1 For most people, the America's Cup is a rather esoteric series of races between very expensive yachts. For far right activist Derrick Storey, though, the Cup is an opportunity to demonstrate the superiority of whites over Maori. (thread)
2 Derrick Storey lives in Palmerston North, where he runs an accountancy business. He's a prolific social media poster and writer of letters to newspapers, whose work has often been republished by Don Brash's outfit Hobson's Pledge. This photo shows Storey with Brash in 2018.
3 On June the 27th 2017 Storey posted on Hobson's Pledge's facebook feed to share his delight at the victory of Team NZ in the America's Cup. In Storey's opinion, a policy of segregation had been key to NZ's success.
4 'The reason the America's Cup was so successful was because there were no Maori involved' Storey wrote. 'Don't go accommodating to their whims and tell them to piss off...There was a lot of Kiwi ingenuity, Blood, Sweat and Tears that went into winning the America's Cup'
5 After Storey had made his comment, which was sadly typical of the messages he leaves with Hobson's Pledge, I blogged about white supremacism on the HP facebook feed, & contacted HP's leadership to ask them how they felt about Storey. readingthemaps.blogspot.com/2017/07/brashs…
6 I received no official response from HP, but a disenchanted member did contact me to complain that the organisation had been captured by out-and-out bigots like Storey. The fact that Brash was campaigning alongside Storey in 2018 is damning.
7 Like a number of Hobson's Pledge activists, Storey appears to have become radicalised in 2020. He's now preaching that covid-19 is a scam designed to allow a 'global reset' & the mass extinction of white people. Hobson's Pledge may have become a staging post to fascism.

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23 Feb
1 With the America's Cup fleet based next door, Auckland's waterfront Maritime Museum is getting a wave of visitors. But why is the museum selling a piece of white supremacist pseudo-history in its small bookshop? (thread)
2 To the Ends of the Earth was published in 2012. It was written by Noel Hilliam, Gary Cook, & Maxwell Hill, & claims that white people reached NZ long before Maori. Hilliam, who died in 2017, was notorious for his raids on Maori burial caves & his far right political activism.
3 Hilliam worked with the One NZ Foundation, which claims Maori are not indigenous to NZ & have no rights under the Treaty. At the time of his death he was under investigation from Heritage NZ for stealing a skull from a Kaipara cave.
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9 Dec 20
1/7 Sam Linden has a letter in the Dominion Post condemning the Maori Party's co-leader for claiming that Maori suffered a Holocaust at the hands of colonising Pakeha in the 19th century. Linden thinks that such language is insulting to Jewish victims of Hitler. I disagree.
2/7 The term the Shoah refers specifically to the extermination of six million Jews in Europe between 1933 and '45. It should not be used in other contexts. But the term Holocaust has a longer & much more complex history. It has been used to describe many catastrophes.
3/7 The great English poet Geoffrey Hill, for example, called the devastation caused by the War of the Roses a 'Holocaust'. Holocaust seems a reasonable description for the devastation - invasion, land theft, steep demographic decline - Maori suffered in the 19th C.
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8 Dec 20
1/4I hate the antiseptic orderliness of supermarkets, but I love Auckland's Indian grocery stores, with their surreal juxtapositions of unlikely goods from several continents, their vials of holy water & cow piss, & their dancing Hindu gods. A strange new item's arrived in stores ImageImage
2 Werewolves Blood Incense is made in Bangalore, for export only. It joins the more traditional incense sticks, which are dedicated to deities like Shiva & Vishnu, in Auckland's grocery stores. The new brand seems to involve a Hindu reimagining of Western occult imagery. Image
3 The text on the product invokes Hindu notions of symmetry & order, claiming that werewolves bring balance to the universe. But it also describes the creatures as 'blood suckers' who need to be kept at bay. ImageImage
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17 Jun 20
1 For a dead guy, Captain Hamilton has caused a lot of trouble. Lately protests have forced the removal of his statue from the city named after him. Back in 1864 a report on Hamilton's death prompted 80 angry sailors to attack central Auckland. (short thread)
2 Captain Hamilton perished during the rout of British forces at Gate Pa, just south of Tauranga. The British charged straight at Maori defences; 31 of them died & 80 were injured. An anti-war Auckland newspaper added insult to defeat.
3 The New Zealander was a paper established in 1845 by John Williamson. Williamson became an MP in 1853. He supported the Maori King movement & in 1863 opposed the invasion of the Waikato. His newspaper's anti-war stance caused its co-owner to split & establish the NZ Herald.
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9 Jun 20
1/4 Some on twitter's alt-right say the Pacific slave trade is a mirage created by 'woke academics'. I don't think that phrase fits John Coleridge Patteson, the 1st Anglican bishop of Melanesia & the William Wilberforce of the Pacific. Patteson died fighting the slave trade.
2Patteson ran the Melanesian mission in Auckland & later Norfolk, where young men were trained in Christianity & various trades. In the 1860s he began hearing terrible stories from them, of 'catch catch boats' & stolen villages. Patteson began to write & speak against the slavers
3 Thanks to the Anglican church's Project Canterbury, we can now access some of Patteson's denunciations of slavery. They make sad reading, with their accounts of canoes run down & their passengers seized, & islanders made to sign contracts they could not read.
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7 Jun 20
1/3 In the US & UK momuments celebrating slavery are coming down. The people of Bristol have thrown the statue of their slaver Coulston into the sea. Here in NZ we have a popular restaurant & bar whose name is a tribute to the most notorious of all the Pacific's slave traders
2 Akaroa's Bully Hayes Restaurant & Bar takes its name from the American slaver, sadist & pedophile who preyed on the islands of the Pacific for years, from bases in Apia & the Marshall Islands. Hayes stole islanders & sold them to the plantations of Tahiti, Fiji, & Queensland.
3 Hayes raped many of the girls & young women he abducted. In his meticulous book The White Pacific, African American scholar Gerald Horne shows that the slaver was protected by high-placed relatives in Washington DC.
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