I'm straining to understand the accusation against DeSantis even if the reporting is accurate. Publix grocery stores are an existing neighborhood mainstay in Florida. Should this obvious resource have been foregone for appearance's sake because they donated to one of his PACs?
It's a good idea to use the infrastructure you've got, and when that concerns the whole state ... yeah, you're going to be using some organizations with existing political ties to DeSantis and his allies.
One way to make sure the vaccine distribution is absolutely fair and equitable is to put all your effort into making sure nobody gets it. A lot of people seem to have this strategy in mind.
We have all expended far too much energy fretting about who cut in line, who benefited unduly, that would have been better spent just making it way easier for people to get vaccinated. I have no energy remaining to care about stories like this and don't know how anyone does.
There is a big overlap in the Venn diagram of people angry at knuckledraggers who won't get vaccinated and people deeply invested in whiffing out unfairness and favoritism in vaccine rollouts. Which has actually slowed down the rollout more? I'd bet the latter.
Yuval Levin says that politics is where we decide on our priorities. Assuming that we are a country no longer capable of walking and chewing bubble gum, what do the primary targets of anger in the discourse about the vaccination rollout suggest about what is our top priority?

• • •

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7 Apr
If you're like me and procrastinate by reading crash investigations, you find many that happened in low-budget and regional airlines where crew fatigue was a factor. They're paid much less than at major airlines and are competing for hours and for those slots. (brief thread)
Maybe United has some idea about how to recruit to markedly increase the overall pool of candidates for commercial piloting over the next 10 years, but otherwise this diversity initiative will just wind up increasing the competitive pressures on the smaller airlines.
What will the effect be? I don't know, but given how multivariate crashes are it's never a good idea to place additional strain on one of the key factors, crew stress. But again, United would just be offloading that to smaller carriers.
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7 Apr
Personally if I were drawing from the Enterprise bridge crew for Jeopardy host, I'd go with Worf
Think about it: Alex Trebek was showbiz's greatest straight man. You know who're the greatest straight men in the universe? The totally humorless Klingons. Just imagine Celebrity Jeopardy but with Sean Connery vs. Mr. Worf.
I mean sure, you *could* pick the Sheliak, but we do want ratings.
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7 Apr
If the discourse totally collapses over the coming weeks into who's posting whose Ws and Ls — well, I would count that as a W.
I feel that the Dudes Posting Their Ws discourse is severely lacking in Buddy Garrity memes, but I'm having a hard time myself finding the relevant clips and gifs.
One of the great moments in the Friday Night Lights pilot — Buddy Garrity putting his big noggin into the whole frame and looming over Coach (the new coach) to command "We need a dubya," too reverent to say the real world.
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6 Apr
It's nuts to be putting so much energy into fretting about anti-vaxxers and why we might need vaccine passports when there are still so many practical barriers for people who *really want to get vaccinated.*
Whatever we hear about the amazing supply in the U.S., we're still at the stage where you have a big advantage in getting a vaccine if you come from a station in life where you know how to navigate through bureaucratic and logistical nonsense.
And yet most of what we hear about is how people who are *not* from that station in life might — theoretically, if we bothered to really give them the option — refuse to be vaccinated.
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26 Mar
McMurtry complained of the love for Lonesome Dove: "I thought I had written about a harsh time and some pretty harsh people, but, to the public at large, I had produced something nearer to an idealization; instead of a poor man's Inferno, filled with violence, ...
.... faithlessness and betrayal, I had actually delivered a kind of Gone With The Wind of the West, a turnabout I'll be mulling over for a long, long time."

It's strange here to see McMurtry underrate the power of the deconstruction and demythologization of the West he produced.
One of the things that struck me about Lonesome Dove was the jaggedness of it. Characters you expect to be redeemed aren't. Characters who deserve a happy ending are killed randomly and unexpectedly. Loves romantic and filial go unrequited.
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26 Mar
Covid showed that a managerial class skilled only in manipulating symbols can no longer recognize a real, material event as material. At least this can be fun! 220 tons of matter wedges in a canal and we all ask in unison, "What is this about?" and answer: 𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘺𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨.
The Boat is of course only incidentally a boat, and primarily a manifestation of the online mind's inability to quit take-making and be about anything other than itself. It is the collective large adult son of The Discourse.

This is a great take, someone pay me to write this up.
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