An oldie but goodie thread back from when I was new to Twitter and hadn't resigned myself to angry shit takes. There are three common responses to this kind of escalating sectarianism in Islamic societies. Accommodationism as seen in Pakistan, where you can murder someone with
impunity and even widespread social applause as long as it is done in the name of Islam with the state powerless to enforce basic criminal justice. Do nothing, as in Western Europe and accept the occasional terrorist attack as just a regular cost of daily life like car accidents
but make some token gestures placating both the Muslims and your put upon natives. Co-opt the crazies as America has done, buy the temporary loyalty of the takfiris and use them to kill your enemies. Hey as long as they are someone else's problem, it's not mine approach. The one
other approach beyond the Communist approach is the Burmese totally NOT a genocide according to Western pundits is to burn their villages to the ground and send hundreds of thousands fleeing for their lives, the good old fashioned way of settling thorny intractible sectarian
disputes. The Commie approach, as it was applied domestically is brute force accelerationism to transition more backwards societies towards socially "modern" ones through state power. Turns out that actually is the fastest and least bloody one.

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5 Apr
The one single biggest antidote to Western hegemonic discursive power setting narratives through the circle jerk of think tanks, media, and government spokesxers about China or anything else is to be reminded of the fact that these people are as a rule wrong about everything.
I mean that quite literally, their job is consensus building and narrative formation and in the realm of Western political dysfunction, this means lieing out your ass. There is literally no position on a topic even as venal as pineapple on pizza where the default stance of the
credentialed "experts" and media fluffers isn't wrong. Every single domestic and foreign policy emanating from these people is either 1) defend the legitimacy of the government status quo and 2) advance the parochial interests of their paymasters and given the decrepit nature of
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3 Apr
The United Front Work department, Leninism, Soros, The Iowa Writer's Workshop, and multivector propaganda networks. The UFWD has become a popular obsession with the dumber sort of China watcher in recent years and serves as a bogeyman of sorts for Chinese information warfare, the
handy acronym serves as a convenient shorthand for all manner of "nefarious" Chinese subversion efforts but no effort is actually made to describe how it actually functions and what it is for. The historical context is in textbook terms an alliance of sorts of various social
groups aligned with the Leninist Party in advancing a collective message and goal, namely revolution. However, that isn't exactly how it functions today. The primary function of the United Front Work Department is, more familiar to contemporary people is that of a force
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1 Apr
The socio-economic trend of professional dance becoming a class marker as it has in the West is accelerating. Back in the "old days" of the PRC, the kids were functionally drafted, scouted out of millions by the teachers themselves for promising physical attributes and their
training 100% funded by the state into well paying government sinecures. The intake system is completely different now having been for the most part privatized. Initial classes for a 6 year old aren't particularly a major expense, 300 rmb per month. However to pursue it as a
career you need more than an hour of class a week. More like 30 hours of classes a week from teachers in either small classes or individualized instruction. This is where the expenses begin to really ad up. The professional secondary art schools are heavily subsidized, with even
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30 Mar
Foreign rule can be exceptionally durable in contrast to the expectations of modern nationalist discourse. The longest on record is nearly 2500 years in Egypt. The last man to claim the title of Pharaoh of Egypt was a Roman* (Actually himself a Balkan) but the last native son of
the Nile to hold that title was nearly 800 years before that. Egypt was first conquered by the Achaemenid Persian empire in the 6th century BCE and then taken over and ruled by Macedonian Greeks in the 4th in turn giving way to Roman rule in the 1st. Roman ruled lasted until the
7th when the Arab invasion conquered it and Egypt remained ruled by various Mohammedan dynasties until taken over by a bunch of Turk slaves in the 13th who were then displaced by yet more Turks, Ottomans, in the 16th only to end up ruled by yet more Balkans in the 19th century.
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30 Mar
An interesting chicken or egg question is whether dysfunctional US domestic politics made it's foreign politics the way it is or whether it was vice versa, where its system of Intelligence agency, media, credentialed expert disinformation blead back in on itself. Question may not
have a clear cut answer and will depend on how you feel how much agency individuals have and how much of an effect coordinated action can achieve. If civilizational entropy is your theory then the former makes sense that rot at the heart of the body politic radiates outwards. If
you are more likely to ascribe direct action to the course of events then the latter theory is more plausible as the media security nexus expands infinitely like any government bureaucracy given unchecked power. There is a synthesis theory that combines these two where universal
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26 Mar
Asian Americans are disgusting slavish cucks and they deserve to be discriminated against. Tons of talented and wealthy individuals and the only organized activism they can manage is to secure token slots for some sluts in Hollywood. They get shat on by Harvard and the Ivy's and
their response is to kiss their feet and give them billions in donations. If that isn't fucking cuck behavior, nothing else is. Instead of padding Harvard's investments, they could pool their money to start their own damn elite schools where they aren't gas lit by the fags in the
admissions office. Seriously stop giving Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale any money and start a new school in some safe cheap location in the Midwest and staff it an all star faculty paid dirty tech money and provide guaranteed employment for graduates at your companies. It
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