Being a Dem, a veteran & Josh Hawley, a 🪡🧵.

17 years ago today I was in my first serious combat.
I was 20.
All day I’ve been thinking about them walking into that ambush.
About laying in a ditch as tracers crisscrossed overhead until the tanks came.

7 years ago 👇
Then I saw this article about how Josh Hawley is a hypocritical fraud on Iraq, no surprise.

But that wasn’t the thing about it.…
In the article it quotes a young Joshua making fun of the movie Jarhead. Calling the Marine, the one who served and went to the war, a whiner. Mocking the dangers of war, and the authors experience.

And I remembered.
Months before Josh safely blogged his complaints I too wrote about Iraq...from the Sunni Triangle.
I wrote about watching people die & firefights & kids getting hurt. And as young Josh would say I “whine about the danger of combat...and then the boredom.”…
And that’s the thing, while I was still in Iraq I got comments and hate e-mails from patriotic chicken-hawks like Josh.
(read the column to see how insane that is)
They said I was weak. And shouldn’t be there. And was a disgrace. All written from the safety of home of course.
Guys like Josh Hawley are absolute frauds. They play tough, about war, about Antifa, or “cancel culture.” But they’ve never been in a real fight, a real struggle, in their lives.
They’ve never held an artery closed, or walked a picket line, or struggled to make ends meet.
Josh is the opposite of the Marines I saw walk into an ambush 17 years ago.
He’s the opposite of the freedom fighters who marched w/ MLK & continue to fight today.
The opposite of workers on picket lines who put their livelihood on the line to stand up to corporate power.
While the Hawleys mocked from the sideline I volunteered for a second tour in Iraq rather than let my Marines go back without me.
The Local 618 Teamsters on the picket line today are tired, but they’ll be back tmrw.

And that’s why we’re ultimately going to win & Josh will lose.
Because we’re tougher.
Because we fight for something.
Because we, at our core, believe in something.

Because we have witnessed courage & strength & sacrifice in a way he is incapable of seeing.

At that will make all of our struggles worth it. 🧵

• • •

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22 Apr 20
The Chinese Communist Party has a key ally in Missouri Republicans.

As people die & the economy crashes due to Republican failures, Repubs turn to one of the few plays they have left: xenophobia.

GOP outrage is convience, not conviction.

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Quick thread on what #IwoJima75 means to me as a Marine.

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Iwo stands alone.
While we’re getting smoked at boot camp the Drill Instructors dismissively snarl “this isn’t Iwo Jima.”

When your struggling in training senior Marines mock you “this isn’t Iwo Jima.”

New color video of the battle is here ⬇️…
Iwo Jima is the Marine Corps.

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Let me tell you about a time in Fallujah, Iraq that I think about a lot.

Thread 👇
After an ambush two of our guys were medevaced. One had been shot in the stomach. The other had been shot in the head.
They were in serious condition, but alive.
Several hours later, word got back to our platoon that, somewhere along the medevac, one of the guys had died.
One of his best friends in the platoon started to cry.
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7 Feb 17
I'm about to share what happened #10YearsAgoInIraq. My goal is to give a glimpse into what life was like. Feel free to mute- it's long
@s_webber There was a bad day before, and a bad day after. This was just a day. Feb 7, 2007. To the best of my memory.
@s_webber Charlie Company was based in south Fallujah. 1st and 3rd Platoons are on a multi day op west of the city.
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