosing to detain these human beings and separate them from their families: (8)
The policies of the District Attorney and these judges are separating tens of thousands of children from their parents each year in Harris County, solely because the families lack cash. (9)
The Harris County jail is an overcrowded human rights catastrophe. What happens inside its walls is unspeakable cruelty. (10)
Our lawsuits @civrightscorps are challenging this unconstitutional money bail system in Harris County and across the country, and groups like @FairDefense @organizetexas @txjailproject are working hard every day to fight these injustices. (11)

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THREAD: It is not widely known that Spike Lee had a $219,000 marketing contract with NYPD to boost the public image of police when he made his copaganda film BlacKkKlansman (1)…
most people have no idea about the time, money, and threats that go into the curated image you see about police in the media. a LOT of people are paid well and working hard so that our gut level reactions about police have no connection to what cops really do (2)
keep in mind: US police cage more people each year for marijuana possession than all of what they call "violent" crime COMBINED. the US cages Black people 6 times the rate of South Africa at the height of Apartheid. people wouldn't support this without copaganda. (3)
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THREAD: There are 9,000 people caged in the downtown Houston jail, most of them solely because they can't pay cash. The situation is getting dire: "We don't have any running water anymore." (1)
People are sleeping on floors, toilets are clogged and covered in plastic bags because of the smell. People report not being given drinking water. When asked about water, guards have said: "you shouldn't have f**ing gotten locked up." (2)
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Thread: a 69-year-old man with pancreatic cancer was just jailed in Texas in the middle of his chemotherapy because he couldn't pay $500 cash bail after being accused of shoplifting from Walmart. His story is important: (1)
Robert, a vietnam veteran, was found languishing by the @TxJailProject. He panicked: he couldn't get out of jail b/c he had no way to reach his wife and b/c "I got to panhandle for extra food out there. We got a nice mobile home and everything, but we are on limited income." (2)
“I had a nervous breakdown in there. I couldn't take it. I prayed every day. I couldn't a hold of my wife. I didn't know if they knew where I was... I'm thinking about not being in here, and please somebody let me out.” (3)…
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this is a big story: biden admin is beginning to end physical mail for federal prisoners. there's a lot more to this, and it's a story of corporate profiteering off human caging (1)
the multi-billion $$ prison profiteering industry has long viewed mail as one of the last untapped cash cows. their plan? end all physical mail so that they can charge $$$ for tablets, scanning, and surveillance of mail into jails/prisons. (2)…
this industry is barbaric. it has privatized medical care, food, phone calls, prison labor, and virtually every other aspect of US mass human caging for profit. learn more about the industry here:…
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Thread: When working on bail in Alabama, we found a man trapped in jail for cocaine possession because he couldn't pay $500 cash. He had been there for 3 years, and the system had forgotten to give him a lawyer. What happened to him is important. (1)
After two years in jail, the man desperately sent letters to the court trying to figure out what was happening to him. (2)
The prosecutor and the court chose not to release him or have a hearing about whether he should be kept in a cage for $500. Instead, they gave him a lawyer after a few weeks. (3)
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Thread: a 9-year-old girl has now been caged in immigration detention for more than 500 days. (1)…
many of the most prominent people in our society profit from this detention, including the owner of the Detroit Pistons, Tom Gores. (2)
this NBA owner's company did one of the most evil things i've seen: worked with jails to get rid of in-person family visits so people caged because they can't pay bail or because they are immigrants can't hug their children. the plan was to make more $$ from jail calls. (3)
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