This is the set up for Biden’s presser:
Already 10 minutes late
Here we go. “Progress report” on first 68 days. Vaccine goal achieved—now wants 200 million shots by first 100 days. Claims almost a majority of schools K-8 schools open full time. (Pretty sure his goal was K-12, will check)
Now taking questions from approved list of reporters. @ZekeJMiller first. He’s asking about GOP opposition on Biden agenda, lol.
Biden gets paper with notes to answer questions. He’s reading from it. Already a farce.
Goes to list, @Yamiche of course. LOL she says the reason immigrants are coming here is because you’re a “decent, moral man.”

He’s flattered that immigrants are coming here bc “Biden is a good guy.”

This can’t be real.
Biden blaming crisis on Trump. Vast majority are being sent back—thousands or tens of thousands—“sent home.” Oh wow, 70% of children are 16-17 years old. Talking about 5,000 beds at Ft. Bliss because Trump dismantled the system.
Biden complaining Mexico won’t take families back—which is something Trump negotiated. Now talking about phone numbers on wristbands of kids crossing border. Very confusing
Filibuster—says it’s being abused in a “gigantic” way. Bragging he knows how to “get things done” in the Senate.
Next approved reporter—@seungminkim I think. He just said “Kim.” She asks about filibuster too
Next approved reporter Cecelia Vega. She brings up a mother who said the reason why she had her child come is because Biden gave green light. He justifies influx bc of danger in those countries and earthquakes. Sorta funny to hear him talk about violent cities in Central America
No questions about the plight of American children shut out of schools or living in violent neighborhoods.
Now he’s irritated at @CeciliaVega for pushing back on his immigration answers.
Next approved reporter is “Ken” asking about Afghanistan. Biden shuffles to his briefing paper for answers and is reading from it.
Now asked when reporters can have access to facilities, asked if he rolled back Trump policies too fast. He says no, he has no apologies to make.
LOL Biden says he has support of majority of Republican voters.
So @kaitlancollins asks if filibuster is a relic of Jim Crow era. Sounds like he will support elimination of filibuster. Now getting dumb question if he’ll run for re-election in 2024
Ok now he’s angry. Making false claims that “no one believed” his campaign promises. Not sure where this is going. Riffing on middle class, back to stories about people staring at the ceiling. Again claims most Republicans support him.
Straight up lying that Trump didn’t confront China. Claims he putting alliance together to force China to be held accountable.
Um he asked about Atlanta and Boulder and gun control orders—he starts talking about infrastructure bill.
Something about roads and drainage and schools where kids can’t drink water out of water fountain. Heat leaking out of windows of office buildings.
This is going south very fast
Something about a dog’s name and his great grandfather in a coffin (?) boat and Guatemala table
All done. 10 favorable journalists in one hour.

• • •

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24 Mar
Sherwin, who’s in trouble for this interview, claims January 6 defendants are only being charged based on their conduct not their beliefs about a stolen election.

Not true. His own lawyers argue people who don’t think Biden was legitimately elected should be denied bail...
“Government lawyers claimed his refusal to accept Joe Biden as the legitimately elected president would cause him to also ‘deny the authority of the judicial officers appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.’”…
An exchange btw feds and parent of teen charged:

Cua: It was a rally around . . . the election results, we should see the real results and that type of thing.

U.S. government: Do you recognize that that is not true?

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America looks pathetically weak. Our military declared war on Tucker Carlson; Congress hid under their desks on January 6; cops, FBI takes a knee before BLM thugs; China, Russia openly backhanding Team Biden, Americans run around in 2 masks, Biden clearly incapacitated. Disaster.
Our media are thoroughly corrupt, lies to Americans every day with impunity. US DOJ/DNI tells the world our own citizens are a bigger threat than foreign terrorists. Teachers unions keep our kids hostage as they fall further behind. Debt soaring, crippling taxes on the way
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Hi @TomDreisbach thanks for attempting to dispute my article January 6 wasn’t an armed insurrection. A few Q:

1) You claim 3 dozen ppl have been charged with weapons violations. Can you link to arrests?

2) You cite Barnett case—he never used “weapon.”…
LOL come on: “Many of the weapons allegedly used in the riot are considered ‘less lethal’ but are dangerous and can even be fatal, according to experts.”

Maybe @TomDreisbach can compare bear spray charges in DC vs Portland?

And attempt to tie guns to Capitol chaos is a fail.
So a CLANDESTINE armed insurrection!

“At least three people arrested in connection with the Capitol riot are facing gun charges, though the government has not alleged that those three were part of the actual breach of the building. Other defendants are suspected of possessing...
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