this is the stock photo on my credit union's website and i think about the y axis on this chart all the time
tfw u put the the low values at the top of your y axis so everyone thinks the company's finances are improving
omg such an honor to get this reply

• • •

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5 Apr
look i enjoyed watching PICARD a lot and i've enjoyed not thinking about it for a single moment since it ended even more, but season 2 fucks up the absolutely perfect coda to TNG that was "All Good Things" i'm gonna be pretty pissed off
"All Good Things" is a kind of magic trick: it ties a perfect bow around the TNG era from the emotional perpsective of the viewer, but doesn't try to "conclude" the internal action of the show, and in fact tells us the adventures of our friends will continue indefinitely
it even teases us with a vision of where the characters will "end up," only to in the end say that's only one possibility; their future is still unwritten
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11 Mar
maybe reporters should spend a bit less time on vaccine hestinacy among black people and more on, uh, other groups
also, the different ratios between dark and light green bars are an interesting commentary on who wants to get the vaccine but hasn't been able to get it yet!
(tho it's imporant to remember that age spreads w/in different groups can be very different and may skew this. there was a poll a few years ago that showed that latinos have the highest support for same-sex marriage, mostly explained by them also being the youngest group)
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23 Feb
lol can't believe it took me a whole season of wondering "who's this charsimatic creepazoid they've parachuted into this year's ST: DISCOVERY with little to no explanation" before i finally checked IMDB and realized it was david cronenberg
CBS EXEC [on the phone, seeing werner herzog on THE MANDALORIAN and flying into a rage]: get me david lynch. or dario argento. one of these weirdos loved mr spock and i want him on my fuckin show
i find DISCO v enjoyable and v frustrating by turns and my hot take is that star trek works much better when you have 22+ eps a season to slow down and fuck around
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22 Feb
cleaning out my desk drawer and found a cd?/dvd??? with my name and "10/11/14" written on it in magic marker, have no idea what it might hold and am terrified to find out
if i my current computer had a disc player i probably wouldn't be able to resist the urge to pop it in immediately. i do have one in a closet somewhere but am very dubious about pulling it out
no!!!!! feel like it would be slightly more ominous if it were tbh
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22 Feb
i have decided that the incredibly specific hill i'm going to die on is that obama is gen x under the original definition of the term and was still being referred to as such in 2008
although this article from 1990 doesn't use the phrase "gen x," it was actually very important in The Discourse abt defining the post-baby boom generation and the birthdate range under discussion here is 1961-1972!…
yeah, part of it is that obama is about halfway between me and springsteen, but i do genuinely think someone his age has more in common in terms of cultural touchstones w/me than w/springsteen
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22 Feb
an underdiscussed aspect of modern capitalism is that most low-wage jobs tightly regulate what you're doing at all times while you're on the clock and most high-wage jobs consist of hours of unstructured time in front of the computer during which you can do whatever
would probably go a long way towards explaining vaccination rate disparities!!!!
i did office temp work btwn semesters in grad school and it always shocked me how little we had to do. i think it's part of the fungibility of white-collar work. they were happy to hire a full-time temp to take 2-3 hrs/day off someone's plate
Read 4 tweets

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