They just can't help themselves. They are obsessed with trying to invent a scandal for FL where none exists.

Publix has over 800 locations in FL. It is by far the most prominent story in the state. It's the obvious choice for vaccinations. Also, Publix donated to both parties.
Wow. And it appears that @60Minutes edited the clip to cut out several minutes of @GovRonDeSantis giving extensive details showing just how wrong this narrative is..

Here is the full clip with the question starting ~1:40:
They literally cut out him explaining the whole process including who was responsible for LTCs (not Publix), how Publix raised their hand as CVS/Wallgreens was doing LTCs, how they had a trial to test it, why it worked, & how now CVS/Walgreen's are being used now.
It appears the above YouTube has been set to private for now but Daily Wire has a full transcript including all the parts that 60 Minutes edited out:…
Full video here beginning at 32:34:…

• • •

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More from @AGHamilton29

15 May
Notice not one of these outraged responses actually disputes Hamas was using the building. The idea here is that Hamas should be able to use media orgs as shields (the deal those orgs knowingly make with Hamas) without consequences.
Everyone knows the deal in Gaza. Hamas lets those news orgs operate as long as they only report things Hamas approves of and provides cover for them. Those orgs might feel that deal is worth it, but that doesn't mean those trying to stop terrorism should just accept it.
What is Israel allowed to target in response to thousands of indiscriminate rockets?

Can't target the terrorists bc they use humans as shields, can't use disinformation to separate them bc media also fooled, and can't target their buildings bc they share those w news orgs...
Read 5 tweets
15 May
Shadi has spent days doing this and it’s rather revealing. His idea of “proportional” is for more Israelis to have been killed and he consistently ignores that death toll includes a lot of Hamas fighters and Palestinians killed by Hamas rockets.
When your main argument is that things would be better if the terrorists indiscriminately firing rockets at civilians had been more successful, it’s probably not a great argument.

One side is protecting their citizens = less deaths. Other side is trying to kill anyone possible.
Also, proportionality in war isn’t based on number of deaths. @DavidAFrench does a good job explaining it here:…
Read 5 tweets
15 May
I try not to be too personal on this account and I am not someone that hates people who disagree with me politically, but it's not easy to watch members of Congress and celebrities openly act as propagandists for terrorists that consistently try to kill my family.
Exactly 30 minutes ago a rocket hit the apartment building where I spent my summers with my grandparents as a kid.

Sorry if I take it personally when someone pretends those rockets are justified and that Israel has no right/obligation to protect the people in that building.
I don't want one innocent Israeli or Palestinian hurt, but it's insane that anyone does not recognize it's the terrorist group using innocent Palestinians as human shields while trying to kill innocent Israelis that's responsible for all of this.
Read 4 tweets
14 May
The level of dishonesty here from @shadihamid is really something. On the left, Israel trying to inflict pain on Hamas = inflict pain on Palestinians. But when it comes to responsibility for the rockets on the right, you can't conflate the two.
No one actually believes that Israel is trying to inflict maximum pain on innocent Palestinians. They could wipe out Gaza in minutes if that was the goal. Someone actually concerned w Palestinian lives would be pissed at Hamas for valuing them so little & endangering them.
None of these people care about Palestinians being killed by Hamas rockets falling short or even take 2 seconds to condemn them for creating a conflict that inevitably would lead to a response. Only problem is Israel's response, but they can't explain a proper one.
Read 4 tweets
14 May
Firing rockets indiscriminately at civilians isn't "self-defense"

Especially when the people you are allegedly defending yourself from would stop attacking you as soon as you stopped trying to kill them.
Again, only one side is actively trying to kill the other. If even 5% of Israel's airstrikes were actually aiming to kill Palestinian civilians, the death toll would be 10X what it is now. Only one side is defending lives here, the other (Hamas) is trying to take them.
Israel could completely destroy Hamas in less than 2 hours & end all the rockets. It would come with a huge Palestinian death toll though. Instead, Israel is letting their kids sleep in bomb shelters and putting Israeli lives at risk to avoid having to kill innocent Palestinians.
Read 4 tweets
12 May
That's the thing.The press keeps uncritically citing fatality reports from the "Palestinian Health Ministry" while knowing they are run by Hamas and consistently try to attribute Palestinian deaths from Hamas rockets to Israeli strikes.
And Hamas doesn't bother to build bomb shelters for Palestinians because they don't mind innocent Palestinian deaths (they just use them as propaganda) so those Palestinians have no protection from Hamas' indiscriminately launched rockets.
Even if you cared nothing for Israeli lives and only cared about Palestinian lives, you should recognize Hamas' attacks kill innocent Palestinians and the Iron Dome saves them. It's telling how some politicians are so full of ignorance or hate that they ignore that fact.
Read 6 tweets

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