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5 Apr, 4 tweets, 1 min read

ME: Hi can you set some animal carcasses on fire for a bit and give them to me in a bag

CASHIER: Obviously we can do that
Do you think if we tried to explain bread to a robot they'd be really weirded out
ROBOT: So you have cultures of living nanomachines

ME: Yeast, right

ROBOT: Imprisoned

ME: We keep them in little packets

ROBOT: And you use them exclusively to... inject air bubbles into your wheat paste?

ME: Generally yeah

ROBOT: ...why?

ME: Well for the texture
ROBOT: When did you figure this system out exactly

ME: About uhhhh… 8000 BC?

ROBOT [holding sides of photoreceptor as if in pain]: You invented nanomachines… before the wheel

ME: Well the nanomachines were already around we just offered them a job

• • •

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8 Apr
New Hainbach album dropping on YouTube in a livestream premier thing in like 9 minutes, or that's what YouTube tells me anyhow
I'm currently listening to music in the format of
- A vinyl record
- Being played into a digital audio interface, then lossy-compressed to AAC, then streamed to another continent
The music likely contains magnetic tape echo effects so we've prolly got 80 years of artifacting here
I asked and there are no magnetic tapes on the album but some of the mastering equipment used vacuum tubes so at least we've got some of the character
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8 Apr
"Huh?" Image
So I'm reading this Greg Egan book, and this section of the book is Tenet, it's just Tenet, except he worked out all the math for how physics would work in a universe where the Einstein metric tensor was such as to make Tenet possible, and there's a full treatment of entropy
Also Egan wrote this book in 2013, so to be clear Egan did not get the *idea* from Tenet, unless Greg Egan himself is moving backward through time, presumably due to the corolois effect (he's Australian). That's how it works right? You flush the toilet & water rushes up into it?
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7 Apr
Occasionally I see confused people suggesting trans people should avoid cosmetic surgery through self acceptance and, ok, WPATH explains why that's wrong, but also I kind of want to flip up "MAYBE CIS PEOPLE SHOULD DESTIGMATIZE HAVING PLASTIC SURGERY THEMSELVES" like a trap card
Under the most recent rules, insurance will sometimes cover procedures otherwise considered "cosmetic" for trans people, because WPATH considers congruent self image "medically necessary". What if insurance covered nosejobs for cis people? Shit, why not?? You're paying enough!!
Ladies and men who don't like how you look with beards: Permanent hair removal!! It's great!! It's cheap, compared to some other things!! Got like three hairs on your chin you're always shaving off? Zap 'em off! It'll take like one, two sessions, cost like a hundred bucks, $300
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6 Apr
I have obtained… PHYSICAL OBJECTS Image
Of late I felt a certain disenchantment with the idea of possessing physical objects but I think these are some good objects
The "Until the End of the World" disc is not mine, it is @spookysquid's, I'm just holding on to it until we no longer all live in bomb shelters
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6 Apr
Not good: This is a cryptocurrency, but they don't immediately disclose that

Good: It is apparently not a proof of work cryptocurrency, so it doesn't destroy the earth

Not good: Uses Intel SGX, which is a DRM tech and should therefore IMO be illegal
If I'm reading this cryptocoin's documentation right, part of how their algorithm works is they literally gave Intel a hardware monopoly on servers operating the coin's network, via their use of SGX on the servers
I'm struggling to understand what the blockchain resolution method is. It appears to be byzantine agreement and they don't say they're using DBA, which to me means it's centralized (IE, it would mean every server has to be whitelisted by the mobilecoin company?)
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6 Apr
I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd just get up for a bit and do trigonometry until my brain got so miserable I would have to go to sleep
Have you ever encountered a trigonometry problem so annoying you were immediately forced to go to sleep

Well neither have I but I'm hoping I can achieve this in the next hour
This is a nightmare. I am already dreaming, and this is a nightmare.
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