Ok, I realized that my answer is going to be somewhat long. So here is a solid threat of what to do/explore first as a babywol!

Also, for further info, definitely look to this thread by @mimikoko525. She's done a fantastic job!

So definitely, start with the debut, but I would look at 2 different vids bc both hold special places in Shawol hearts.
(replay debut stage - look at that hair)
(Rapper Taemin & the pastel clothes moments.)
From there, I recommend watching a run-through of some of their famous stages just to get a feel for all the different types of songs you will encounter, and to get you hyped for this epic journey!

MBCKpop actually has a pretty good compilation 😅
Hearing songs that you definitely need to know more about? Want to hear more music? Let's go explore some of #SHINee's albums!

My favorite album will ALWAYS be AMIGO (the 1st album repackage) bc of the nostalgia of the album. Some underrated gems: Graze, Love's Way, One for Me
Now, don't forget to watch the AMIGO MV! for that 2000s feel. But wait, what's better than Amigo MV? #SHINee dancing it in pajamas ofc, (omg, they were babies 😱)
Other famous songs from this era include: Love Like Oxygen (aka the Chair shuffle dance) -
Y Si Fuera Ella (#JONGHYUN's Beautiful voice) -

(I'll save SWII for later, let's just listen to an OG first)
But wait! We also need to drop back for a second and cover some of their Mini's that went into this huge 1st Album!

ROMEO - The 2nd Mini Album - has some iconic songs including Juliette (which will be covered more in the next twt), Senorita, Please Don't Go (#BestDuetEver).
Juliette actually had multiple collab performances.
(w/ KARA)
(w/ 4Minute)
(The Remix with SNSD)
2009, Year of US - The 3rd Mini Album came to slay. With hits like the Iconic Ring Ding Dong, the hiphop feel of Get Down, & of course, my personal fav: JoJo.

Fun Fact: RDD was voted #1 Worst Song for Exam Seasons & banned in some HS for being too catchy.
Ok ok, that was a lot, wasn't it? BUT WAIT here comes the iconic Lucifer MV.

We have officially entered the realm of #SHINee fashion icons. (THAT HAIR GOOD LORD, but also, how did they manage to rock it even then?)
I would be remiss if I didn't mention the iconic dance practice as well as the cursed #TAEMIN shirt:
And ofc, because they are unable to stop dancing, there is always the radio show moments:

Ok, I also really love plugging TRAX, so here's some #SHINee Rock!
Alright, we moved into the 2010s with Hello (the 2nd Repackage!) Hello continues our single-color outfit theme in the MV.
The album has some VERY interesting songs & some VERY questionable lyrics 👀🤣 (Boys, y'all were writing some FUN raps weren't you?)
Some of the highlights:
A-Yo (aka how I got through Middle School)
(Ok ok, here's a concert spoiler)
Get It (aka Key/Minho had FUNNNN)
Obsession (#JONGHYUN's writing glory)
Love Pain (#SHINeeBalladsAreTheBest)

And my fav: Electric Heart (#FightMe)
Ok, so if you are definitely hyped up now....I'mma send you over to shineedata.tistory.com by
where you can find a good selection of concerts/variety shows/dramas/etc.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY! I now beg you to go watch #SHINee World I - The First Concert! 🥰
....And we have officially made it through ~2.5 years of #SHINee's career. Wow. We have a LONG way to go, huh? Well, before we begin the next round of #SHINee history, here are some fun moments that I remember from back then:

Ok, so at this point, you have heard the 1st and 2nd Album and explore SWI. So....what's next? (Is this the moment we begin looking at things like....View?)

NO! Because first, I must introduce you to the greatness that is SHINee's Japanese Albums.
The First - or #SHINee's 1st Japanese Album is iconic for 3 main songs:

1. Stranger - The song where #JONGHYUN holds a note for ages & is epic
2. Seesaw - If you haven't seen that stage yet...well, we will get there
3. To Your Heart - The Underrated Bop
Am I saying the songs for the Japanese Concert are different? YUP. NOW, off you go! Watch the SHINee World in JAPAN concert!

Btw, SHINee World (The 1st Asian Tour) has an album and is totally worth listening to now that you have watched that concert!
And we have officially hit 2012, and thus the rise of "Oh I'm Curious yeah!"
Although, since we have so much #IU x #SHINee interaction, let's plug this beautiful rendition of songs from our very own #TAEMIN on the piano and our beautiful #IU!
Alrighty then, back to 2012 and Sherlock - the 4th Mini Album. That's right...it was a mini-album. Even though, #SHINee's Sherlock MV was (at the time) the most expensive SM choreography (by Tony Testa).

