Thread on the Pastor David McNeely’s hate crimes, harmful rhetorics, inciting violence, fueling racism, islamaphobia, anti democracy, comforting terrorists that attack America, lies, intentional disinformations, biggotry & hypocrisy.
Islamaphobic Racism is first.
Using adult behaviours to analyze this Domestic Terrorist Pastor David McNeely.
1) A religious idea is not Satan, but instead that is your belief.
2) If you had belief’s in God then you would be more concerned about your fate than Islam & actually meet the definition of a Pastor
3) Ilhan & Rashida were elected to do a job for constituents & they have had to meet unachievably high standards nobody else has to achieve because of their heritage.
We also see this Pastor comfort Domestic Terrorists that infiltrated & killed Americans which he supported!
4) So with a very logical approach we see only proof in America that christians are willingly the problem with strategies in place where they only have a high expectation to others as they live as the Great Satan in their daily teachings, hypocrisy & bigotry while destroying 🇺🇸
So Pastor David is upset beyond normal behaviours because Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib are not white.
They are both Americans & also not preachers like this Pastor.
Imagine the Pastors outrage if they acted like him & fuel rhetorics to harm Christians with racism.
We see the real😈
This Pastor struggles with his Pastoral Duties.
A child knows that Allah & God are the same person being prayed to. He exact same creator. For some reason however this is something he must be harmful to muslims in Cape Girardeau about.
Next he now attacks at Buddha. I am no professional but nobody has called Buddha a God. He was an extraordinary man & a path towards enlightenment, utilizing morals, meditation & wisdom are the 4 noble truths which this Taliban Pastor would benefit if he had any of those traits.
The fact that this Pastors congregation follow him and share these disgusting posts that examine others in a way to only offend themselves for being so stupid is remarkable.
Why is someone else’s beliefs that they know nothing of making them act like the American ISIS in public?
The Pastor also again shows he is a fraud to the entire @cityofcape & many others which will all be tagged at the end of each segment here.
Now the Taliban Pastor lies & says Jesus is God. There is not one bible verse where Jesus says “I am God”
We also can simply listen to Jesus in this black book & see the Pastor is a liar to everyone.
Then Jesus told, “Go away, Satan! For it is written: Worship the Lord your God, and serve only Him.” Matthew 4
Worship God The Father only. ... Obey Me and like Me; pray to The Father
So where is this Taliban Pastors anger now to christians & America in disgracing how they practice faith & their beliefs?
Funny how they now use methods to try to make an understanding to forgive this yet so fast to be harmful to others for their same disinformations to them.
They will quote indirect methods to try to prove Jesus wrong and a liar in order to be right. What kind of faith & belief proves God as Wrong if their version of Jesus is God.
Why can’t he be happy knowing that other world religions also Love Jesus?
There is only 1 explanation. This is pure racism & supremacy & white Nationalism only. These are only hypocrites & bigots. They are a cult that fuel disinformations to a demographic that intentionally needs to over react to justify their hatred.
Results are very harmful to 🇺🇸
The bible also is specific about statues & idolizing. The Pastor is angry at a speculated slave trade he forgets to leave the details from 1400 years ago yet removing the Idolizing statues that represent slavery to our own people upsets him???
Do they not see the Hypocrisy here?
If slavery upsets this Taliban Pastor then why does he support our Americans that had to endure slavery, oppression, rapes, hangings, isolation, torture, genocide, & many inhumane acts with a disgusting comment that Bricks
Where are the #Christians or #Pastors or #Government or #LawEnforcement to make a public stance & show responsibility to real Christianity in America & make a deterrent of these kind of Taliban Preachers living here tax exempt. The #IRS should be back taxing them!!
Guess what David, only you and your Taliban congregation lynch mob are fake.
I am not concerned with their beliefs. Show me an Imam that is worse than you in America.
I believe mohammad also was a man so it is not unordinary to have a grave.
Soon you will have wasted temp. life.
Now the Christians are commenting to hang people in public. Do they seriously not have any expectations for themselves? Shouldn’t you have the highest set on yourself instead of only high expectations for the people you hate. The Taliban Pastor also is the one that clicked like.
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1 Mar
Today after my city council of #CapeGirardeau & @cityofcape do the bare minimum to the Racist Pastor and seditious anti American who spends more time comforting Domestic Terrorists on social medias I will become a Parody Account to Pastor David McNeely & only quote him 100%
Maybe I too can become a disgusting Pastor & a stain to America & be tax exempt.
Then the City will defend me from all critique and call me a True Blessing to the Community & endorse me like @JasonSmithMO
Advocating against a toxic Pastor that is down the road from me since November & still no public concern by any elect reps or associates to show any public or moral obligation in Cape.
Are they lump associating this stain on America as a Christian or church?
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23 Feb
My Pastor: Incites insurrections, racist to every diverse make up of citizens & incites public fears to the LGBTQ community
Me: What can you do City Hall
City Hall: We are not interested but you must allow us to escape our duty & have a civil duty to allow our supremacy
Me: NO
Me: Here is a thread of extremist behaviours worse than ISIS by my Pastor.

Here is the thread where my own City of Cape Girardeau after reviewing a detailed thread of sedition, inciting, violence, racism & promotes domestic terrorism as “America at its best” with a downplaying role only & suggests this is all fake.
My Rep also endorses this fake
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22 Feb
When it comes to moral & public obligations we should have the same high expectations that this extremist, racist & seditious inciting Pastor places on others but himself!
@JasonSmithMO is quoted calling this a blessing to our community is far from the right response!!
Since when is a Pastor whom searches to find a strategy to attack our diverse Americans racially, religiously & solely based on indifferences a community blessing?
Please read the thread in its entirety & go to his FB and scroll posts as well & let me know why this is tolerated.
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21 Feb
1) Our borders are not open
2) Who are our enemies
3) No immigration policy has been changed
4) America filters in more drugs than the rest of the world combined
5) USA leads in every category of crime & sexual predators. This has nothing to do with religion but who we are. Image
Lets look deeper as you pretend to be angry at sexual predators Pastor David McNeely
1) You are a loyalist to tRump whom has a long history & career of desecrating women
2) We had 14.6 MILLION women raped, sexually assaulted, stalked & domestically abused in 2020 in🇺🇸 not Islam
So why so angry at the issues this place Islam may have when you clearly have no respect to their problems as well which the sexual acts of misconduct in many of their States & Narions is actually a death sentence & their numbers are not in the millions!
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20 Feb
Over a month ago I raised concerns of extreme hate & racism that is endorsed in Cape by politicians & the city.
Not a word since Jan18th from you as you tweet about equality & safety still.
Why do you turn away?
A mother & son were just arrested for sedition which David McNeely is deplorable given impunity as he is 100000times more volatile, seditious & a disgrace to America!
Please read my thread this time.
I would like your responsibly reply to your public & moral obligations on this Today.
Is there a solution to this or just exemptions, impunity, endorsements & a nice budget in place for his Nazi Racist Camp for 2021.
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11 Jan
A new thread on the Christian Sedition that organize attacks in guise of the tax exemp church.
Focus is on the Insurrectionalist Pastor David McNeely whom is fully endorsed by @JasonSmithMO
These are the same people violently toxic at invisible enemies where were all targets. ImageImage
Pastor David McNeely & rep @JasonSmithMO
"America is at its best when being attacked by identified Terrorists.
"Never Surrender & Never Quit" Image
The Pastor. also can be seen in the same capture with a shared post that found the attack on our Capital & Democracy as "Riveting & Incredible"
Is this really a Pastors Duty?
Why do you endorse Sedition @JasonSmithMO Image
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