I truly don't understand this journalism belief that if you have evidence of wrong doing, you must get a comment from the offending person/org or your reporting doesn't count. The evidence exists. Some person/org mumbling "I refute these allegations" adds nothing
I was reminded by @happierman yesterday that a podcast was once cancelled by WNYC because they reported on offensive emails by a professor but didn't reach out to him for comment. My question: who cares? They have the emails. Why do we need to hear him lie that they don't exist?
Traditional journalism has a number of these seemingly neutral but actually poisonous beliefs, like the "objectivity" that leads them to want to interview climate science deniers despite and other positions that are actively harmful to give a platform to.
These journalism rules are always couched in this kind of high-minded ethos way, but to me they seem like ill-thought out articles of faith that are often actively harmful in practice
lol someone replied to this being like "I think you're in the wrong business" buddy my business is making up shit about ufos above a fictional town, and I'm great at it.

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17 Feb
Yesterday I tweeted about how they ditched the fact that Marvel's Wanda is the child of Holocaust survivors in the movies/tv. Multiple people made the excuse that it's because the child of Holocaust survivors would be very old, which is an interesting error to make
Let's do math. Someone leaves the camps at 7. They have a child at 47. That child was born in 1985. There are absolutely children of Holocaust survivors who are in their 30s and 40s.
So why were those people convinced that the child of a Holocaust survivor would have to be super old? Well, it's because they think the Holocaust happened a really really long time ago. In their heads, it's ancient history. But: it's not.
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28 Jan
I am so proud to announce this new memoir co-written by @LadyBash and I called The First Ten Years: Two Sides of the Same Love Story. Out on May 11. It is available for pre-order right now, so please consider doing that.
In it, we take each of the ten years of our relationship and write about them without consulting the other person. The result is a single love story full of differently remembered moments and different feelings about the moments we do agree on.
It's also the story of ten very wild years, that saw us go from young and underemployed theater makers in the East Village, to touring stages all over the world and seeing places we never thought we'd see, to living in the woods and wondering what comes next.
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27 Jan
The policy of the US government is that rich gamblers are not allowed to lose. If they win, they get 100% of the winnings, but if they lose, the US government always steps in to cover their losses (but not the losses of any regular people who get caught up in it)
A really radicalizing fact for my generation is that Obama could have done the exact same stimulus in 2009 but just called the cash given to the banks payment on underwater mortgages. Just that change in label would have prevent so much suffering, and his admin just...didn't.
Because the cash was a strings-free gift and not accounted against mortgages, the banks got to pocket that money AND foreclose on untold numbers of Americans. A completely preventable tragedy that the Obama admin actively chose not to prevent.
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27 Jan
Here are some new podcasts I've been listening to that I really recommend:
Lolita Podcast by @jamieloftusHELP is absolutely my podcast of 2020. Just doing something new and exciting with the podcast form. Part literary criticism, part personal narrative, part comedy, all really really smart and listenable.
It looks at the undeniable literary masterpiece of Lolita, the history and thought process behind Nabakov's writing. But more importantly, it looks at the undeniably toxic way that our culture has absorbed Lolita, in every era since its publishing.
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27 Jan
a really good explanation of what happened with Gamestop
it's not so much that what the redditors did is good (playing casino games with people's jobs sucks), it's that they exposed that this is all the stock market is. the stock market is a casino and we are the chips that rich people play. they bet on our lives to get worse.
and the economic decisions that our government make overwhelmingly prioritizes these gamblers and their casino over any worker or small business in this country. they gave us $600 and injected literally trillions into the casino.
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2 Nov 20
A thing that no one told me about being an author and that I've never seen brought up, but is very useful to know, is how the copy-editing process works.
Copy editors are wonderful people who save authors from looking stupid in a 1000 different ways. Be very thankful for them. BUT: they apply the same standards to every book, and they just don't know your book the way you do.
So it is very important, if you ever find yourself going through a copy editing process, to know your own voice. You have to know what you want the language of the book to sound like very confidently.
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