1/16 Critical Race Theory and Social Justice are creating innumerable problems: they re-introduce and reinforce racism in many spheres. The Federal Government, local State governments, the academy and more. They masquerade as successors to the Civil Rights movement.
2/16 Push back against them is occurring, and we can see this in all the areas they're involved in. However, they have a big head start and have corrupted our institutions in large part to the point where the institutions are not fulfilling their obligations.
3/16 Momentum has been building in opposition to Critical Race Theory and Social Justice for some time now as both are fundamentally neo-racist regardless of their redefinition and abuses of language, twisted logic and hateful core ideology. That pent up energy needs to be used.
4/16 While individuals like @conceptualJames and @realchrisrufo have been putting in the work and leading the charge, we need to provide them with more resources to make their voices heard everywhere they need to be. If our institutions are not fulfilling their purpose then…
5/16 ... we need to address their failures at every turn. The Radical Left has numerous organizations and groups to defend the hate they peddle by taking advantage of both the good nature and lack of information that people have. We need a serious organization on our side.
6/16 Given the attacks on freedom of speech, equality under the law and the assault on basic decency and common sense, how can we fight back? We create our own organization. An organization that can fight the legal battles needed, one with a core mission statement.
7/16 This means funding such an organization and taking whatever slings and arrows may come in it's direction. In a time where censorship is growing, deplatforming is common this is the time to put our money where our mouths are. The Civil Rights movement was a great success…
8/16 ... but it's currently being co-opted by bigoted neo-racists - and they've had tremendous successes. It's up to each of us to step up and defend it loudly, clearly, transparently and legally. To that end, I suggest we use what tools are available to us and look to the…
9/16 ... recent past for how to get funding started. On one hand, we need those leading the charge to craft an organization that's up to the task. But it's on *us* to fund it. To that end, I suggest going back to the telethon model - updated for today, that is.
10/16 A telethon for at least 48 hours minimum. There are many people fighting the fight, each with their own communities and social media presence and reach who would likely be amenable to appearing on such a telethon and lending their support. They often do this daily or…
11/16 ... weekly, on their podcasts, on their Youtube channels and more, and the view counts have been steadily improving - even more so on alt-tech. 48 hours worth of content: interviews, long form discussions, round table discussions. Pre-recorded, unique content as well.
12/16 Such an event could draw in large enough sums of capital to start such an organization. To make the defense of Civil Rights and against bigotry and neo-racism, to essentially pull them into the sunlight wherever it's needed. To win the inevitable legal cases, to…
13/16 … fight back in the academy, to defend the victims of a hateful system of belief that’s lied, smeared, and repeated the lies often enough that Big Brother would be impressed. The next steps need be taken, and it's up to us. More funding will be needed in the future…
14/16 ... but this step comes first. We need legal experts, accounting, counsel and speakers - and it all has to be as transparent as possible, as above beard, clean and legal as could be hoped for. It won't be a one-off, and it won't be easy. This requires a…
15/16 ... constant defense of freedom of speech. We're all familiar with it as a right but we also have a responsibility to it as well. To use our voice to push back against a virulently totalitarian ideology is part of the price we have to pay, because the alternative…
16/16 ... to not living up to our responsibilities would result in repeating some of the most grievous mistakes of the past century.

• • •

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