But...Is there a single skip here? I think not!
Alarm Clock is #JONGHYUN's laidback jam
Honesty is a stripped back vocal ode to Shawols
My fav: The Reason. My comfort for years, my memories with this song are deeply personal. 😘
Well, this brings us to our 2nd major concert! SHINee World II! Some iconic performances include:

Amigo (Rock Ver.), #MINHO's Turn up the music #TAEMIN's Get up, #ONEW's Passionate Goodbye, #KEY's Judas #JONGHYUN's Hyeya, INTERNET WAR 😳, Seesaw & A-Yo

Alright, Babywols....I've taken it fairly easy on you for now. But, are we ready to dive into The Misconceptions of Us?

No of course not. No one was ready for this 3-part masterpiece. I WAS THERE & I WAS NOT READY.

Then again, I am never ready for a #SHINee album. 🤷‍♀️
So we begin with Chapter 1 - Dream Girl. Here, we got the iconic mic stand dance. (and the mic stand break/impromptu adjustment & #TAEMIN not noticing...at all 🤣)

Ok so dream girl era had a lot of moments and they deserve their own thread so here you go:

But back to that album, some highlights:
Spoiler - Basically #JONGHYUN showing his genius...again
Hitchhiking & Runaway - The unforgettable concert songs
Aside - My calm morning song
Beautiful - How can you not smile and bop with this?

& my fav: Dynamite.
Chapter 2 - God help anyone trying to find skips here.
If it was possible to top Chapter 1, #SHINee did it. Why So Serious? came out and was overwhelming met with love.
SHINe - An Absolute Anthem
Orgel - Haunting Beauty (Go read those lyrics)
Like A Fire - The Live Stage 👀
Chapter 2 was the album that needed live stages upon live stages and #SHINee delivered. The Misconceptions Album as a whole, with both chapters, received Critical Acclaim.

Also, Selene 6.23 was written by #JONGHYUN and #YIRUMA. This song will always be precious to Shawols.
Now, during 2013, while we were getting Misconceptions, we were also given tons of other content including Boys Meet U (The Japanese Album) containing powerhouse songs like Breaking News & Dazzling Girl
And heartbreaking ballads like 1000 years & The World Where You Exist.
But before we move on to the next album, I want to highlight my all-time favorite song from ANY #SHINee album.

~ Keeping Love Again. ~

I don't think I can explain my love for this song, but I hope you will love it too.
Alright, guys....We are switching gears again and moving into our more Techno Era with Everybody - The 5th Mini Album!

Now, I'll admit that this was a shock. When this song came out, I think it took a couple of days to sink in. No one was really doing the techno wave in kpop yet
So of course, #SHINee, like the Trendsetters they are, came in and stole the show. The album received mixed reviews, but forgettable it was NOT.

A techno/dubstep heavy track, Everybody cannot be evaluated without the choreo. Iconic? An understatement.
The album itself had hits like Symptoms, One Minute Back, and Destination. These tunes were filled with harmonies and unique sounds as well.

With, of course, Colorful. (come on, I know your smiling just thinking of that song.)
And no, the hit train doesn't stop babe! 2014, and we enter with I'm Your Boy! Another epic Japanese Album with some super fun tunes. This album is your energy high album. Highlights include: Downtown Baby, Picasso, 321, and Boys Meet U
So we have Misconceptions of You, Boys Meet U, Everybody, I'm Your Boy. AND SHINEE WORLD III. Can we already guess this is going to be absolutely epic??? Let's JAM!!!!

But don't stop there! Also go check out the Boys Meet U concert and the I'm Your Boy concert!
Now, there might be some songs that we haven't mentioned that pop up in SHINEE WORLD III. So let's give those a quick nod!

Start - From The First Japanese Album! Super fun & upbeat song

Green Rain - An OST from The Queen's Classroom! #ONEW's honey vocals
Alright so technically, this is the end of 2014 for #SHINee....but don't worry they'll be back in 2015. But before going to 2015...let's take a quick side trip to Solo Album Land.

AKA, a big round of applause for ACE - the 1st solo album by #TAEMIN and our 1st #SHINEE soloist!
Now, I don't want to get too carried away with the solo albums, so I'mma leave them as a separate thread ok?

