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The NFT Playbook for Influencers

With the recent spotlight on NFTs and the inevitable digital content revolution that it brings, here is a guide for the many influencers who are looking to lead in this new decentralized era.

Let's Geddit:

What are NFTs?

NFTs are digital stuff that you truly own and manage. (@DeFi_Dad @AndrewSteinwold )

I can buy a skin on Fortnite but I don't truly own it as it is tied to the platform and I can't give it to my grandmother nor sell it at Walmart.

I can with NFTs.

How do NFTs work?

By creating a NFT, you are creating a token with immutable proof on the blockchain ledger that records the origin, time and scarcity of that token.

The token points to a file that could be a picture or a video, which is what your audiences see.

How can I create a NFT?

The process of creating a NFT is called "minting" and anyone can create a NFT on the widely available minting platforms today.

Some of those platforms are @opensea @infinitytokens @mintable_app @mintbase @BuildWithCargo @rariblecom etc.

What should my NFT look like?

Your first NFT could be a picture, a video, a digital wearable or even an autograph. Use the opportunity to collab with your favorite artist/ designer/ musician.

Check out @ParisHilton's very first NFT for charity:


How many NFTs should I mint?

A good balance between availability and scarcity encourages a healthy collector community.

Structure your long term NFT strategy to allow everyone to be included but only the most amazing collectibles and perks only for your biggest fans.

Use Case 1: Personal Milestones

I used NFTs to document the @whale_community's journey from a $150,000 project to the $230 million valuation where it stands today.

As the project continues to succeed, so does the value of those NFTs.

Do the same with your career.

Use Case 2: Collectibles

The base use case of any NFT is collectibility.

Your fans and community want to not only be a part of your journey, but also share in your successes.

Allow them to do so by minting and sharing epic milestones in your life and career.

Use Case 3: Lucky Draw

Engage your community further by not only creating a NFT that is collectible, but also one that allows them to participate in the amazing things that you are doing IRL.

Example? @LoganPaul with his first NFT drop:

Use Case 4: Authenticity Tokens

Are you also creating physical collectibles?

NFTs have you covered.

Mint NFTs to serve as a direct proof of authenticity that your collectors have an immutably authentic moment of your life and creative journey.


Use Case 5: Exclusive Content

NFTs can also serve as a "key" to unlock exclusive content whether that be more photos, videos, writings etc.

Empower your NFTs with protocols like @UnlockProtocol that allow your NFT holders to access the most exclusive of your content.

Use Case 6: Exclusive Access

NFTs can also serve as "tickets" to exclusive events and interactions that you have with your fan base.

Case in point? @3LAU held a private listening party to unreleased tracks in the metaverse for collectors of his NFTs on @makersplaceco.

Use Case 7: Reward Badges

Inspire lifelong loyalty and advocacy by rewarding your most die-hard fans.

You can create NFTs as a "badge of honor" for those special people that always had your back and journeyed with you through the ups and downs of your career.

Use Case 8: Collect 'em all

Enhance the community experience by using NFTs as a scavenger hunt or epic real world/ metaverse puzzle.

Collect 'em all and receive a grand prize.

NFT puzzle OGs such as @coin_artist and @josiebellini have shown how effecitve this can be.

Use Case 9: Long term Collector Experiences

Want to incentivize longer term holding of your NFTs?

Empower your NFTs with token embedding protocols such as @DefiNft (Charged Particles) to create a Russian Doll of NFT secrets that unlock over time.

Use Case 10: Hybrids

Stack the use cases that I have mentioned above to create the ultimate experience for you and your fan base.

The more fun and interactive that you make the experience, the stronger participation, engagement and advocacy you will see.

Conclusion 1: Social Tokens

NFTs are the first step in which we see blockchain technology revolutionizing the influencer space.

Stay ahead of the game and read up on social tokens as I firmly believe that is the next step.

Or, reach out to @tryrollhq and @terrycrews

Conclusion 2: Play the Long Game

Unlike other creators, influencers should view NFTs as a way to encourage long term fan engagement, loyalty and advocacy.

It's amazing to see the $ entering the space, but I would focus on recognizing, rewarding and incentiving your fans.

Conclusion #3: Empower Others

This is a wonderful opportunity to empower creatives around you and in the general digital arts space through collaboration opportunities.

Leverage your network for good and let's debunk the stereotype of the "starving artist".

Final Thoughts

NFTs have the power to not only change the digital asset ownership game, but also the world.

Together, we can establish equality, tear down walled gardens and empower each other.

Welcome to NFT-land my friends, we've been waiting for all of you ❤️

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And you never touch it. Ever.
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