Clearly a threat. Total mobster shit!
Who is the only party that can plausibly instigate this “backfiring”?? The drugmakers themselves
More thinly veiled threats… Image
Big Pharma is using barely disguised threats of a capital strike/slowdown to lean on the Biden White House and it’s not really being covered as such because they use the precise detached language. Just like a mafia extortionist, merely suggesting you do as they ask
Waiving patent restrictions “would have an immediate chilling effect on [our] continued research ... to create vaccines for children”. Awesome!
If only these IP lawyers and the drug companies who fund them had some sort of control over whether they refused to roll out child vaccines and booster shots. Too bad their promised slowdown is entirely out of their own hands—they’d be forced to stop helping (for unknown reasons)

• • •

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8 Apr
the Howard Dean hate is great but it's useful to note his position, as of now, is exactly that of Biden's who is also not backing a vaccine TRIPS waiver and has signaled several times this past week he has no intention on doing so. For likely the exact same pro-Big Pharma reasons
Opposing IP waivers for covid vaccines is also the position of Bill Gates and, by extension, the 1000s of people on his payroll.

Keep in mind this position is contra that of Doctors Without Borders, Human Rights Watch, and hundreds of progressive groups… ImageImage
Central to Bill Gates' ideology (and his extreme wealth) is the holy sacredness of global IP enforcement. His omnipresent influence on global health policy has resulted in silencing of demands by activists to pushback against the WTO's negative effects on health in poor countries
Read 9 tweets
8 Apr
Howard Dean’s language is almost exactly what IP enforcement groups and Big Pharma have been arguing for months, point by point. If he’s not technically a lobbyist he sure is acting like one
like they did during the HIV med struggles of the late 90s/early 2000s (and continue to this day still) IP enforcement lobbyists and big Pharma are using not so subtly patronizing and racist arguments that poor countries simply don’t know what’s in their best interests...
They’re arguing that (A) poor countries don’t have the capacity to manufacture these drugs anyway and (B) they’re too stupid to not know they don’t and are wasting time seeking IP waivers. Aside from being EXTREMELY convenient for them, It’s smarmy head-patting racist bullshit
Read 5 tweets
7 Apr
Great, another ostensibly liberal cause that can be used by rich countries to meddle and sanction noncompliant countries in the global south. The article gushes about support from racist hedge fund-in-a-suit Emmanuel Macron and noted moral authority the pope. Count me out!
45 out of the 45 people indicted by the International Criminal Court have been African. Maybe with “ecocide” added to the list European Do Gooders can get that number up to 200 out of 200 Africans
lmfao ok Image
Read 6 tweets
7 Apr
Awesome framing from Smart Economist Man that positions US as innocent bystander rather than active participant funding and arming one side of widely asymmetrical occupation and ethnic cleansing campaign
One of the more impressive rhetorical scams US/UK press has pulled on media consumers is the idea that the US is some mediator or neutral ref to the Israel-Palestine “conflict” while the US funds the Israeli military to the tune of $3B/yr & offers them unqualified support at UN
From three years ago. “Two state solution” still asymptotic!… ImageImage
Read 4 tweets
5 Apr
Make no mistake, this is being trotted out as an alternative to demands by global south leaders and progressives in congress that Biden loosen vaccine IP enforcement. Since this is off the table, the NGO industrial complex is called on to contrive a western “charity” narrative
It isn’t just about the IP regime for vaccines being protected, read the handwringing from the US chamber of commerce crowd and their think tank organs: they absolutely don’t want to create a precedent that can erode the sacrosanct status of global IP enforcement.
Once one accepts the premise that IP enforcement is sacrosanct then its slick NGO concern troll time. Reframe the issue as one of logistical hurdles and “corruption” in global south, being benevolently handled by Brussels and Washington.
Read 4 tweets
24 Mar
a 1000 models show housing the homeless is cheaper, preventing most “crime” w/ basic income is cheaper than prison, single payer is cheaper, etc. but precarity is the point, a frightened, on-the-edge population is more compliant & easier to extract labor and political power from
efforts to show social P&L while well intentioned dont really matter, all the money stuff is fake in any event. The political upside to carceralism & a constant state of existential fear of poverty is intrinsically valuable regardless of nominal costs which again, are fake anyway
Cruelty isn’t really the point per se, but it is a very effective, logical mechanism of conditioning a population to be politically weak and divided and to be in a constant state of gratefulness in the crumbs it gets. Providing baseline healthcare & housing removes this mechanism
Read 4 tweets

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