So to learn more about #TAEMIN's ACE, just open the thread below!

But was that it for 2014? Nope! We also got the return of SM the Ballad with the single "Breath" featuring our superstar #JONGHYUN and the angelic #TAEYEON.

(P.S. Give some love to the Chinese ver as well by #CHEN & Zhang Li Yin)
And who can forget the talented duo that was ToHeart featuring our precious #KEY and #INFINITE's #woohyun

ToHeart's Mini Album - Delicious - was definitely a hit. For more on ToHeart, check the thread below:

2015, here we come! Married to the Music - the 4th Album Repackage. (Odd was the original!)

This was the moment we got VIEW & Married to the Music.

So why don't we take a moment to respect this bop?
This album was a beast. Filled with experimental beats & managing to have a summer-vibe with View, sensuality with Odd Eye/Trigger, & a surprise follow-up to their hit debut single Replay - Love Sick, #SHINee's 4th Album was a definite commercial success.

Now there is a certain song I wish to highlight here. Can you guys guess which one? Did you guess Woof Woof? Bc, OF COURSE, WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT WOOF WOOF.

~This is real brass by the way. Or my mouth. ~ This is a #KEY song
Now as we move into DxDxD, #SHINee's 4th Japanese Album, let's move out of Married to the Music with the vocal sweetness that comes from An Encore...ready?

Tempo change! DxDxD is another fun album with hits like the title DxDxD and Your Number.

This is the moment where you should go watch the DxDxD concert in Japan. (Bring Tissues!)
Now, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Shawol Fan Projects during this era. I'm sure you have all already cried quite a bit alongside our boys from the I'm Your Boy project in 2014?

Well, the Sing Your Song project was just as moving. Truly a beautiful sight! I'm always in awe of our amazing Shawol family!

Before we leave group work in 2015 and head into Solo Land again, a quick shoutout to our diva #KEY for his collab with #AXODUS on "Hold On" which, if you haven't heard it, is gorgeous!

Early 2015, we got our 2nd Soloist of #SHINee! The One and Only #JONGHYUN with BASE!

Fun-Fact: #JONGHYUN had a hand in writing/producing every single song (except for one) on this album.

The album is discussed further here:
But of course, our #JONGHYUN didn't just do 1 album in 2015, instead, releasing a compilation of his songs from Blue Night in Story Op.1.

And thus, we rounded out 2015 and moved on to 2016, a jam-packed year of back-to-back releases, solos, and more.

This was the year of #SHINee World IV, a concert to remember for sure. But also the year that gave us 1 of 1, their 5th Full Album, 5th full masterpiece.
Before we move to 2016, here is a thread of fun #SHINee moments I think about a lot during this era!

#TAEMIN started first in 2016, with the drop of his first full album, Press It.

Warning: This album and the performances are the beginning of the "Taemin is out to get you" series. Be aware. (And yes, we will definitely get to the concerts. 😼)

Following this, we got "Your Voice" a song with #JONGHYUN and Heritage from SM Station.

I think this is kind of a forgotten track, so I've linked it below for you to check out!

But 1 Single was definitely enough! In May, 2016, #JONGHYUN released She Is, his first full solo album.

To learn more about this album, click the thread below:
While Jjong was working hard in Korea, #TAEMIN was in Japan releasing his 1st Japanese Mini Album, Sayonara Hitori!

Now we will discuss those songs in a later thread, as they were later all compiled in his 1st Full Japanese Album, titled Taemin.
But before we finally get out of Solo-land, I just want to give a quick shout-out to our dubu leader #ONEW with his angelic voice in "Starry Night" with Lee Jin-Ah on SM Station.

Alright everyone, let's get back to the #SHINee world! Now interestingly, we will explore their 5th Studio Album, 1 of 1 first, even though technically it came out after #SHINee World V.

Why? Bc some of the album's songs were performed in the concert first.
1 of 1, and its repackage 1 and 1, were a departure from a modern style, instead exploring a rather retro sound, and thus diving into the retro trend of Kpop that took over later in 2017. #trendsetters

Some quick highlights?
Prism - A vocally interesting song that highlights #SHINee creativity.
Don't Stop - This song is wavy~~~
Shift - Did you know this is the continuation of View and then Married to the Music?
The repackage 1 and 1, gave us "Tell Me What to Do" brought us out of the dreamy reprieve of 1 of 1 and into a more emotional landscape, with beautiful belts and runs from all 5 members.

