MASTER-CLASS on Finding Alt-coin Entries.

Research, Enter, HODL and trade the break-out.

A thread.

Please share if you find this useful. 💯💯 Image
My Criteria of Choosing a coin.

1. MUST have a product/ service ready.
2. Fair distribution and Tokenomics.
3. Pre-sale/early investors must be vesting.
4. Founders must be either public OR have a big community if anonymous.
5. Working website with history.
6. No volume bots. Image
To trade or to HOLD?

If you're going to trade, I have made a lot of strategies already, available at…
(Look at the bottom. Open mobile if it doesn't open)

If you're looking to hold, We will discuss
1. When to enter for holding.
2. When to enter.
After FA as mentioned in the above, We begin to find the entry.
I USE ONLY CHARTS to find the entry.
Jack D. Schwager has mentioned many times how he only uses TA to find entry for his investments.

We discussed in detail in 'Introduction to TA' how chart is all you need. Image
Strategy for HODL entry.

1. 13,21,50,180 EMA Cross.
2. Volume around the Cross.
3. EMA squeeze before the Cross.
4. Enter on Breakout candle crossing the high of previous candle.
5. Volume must increase after EMA Cross breakout.
6. Better if Breakout candle is an engulfing.
I am sharing the settings for the EMA here.

Time Frame- Daily Chart. ImageImage
The Cross.

We are looking for a bullish cross of the
13,21,50 and the 180 EMA. These are my personal settings and can be tweaked by anyone. But this is what I use.

The 13 (RED) has to be above 21(Green), and so forth with 50 (Blue) and 180 (Black)

*Candles hidden for clarity. Image

This doesn't always occur because very few people use this technique, but while the whales accumulate, you can see a little increase in volume.

If a clear volume change occurs, it means the break-out has a higher probability.

Illustrated below. Image
The Squeeze.

It means the MAs coming closer, illustrating an accumulation. This can suggest a change in trend in either direction.
If the volume is increasing during squeeze, it is most likes bullish.

The Volume also must carry through after the break-out.
The Entry.

This is where true edge comes in play.
The entry edge can only be gained with experience, failure and a lot of trying.

Here are two entry options below.

The risky entry is when the candle next to the engulfing cross the engulfing candle's high. Image
Here is an example of how it works.

PLEASE note.
1. Use volume for entry.
2. Use PA for confirmation.
3. This is not fool proof but gets better with experience.

The exit has been done as one of the EMAs turns bearish. Image
1. Wait for EMA squeeze.
2. Look for volume on Accumulation.
3. Find Cup and handle or rounding bottoms.
4. Use PA for Confirmation.
5. Exit on bearish cross-over.
This is my strategy of Buying Alts for the short terms.

It's simple and it works. I am in MANY alt positions right now with this tool.

This is for HODL, I will share Alt swing trading tutorial soon.
A request-
PLEASE try it on as many charts as possible and share below if you find the above set-up in play on any coin.

Kindly share it if you liked the thread, it might help someone.


Follow this link for more strategies.…

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2 Apr
MASTER-CLASS on Volume Exit.

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Determine Exits using Volume.

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Understanding the nature of Volume and Price Movement.

1. Price increase with Volume Increase is bullish.
2. Price increase with volume decrease is NOT bullish.
3. Price decrease with volume increase is bearish.
4. Price decrease with volume decrease is NOT bearish.
Note- Please read the comments above carefully and have a look at the cheat-sheet.

Warning- Be careful with the 2nd and 4th statement.

Not bullish doesn't mean bearish and Not Bearish doesn't mean bullish.

Hence if such a volume divergence occurs, LOOK FOR EXIT.
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Some seem to hate money altogether.

This is a Personal story that I want to tell you.
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The bill to cover those treatments was good enough to buy a small Village.
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Crypto Day-Trading Secret Strategy.


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I will introduce the tools and then explain the strategy.

I Will talk about the calculations to arrive at the indicators separately.

IMPORTANT- Don't use the indicators alone.
Eg. Stoch RSI has less than 26% hit rate so you can't use it alone to trade.
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Crypto trading secrets.
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A thread.
Horizontal Support and resistance work better than trendlines on the short term.

Rely on them more. Re-test with volume work amazingly for day trading.
ALL long term entries are made by
1. Moving average Cross-over.
2. Re-test of a Monthly support zone.
3. Break of a down-trend line.

Look for a high volume Breakout.

This is ALL you need for Altcoins positional buy.
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MASTER-CLASS on Reversal Candles.

People find it extremely difficult to exit trades and find reversals.

We will Learn Reversal Candles to
- Find Change in trend.
- Exiting a trades.

We will discuss Hammer in this thread.

Share if you find this useful 🚀🚀

1.Reversal doesn't mean a start of an opposite trend.
2. It means re-evaluation or slow-down of trend.
3. DON'T take opposite trade on Reversal signs.
E.g. If a long entry shows a reversal, it's NOT a sign to go SHORT.
4. Take an profits on reversal, not opposite trade.
To illustrate.

If a Reversal candle (Hammer in this case) is formed at the bottom of a down-trend, it doesn't mean a LONG entry must be taken.

Reversal here means a change in change or re-evaluation which should make us look for an exit and not an opposite trend.
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I have been trading for about a decade. I have been liquidated, profitable, bankrupt several times.

Here are the RULES that you MUST follow to survive in the market long term.

Learn from history or perish. Here are my best trading lessons.

A thread.

Don't invest at the cost of ruining your life.

Your investment should always be an almost insignificant amount. If you lose it, it should hurt a bit but not ruin your life. Don't go all in. EVER.

Don't invest more than you can afford to lose.

Practice a lot BEFORE trading.
Watch live charts, draw your levels, then paper trade.

After you're comfortable with this, trade spot for sometime and ONLY THEN move to leverage/futures.

Using leverage without spot experience is a crime.
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