big fan of "fwb with an unspoken No Kissing rule" wangxian but i think today I will think about "platonic friends but finding every opportunity to kiss" wangxian
in any scenario really. college virgins "practice kissing" as wwx says "for girls!!" and lwj carefully not agreeing. heist au "quick kiss me so the bad guys don't recognize us, oh no keep kissing me they're still there, oh ahahah when did they leave"...
wwx doing the thing where he pretends to know lwj in a bar bc he's trying to avoid, like, wen chao, and it's only til after they suck face for like five minutes that he pulls back and goes "wait holy shit LAN ZHAN" bc they haven't see each other since high school
(lwj recognized him immediately and HAS been silently trying to figure out if "i see wei ying for the first time in ten years and he instantly asks to kiss me" could possibly be a real thing happening to him and not just a fever dream)
i think. with kissing practice concept. what happens is they kiss during like. an incredibly lame game of spin the bottle (which lwj also spends Entirely Fists Clenched as other people get to kiss wwx) and it's like! fine!
it makes wwx's heart speed up for some reason & lwj's lips are Very soft but it's also pretty clear that neither of them really know how to do this, and wwx keeps thinking about that and how unfair it is
lwj, for example, should absolutely be a person who knows how to kiss. it just seems Right. he's like a beautiful ice prince who one day will soften and melt for the right girl and wwx is a romantic at heart, he should be able to kiss her til he swoons!
uh, *she swoons, he corrects his brain. and for himself... idk maybe kissing could be nice. it seems like it could be nice, he thinks, remembering the puff of lwj's breath against his mouth before he'd finished leaning in, if he were good at it.
next time he and lwj are hanging out he's like "hey, just a thought, but like, what if we kissed again" and lwj is like *setting aside his laptop instantly* yes. and wwx is like wow i didn't even have to explain the practice part we're just on the same page as usual :)
wwx stands up - it was his idea, seems like he should do the hard part - and crosses to lwj and sort of. nudges his legs open wider with his knee so he can stand between them. loops his arms around lwj's neck. lwj just silently looking at him
"okay," he says. "okay, um." lwj's hands come up to the small of his back and it propels him to lean downward, press their lips together again. he'd intended it to be quick, just to make sure lwj was Actually Cool with This, but one of lwj's hands comes up to the back of his head
and then he's sort of. held there. while lwj tilts his head and kisses him again, still slow, tentative, but he takes wwx's lower lip in his mouth and wwx gasps a little and then, ok, suddenly they're doing this open-mouthed.
wwx—loses it, a little, at the feeling of lwj's tongue in his mouth. he didn't—he hadn't thought this far ahead, hadn't expected it to feel, to be so full-bodied, kissing, he always just thought—but his toes are curling, and his stomach jolts every time lwj's tongue touches his.
he pulls back, against the press of lwj's palm, panting, laughing to cover it. "ah," he says. "wow, that was—was much better, lan zhan, this practice is really going to pay off."

lwj's eyes are dark, heavy-lidded; the hand that isn't curled at wwx's nape is resting on his hip.
his thumb had been brushing over wwx's hipbone through his jeans but it stills, now. "Practice," he repeats.

"yeah!" says wwx brightly. "for girls, y'know. that's why you agreed to this, right?"

"mn," says lwj, & then his hand tightens in wwx's hair and he pulls him back down.
i think during a later ~practice session lwj admits he's not practicing for girls and wwx is like omg.... are you gay... and lwj nods and wwx still doesn't Even Consider that this means anything other than lwj is practicing on him for other boys
obviously this goes on for months. at one point lwj asks through gritted teeth if wwx is having any luck with girls and wwx is like UHH... BEEN TRYING, FOR... SURE... DEFINITELY DID NOT FORGET TO TRY
wwx: mianmian i need you to tell a white lie for me. i need you to tell lan zhan that i asked you out & you said no
mm: why
wwx: can't tell you
mm: you could just actually ask me out & then it wouldn't be a lie?
wwx: hey mianmian will you go out with me
mm: no <3
wwx: dope thanks
wwx showing up to lwj's dorm room like "lan zhan :( i got rejected :(" & curling into lwj's chest & lwj puts his arms around him & tries to breathe through the simultaneous insane relief & sudden urge to murder whoever has made wwx sad, even if he seems more pouty than anything
wwx like "i asked mianmian out and she didn't even think about it!" and lwj is like. Do You Like Her. and wwx is like "oh uh i mean she's cute. and we're friends?" and lwj is like *mentally punching through buildings*

• • •

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