Other songs that aren't often discussed included:
Rescue - The beat and the soft vocals. 👏
Beautiful Life - I can't tell you how often I've listened to this song. That guitar. Take a listen and just enjoy.
Now, before I move on, I would like to bring up the Tell Me What to Do performance, bc, yes. (and also that magical scarf trick 🤔)

On to Shinee World V! This was the first time Prism, Feel Good, and So Amazing, were performed, with a small preview of the title track, 1of1.

This concert has a lot of memorable moments, but the opening with Hitchhiking? Fire🔥
Other major memorable moments:
#KEY's Dance Break in Juliette
Alive (because Alive is always a moment)
Romeo & Juliette (throwback to the early days)

And of course, Please Don't Go (live) with #JONGHYUN & #ONEW
Oh my goodness, there are just too many #SHINee moments, but alas the show must go on....even if I could spend a few more tweets on just #SHINee World V.

Go watch the concert and comeback and let me know what you think ok! I'll be more than glad to fangirl over it with you!
2017 has arrived, everyone. And so did Five, the 5th Japanese Album! Does anyone know what that means?

GET THE TREASURE! Let me just say that this music video? The casino-styling? SOOOOO GOOD

But this album is more than just 1 MV.

ABOAB - Techno at its finest. ~What's your blood type?
Kimi No Seide - Released earlier but still such a bop.
Becoming Undone - THAT CHORUS.
Winter Wonderland - The Nostalgic Christmas Song

To check this album out further, go watch #SHINee World 2017 in Tokyo! But just to wet your appetite, here is the ABOAB performance!

April 2017, Shawols were given the gift of Story Op.2 by #JONGHYUN, another Blue Night compilation album. This time, Jjong held 20 concerts called The Agit (The Letter).

Fun Fact: Originally, there were only supposed to be 12 concerts, but 8 more were added at fan request.
Personal favorite performance? Definitely White T-shirt.

Look at that confidence! Hear that voice! Everything about this performance was perfect.

We also got a ballad from #ONEW!

"Lullaby" with Rocoberry on SM Station was a song filled with a resonant piano and a simple acoustic guitar.

Fun fact: The 2 dancers were from 1 Million Dance Studio at the time. Bongyoung Park and Tina Boo!

Quick funny story time... "Don't Know You" by Heize? The guy in the bear costume?

That's our glorious leader himself 😅 #ONEW

Back to the Maknae! #TAEMIN had a busy time during mid-2017. He had his first official solo concert in Budokan and the release of the Flame of Love MV.

Later, he would have his first Solo Korean concert, Off-Sick as well!

But that deserves a thread:
But was Taemin done yet? Nope! He was also busy recording the OST for his first major lead role in a Japanese Drama, Final Life, called What's This Feeling!

It's such a fun performance and the live is basically a party. Enjoy!!!

I know I know, some of you are going....does this boy ever stop? The answer is no. Because at this time, we also got Move-ing (The Repackage). But that is a story, so we shall discuss it further in the thread below, yes:

Tw// Dec. 18th

I can't detail #SHINee's history without saying some words about our beloved #JONGHYUN. His passing was a great blow to his family, bandmates, friends, and fans. Shawols feel it keenly, but we ask that he be remembered for who he was in life, not just as his death
This is one of the reasons that this thread makes sure to discuss his achievements openly. Our precious moon, our precious vocalist was a genius. His work has immeasurable value to all of us. Remember his voice, remember his words.

Look up at the moon and smile. 🌕
This was a tough time for the fandom. Beginning in January, 2018, #JONGHYUN's magnum opus was released: Poet | Artist. All profits were given to his mother who established the Shiny Foundation @shiny90408

Poet | Artist is worth a complete deep dive, so this thread will be filled out soon:

The next time we would hear from #SHINee again would be in March of 2018 when they released The Best From Now On, a Japanese compilation album with the new song, "From Now On". This album has some of the all-time favorites in there and is definitely a nostalgia trip.
From Now On is an emotional ballad. The vocals are sensational and while I will not link the performance as I know it can be triggering for some, I would recommend watching it as, to me, Jjong's voice was a balm to start healing. Here is the audio instead

A little over half a year later, #SHINee brought us the three-part album called The Story of Light - Epilogue. This album gave us some amazing songs, so I'm actually going to break it down part by part, starting with Good Evening.
All Day All Night - All About that Bass. Bold and catchy
Undercover - Constantly changing, the song is a curious arrangement that still flows very well.
Jump - Light and groovy ~~~
You & I - The ballad that is the foil to the energy of All Day All Night.
Good Evening deserved its own tweet. An addictive and catchy song, not to mention the legendary artistic rollercoaster dance would be a travesty!

