Most understand that it's wrong to judge an entire group for the negative actions of a few of its members, but too few see that this also applies to humanity as a whole. None of our problems are due to any flaw in human nature, but to the actions of a few manipulative sociopaths.
There's nothing inherently wrong with humanity as a whole which is making a mess of things. The problem is that we're swimming in lies that we've been indoctrinated into by liars who benefit from our remaining deceived. All our problems can be solved by moving from lies to truth.
There are no human-generated problems that can't be solved by truth. The truth about imperialism. The truth about power. The truth about propaganda. The truth about mental narrative. The truth about consciousness. There's nothing wrong with us, we've just been confused by lies.
And sure, you can say we're flawed because we haven't yet awakened en masse to the truth, but in my opinion that's just unhelpful victim blaming. Like the "Why didn't you leave sooner?" question abuse victims too often get. The blame rests on the abusers.

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19 Mar
What We're Really Seeing With All These Anti-China Narratives

"Why are we being told that China is dangerous over and over again day in and day out all of a sudden, while, for example, Israel's constant bombing of Syria gets nary a mention?"…
There's a great viral thread going around with a small sample of the virulent anti-China headlines the mass media have been churning out, putting forward the inconvenient suggestion that this is one possible answer to this question by the New York Times:
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19 Mar
It's important to ask not only whether mass media reporting is true, but *WHY* we are seeing that reporting in the first place. Why are we being told that China is dangerous day in and day out all of a sudden, while, say, Israel's constant bombing of Syria gets nary a mention?
The quantity of the reporting tells you as much as the quality. Even if a foreign nation really is doing something bad, is it something we need to be told about over and over again while far worse acts are perpetrated by our own government and its allies? Who benefits from this?
Negative mass media coverage of empire-targeted governments always far exceeds negative coverage of empire-aligned governments on the same issues, like repetitive coverage of protests in Hong Kong while ignoring protests in Gaza, Chile, Haiti, Ecuador etc.…
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18 Mar
Someone just told me the US government would have no motive to lie about China. Uhhh...
Not only does the US empire have every motive in the world to lie about China, it has every motive in the world to lie about Xinjiang specifically due to its unique role in China's rise and the easily exploited divisions there.…
It is not a coincidence that the US removed the ETIM, a Uyghur group that's been doing horrific things in Syria, from its designated terrorist group list just as it's ramping up its campaign against China. This will be exploited.…
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16 Mar
I've seen a lot of jaw-droppingly stupid right wing talking points, but the "there is no collective" one making the rounds lately just might take the cake. The collective exists to the same exact extent that the individual exists. Humans do behave collectively. For fuck's sake.
No it is not a nonsense phrase. Humans do behave collectively. A word is needed to describe this reality. Pretending that this isn't true is pants-on-head moronic, and you should be embarrassed to do so publicly.
This is exactly as true as saying there is no collective. The fact that something can be reduced to component parts doesn't mean it doesn't exist; it exists to the extent that it can be said to exist.
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16 Mar
The strategy of incrementalism (pursuing change in small, gradual increments over time) absolutely is effective. The problem is that when plutocrats control the government and media, the only incremental changes which actually occur are those which benefit the plutocracy.
Don't say incrementalism doesn't work. It does work. It works all the time. It just never works *for you*.
Incrementalism is all you're ever seeing when, for example, the minimum wage doesn't keep up with inflation. Or when public programs are slowly privatized. Or when more and more money is allowed to influence politics. Or when industries become more and more deregulated.
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13 Mar
If The Rich Were Propagandizing Us, We'd Have Heard About It In The News…
The primary obstacle in getting people to realize that they are being propagandized by our rulers is their unquestioned assumption that if there were a propaganda operation geared at manufacturing consent for the status quo, they'd have learned about it in the news or in school.
And, of course, they would not have, because both the plutocratic media and the modern schooling system are designed to indoctrinate people into accepting the status quo.
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