While learning accountancy a student is taught to
👉Debit all expenses, credit all income.
👉Debit all assets, credit all liabilities.
👉Debit the receiver, credit the giver.
Why is it so?
Let us find out the rationale behind three golden rules of accounts. 👇🧵 (1/n)
'Balance Sheet' and 'Profit & Loss Account' are two important aspects to learn accountancy.
Let us first understand how to interpret a Balance Sheet. (2/n)
Balance sheet is a simple snapshot of ‘Sources of funds’ (‘Liabilities’) and ‘Application of funds’ (‘Assets’) as on a ‘particular’ day. (3/n)
It is important to note that the Balance sheet may change every day. That’s because the liabilities side and the assets side may change frequently.
Example: The customer from whom the amount was receivable (Debtor) will get converted into Cash the moment he pays money. (4/n)
Suppose a businessman starts a business with his own money (equity/owner’s fund) and uses this money to buy various assets. (5/n)
He earns good amount of profit from his business operations which is reinvested in the business (Profit/ Reserves and Surplus).
Also, the businessman decides to take loan (Outsider’s money) to expand his business. So, the Balance Sheet will look something like this, (6/n)
So, we now have a simple equation:
Equity + Reserves + Other liabilities = Assets
Also, 'Reserves' is nothing but profit and profit figure is taken from 'Profit and Loss Account'.
Profit is calculated as ‘Income – Expenses’.
So, we now have,
Equity + Income – Expenses + Other liabilities = Assets
Or, we can rearrange this as,
Equity + Income + Other liabilities = Assets + Expenses
This is a beautiful equation.
LHS shows us all the sources of money and RHS shows us its application. (9/n)
LHS shows us all the credits and RHS represents the debits. (10/n)
Hence, we
👉Debit all expenses, credit all income.
👉Debit all assets, credit all liabilities.
👉Debit the receiver, credit the giver. (11/n)
Accounts is super interesting when you know the rationale behind everything. (12/n)
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