I almost forgot to mention that Good Evening was also cowritten by #KEY and #MINHO.

Fun Fact: That beautiful ballad You & I. Lyrics purely written by our amazing #KEY
Ep.2 opens with I Want You, with more vocal runs and a more summer vibe and a beautifully shot MV.

Take a look!
Other songs:
Chemistry - co-writer #MINHO did a phenomenal job on this bop.
Drive - Chill and totally meant for a drive. 😅
Who Waits for Love - A tropical feel with a stunning bridge.
Ep.3 has the emotional ballad Our Page. This is the homage to #JONGHYUN and is the best song by far in the entire Story of Light album. This song is all about the lyrics and the vocals.
Tonight - The piano is amazing & #ONEW's vocals are 🥰
Retro - Jazz? #SHINee gave me JAZZ? YES
I Say - Now this is your traditional ballad that is brought together by stunning harmonies.
Lock You Down - A fun track & a surprise with vocals from Jjong.
Alrighty guys, that brings us to the end of this massive album. Now, we are going back into Solo-land!!!

But before we jump, quick shout-out to #KEY who also featured in the Years & Years remix of "If You're Over Me"

Late 2018, we got another release from #TAEMIN , with his 3rd Japanese Album, self-titled Taemin!

But this time, #TAEMIN was joined in the solo world by our favorite person ever, #KEY! #KEY released his first album, FACE in November 2018.

More info? Here you go:
Our leader clearly felt left out, because #ONEW promptly also released his first solo mini-album VOICE in December 2018.

Sadly, 5 days later, our dubu leader also enlisted (but no worries, he's back! ~#SHINee's back back back~)

Solo land continued with #KEY's Solo Japanese Debut, releasing his first mini-album, Hologram.

With so many releases, this led to #KEY's first solo concert, The Agit KeyLand.

Quick snapshot so I can turn a whole bunch of you into Lockets 😼

(JK, I love all of our members equally!) I actually love this performance bc of the shawols singing!
Now in the middle of our #KEY fest, #TAEMIN popped in and dropped his iconic 2nd Solo Korean EP, WANT.

And boyyyyyyy, he was not playing. That album is amazing.

But #KEY was not to be overshadowed! He came back a month later with his Repackage I Wanna Be.

But alas, the same day it dropped was also the day #KEY enlisted. (No worries, he's back now, #SHINee's back back back, yes I'm going to do this every time)

Nearing the end of March our dearest flaming charisma #MINHO dropped his debut solo single with "I'm Home" on SM Station, before enlisting only 2 weeks later...(but no worries, he's also back bc, say it with me, #SHINee's back back back)

And so we were left with only our chaotic maknae....who decided to get super busy and make sure we didn't feel our #SHINee bogoshipda too badly.

And thus we got Famous! #TAEMIN's 3rd Japanese EP. I'mma warn you now to just read the track titles 👀😏

But you see, uri Taeminnie is very used to being in a group (and also somehow still getting out of being the leader, this chaos creator), so should we really have been surprised when SuperM occurred? Nah, let's just start jopping our way through shall we?

Nevertheless, #TAEMIN continued to feed Shawols with #SHINee content by dropping his two part album, Never Gonna Dance Again. Which deserves all the praise in this universe.

GUYS. GUYS WE MADE IT. WE ARE AT PRESENT TIME. OMG. I'M SO TIRED. Anyways, Welcome to #SHINee's 7th Studio Album, #Dont_Call_Me, the era where #SHINee comes back to attack us all and drown us in content.

Don't Call Me is a hard-hitting track filled with I-can-sing-the-phone book "for the next call" #ONEW, English sass from "there is no next time in your life" #KEY, fiery explosions of charisma from "Sick of All Your Trash" #MINHO, & dancing machine "You waste my time" #TAEMIN
This album is definitely one to listen to all the songs, but here are some highlights!

Code - The debatably best song on this album
Body Rhythm - The other contender for best song👀
Marry You - My fav bc I love this vibe
Kiss Kiss - Summertime!

I think it's time I add a moments thread for this Era right?

So here we go!
Alright, so if anything new comes up, I'll definitely add to this thread, but for now, this is the end. I hope you enjoyed!

I'll finish up all of my subthreads ASAP.

• • •

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