here's a piece of art. is it cryptoart? if so, who owns it, what edition is it, what marketplace was it sold through and where is its "ownership" recorded?

cryptoart doesn't solve digital provenance. it's techbros stealing legitimacy from an already corrupt fine art market. ImageImageImageImage
okay fuck it. out of curiosity, i took at a look at a contract. lots of junk about timestamps and ids and whatever. i'm here for the actual art though. let's look at this one on rarible.

it's a tulip. moving on. Image
i can see who owns it pretty easily using etherscan, but that's not what i'm interested in. where's the art, the thing that my token represents the value of!?

oh there we go. no idea what ipfs is but it's a regular https url so lets go. Image
oh okay its json. the daonomic domain just forwards me to rarible. what, why? i thought this was meant to be decentralised? i also don't really see who made this here. maybe that's back in the contract?

anyway where's the art? what's this ipfs junk? Image
interplanetary file system. probably some elon musk thing. oh no wait, it's like bittorrent. so it's not on the blockchain?

oh well, that's pretty decentralised. okay lets install this ipfs software and download this image! Image
that legit took like, 6 minutes. for a 10mb file. where the crap is this hosted? checking the rarible terms... they run their own ipfs node. sounds pretty centralised. hopefully they've configured it so it doesn't start "garbage collecting" 😅 ImageImageImage
okay but it's like, distributed right? first i think we need to see how many chunks its in, so.. 40 chunks. now lets see how many providers for each chunk.

oh okay just the one. second chunk? same one. it takes about a minute to check each chunk so i'm not doing them all. Image
decentralised? you've just centralised it in lots of places! you need to trust that rarible stays up since they're hosting the IPFS node that stores the stuff. you need to trust that IPFS is secure, and that all these domain names are maintained. just... buy a print dude. god.
isn't this just like, a torrent that you're paying for? you're buying magnet links for thousands of dollars and you aren't even checking that the seeder is still there?
please for the love of god can someone with more knowledge and patience than me go through this crap. i just, i can't look at this any more. like even as a system, this seems to really suck?
oh i went back and checked to see if i could find the creator of the piece in the token? it was there. it's a big unsigned int. maybe it's a wallet or something? no idea where their name is.
took a peek at rarible's roadmap. 🙄

why keep up the lie? ImageImage
your tos specifically says they don't own the image, so why would you let people think that? why would you implement features that suggest that? Image
i guess i'm still doing this. more shit to add: artist royalties.

seems like they're basically broken right now. if you sell on the same platform you bought the piece, that should work. otherwise there's no guarantee it'll be paid. artists are chasing royalties off platform. ImageImage
i suspect that even if platforms solve this, they still can't guarantee royalties. party A could privately "gift" an NFT to party B, then party B in a separate transaction could "gift" party A a certain amount of currency.
here is someone pointing this out A YEAR AGO and two people saying it's not a problem with the system.

"works as designed" ImageImage
this should be easy enough to see then calculate how much money is roughly being "stolen" from artists. @memotv is it technically possible to see 0ETH NFT transfers and look for some amount of ETH moving in the opposite direction within ~1 day? this is way over my head.
more weird shit from the superrare "tips for artists" page.

who would think about art in this way? why should your average price factor into the value of any given piece?

"sell with us here, don't listen to other platforms. remember you ONLY get royalties with us."

🤔🤔🤔 ImageImage
anyway i stole the tulip from @mcuban. plucked it right from rarible's servers. happy to sell a link to this png for like, a cool joke that you can tweet me. Image

• • •

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6 Mar
if you're an artist who is keeping quiet about NFTs and thinking "why is everyone being so mean? all the NFT people seem so nice!"

please take a step back for a second and look at other groups that use "love bombing" and more importantly, why they use it.
"they say NFTs are going to get better soon!"

cryptoart has been around for years in the same form it's in now. it has had ample time to change. if they change it will be because they fear losing their product... which is you.
"they say i can get royalties from my art and that i can prevent fakes!"

they're lying to you. this system is broken and can easily be exploited by those who understand it, and odds are you are not one of those people.
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1. i was asked to resign after being reminded that there's a non-disparagement clause in my contract.

2. i'm going grift weird gamers by using my temporarily amplified voice to scream about how i was silenced by the woke left.

these guys are real turbo dorks lemme tell ya. Image
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please, crypto men, your lvl 1 posts are very boring. i am tired of explaining that landlords and grocery stores do not accept jpeg bucks as payment. please read nft marketplace t&cs, any book, and the bible, before posting here. also stop being rude.

thank you for your time sir
p.s. breaking these rules means i unfortunately have to block you. i am sorry but this is a christian website.
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artists pay to list pieces, buyers pay to place or cancel bids, artists pay to accept bids. this is all paid in speculative funny money that you need to buy in advance.

sure seems like a system where people with money/audience can benefit from this at the expense of others. ImageImageImageImage
the more people buy the funny money, the higher the perceived value of the funny money. the higher the perceived value of the funny money, the more expensive it becomes to mint and make/accept bids.

IT SURE SEEMS LIKE some people are gonna get rich at the expense of others
this is not the democratization of art. this is not taking the power back. this is techbros and investor backed platforms sitting on mountains of funny money converting you into fuel for the turbo train to climate hell. ImageImageImageImage
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