It's day 82 (really this time) and I have the update baton for

9 more days until California opens up vaccine eligibility for everyone above the age of 16.
We're very very close to knowing of 4000 locations supplying the vaccine. We'll likely hit that milestone tomorrow!

We're also building up to a Big Thing in a couple weeks. Keep your eyes peeled!

I thought I'd share some tips about getting the vaccine since we've picked up a lot of these from anecdotes, and as eligibility is opening up I tend to be giving the same spiel over and over again.
One thing I see often is people waiting for their healthcare providers to arrange for a vaccine. It's great if you can get it through this route, but if you're eligible, don't wait, book an appointment on MyTurn or on your county website if you can find one!
Check your county's eligibility rules. Various counties are relaxing the eligibility rules relative to the state since their appointments are going unused. These modifications may not show up on MyTurn, check your county website, or
Also check if any nearby counties are open for non-county residents (e.g. San Francisco is, and has relatively relaxed eligibility rules).
The big supersites tend to be the most convenient for getting appointments reliably.

Lastly, remember that a lot of pharmacies carry the vaccine as well! You can always search on to find local vaccination sites

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5 Apr
I've been messing around with cangjie and I had a moment where I realized I've internalized stroke order (a good thing!) enough that it's actually an impediment to me using cangjie

which is kinda nice because it means i've internalized a rather tricky concept a fair amount
yesterday I wanted to type 車 in chat on Windows, but it couldn't figure it out. I tried Cangjie 一日一中 (中 = a vertical line in cangjie) because that matches the stroke order. it didn't work.
then i remembered that cangjie is shape-based, so I tried 十日十. Also didn't work, because I hadn't properly learned my lesson yet -- the thing in the middle is a 日 when you write it, and this was heavily internalized for me, but shape-wise it's a 田!
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4 Apr
reasons I have seen eligible people not get the vaccine:

- worried about cost
- not aware of eligibility
- waiting on their doctor/hcp to give it to them
- not aware that vaccines are easy supply
a *lot* of people in particular are part of big healthcare chains like Kaiser and these chains are not really set up for this so they're super slow to vaccinate while there are government run supersites that have available appointments within a week
we started this pandemic with extremely suboptimal messaging around masks

looks like we might end it with suboptimal messaging around vaccines
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13 Mar
A thing I realized yesterday is ... the operation of seeing text and reading it is not the same for all people?
Like, if there is a book on the table, and I see the book, I will read the title. There is no way for me to not do that, and it doesn't take additional effort/attention

If there's an open book on a table, whenever I glance at it, my brain will register some paragraph on the page
When I go on walks every store sign, every ad, every street sign, every scrap of text my gaze falls on are immediately registered in my brain

As a kid i would read the backs of cereal boxes. nutrition info. i knew the word "riboflavin" from a young age despite never using it
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13 Mar
A thing that frustrates me a bit is that my ability to type words in different (non-English) languages varies *wildly* based on precisely which computing device i'm using
on Android, I can type Hindi, Marathi (phonetically w/dictionary), Chinese via pinyin for both simplified and traditional and also via jyutping

and also a bunch of other stuff I use sometimes (Urdu, etc)

but I can't easily do eastern european diacritics for names (like ț)
on Windows I can type Hindi and Marathi phonetically with a dictionary. The pinyin Traditional input is a setting in the "Simplified" language pack so I can't do both without toggling settings.

Compose key gives me all the diacritics
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11 Mar
imo the behavior being talked about here is the more toxic flipside of the "I won't immediately get a vaccine when I'm eligible, I'll wait for a while so people who deserve it more can get it" attitude which is also incorrect
i've talked about this before when it comes to vaccines
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7 Mar
A thing I've come to appreciate about self-driven learning processes is that it's completely devoid of a particular kind of frustration where you're learning something you don't see the point of, or don't really *want* to
This mostly only works if your goal is learning for fun and not "learning to use it for something" but I think this is something super important that folks don't realize as much.
I'm almost completely an autodidact in programming. There is not an aspect of the field I have learned that I hated learning. Usually there's always a topic that an individual will go "yeah I HATED learning that" but I don't have those.
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