👇STATE OF FEAR: "Ministers ‘used covert tactics’ to keep scared public at home," Daily Telegraph reports...

But "Govt's 'psychological strategies' to manipulate an unwitting public may backfire and lead to long-term damage..."

Anonymous SAGE insider told Telegraph: "The British people have been subjected to an unevaluated psychological experiment without being told.

This is about trying to steer behaviour in the direction an elite (wants), rather than deciding if it is right or ethical thing to do..."
"The curfew brought in last year was designed to 'send a clear signal to young people...'

...rather than because of any evidence it would cut infections," the SAGE insider also said.

The hospitality trade called the curfew a "crushing blow" at the time mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/c…
Paul Dolan, Professor of Behavioural Science at the London School of Economics, said:

"The idea you need to increase people’s personal threat disproportionately to the threat they face... sets a very dangerous precedent – weaponising fear is the phrase that people use..."
Professor Dolan: "Once fear has been stoked you can’t diminish it. It’s not like turning a tap on and off – you can’t turn the fear off."

A Nottingham University report suggested fear could even result in MORE Covid deaths due to poor mental health weakening the immune system...
Recovery has been warning that govt's deliberately created fear, panic and phobia of Covid is causing a mental health crisis... and data back this up.

The damage done to our children may last a lifetime.
We also know scaremongering kills directly:

➡️ ONS say 6,000 people died in Spring 2020 lockdown alone...

➡️ ...too frightened to go to hospital with urgent
conditions: literally "scared to death"

➡️ Yet the campaign of fear has only ramped up since
And we now know urgent lung cancer referrals have fallen by a THIRD, with a consultant specifically blaming the 'stay at home' message: telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/03/2…
Despite the growing evidence of harms, and unethical practices, it seems some still don't want the fear messaging challenged.

Our 'End the Campaign of Fear' poster was banned by the leading outdoor media companies for spurious reasons: order-order.com/2021/03/23/pos… #EndTheFear
There is a better way: the Govt must end their Campaign of Fear immediately, and adopt Recovery’s 5 Reasonable Demands for good government during the period of Covid-19.

Read more about the 5 Reasonable Demands and join the Recovery campaign today here: timeforrecovery.org

• • •

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More from @T4Recovery

27 Mar
👇NEW RESEARCH: 8 MILLION people in the UK suffered depression, anxiety, or fear as a *direct result* of Govt’s fear-heavy pandemic advertising, data suggests...

...as criticism of SAGE’s ‘unethical’ psychological-operations techniques mount... [Thread]

Reports @GuidoFawkes:

“When SAGE at the start of the pandemic recommended govt deliberately use psychological-operations techniques to change behaviour...

...the use of the media and advertising was advised to “increase the personal sense of threat”... Image
"...SAGE thought this would be highly effective, though warned there ‘could be negative spill-over effects’.

New survey data shows that negative spill-over effects have happened and have had a dramatic effect on the nation’s mental health...”"
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23 Mar

"Just 3 weeks to flatten the curve" today became ONE YEAR of Covid restrictions, and...

🧵 This thread reveals the shocking cost of lockdown to the UK's health, PLUS:

❓Did lockdowns even help the C19 picture?
❓Or in fact, make it WORSE?
🎂1 year of lockdown: NHS WAITING LISTS

As revealed in a @DailyMailUK report:

➡️ NHS waiting list has soared to a record high of nearly 4.6 MILLION

➡️ 300,000 now waiting more than a year for treatment

➡️ Up from just 1,000 when this is all started
🎂1 year of lockdown: CANCER

➡️ 400,000 fewer urgent suspected cancer referrals

➡️ 4.4million fewer life-saving diagnostic tests

➡️ 44,000 fewer patients started treatment last year

➡️ 3 million people missed out on screenings Mar-Sep 2020 alone:

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22 Mar

"Lockdown triggered panic attacks in my 18 year old, she is now on anxiety medication…"

"My 18 year old has been massively impacted by the lockdowns.

My child has experienced immense anxiety and many panic attacks...
"...so much so she has been prescribed with anxiety medication and is now in private therapy because of long wait lists.

The uncertainty of what has been happening has been extremely hard.

During Sep 20 and Dec 20 she developed anxiety and the panic attacks...
"She got behind in her school work and there seemed to be no understanding or help and support until I demanded it.

Her college course should have been exciting and interactive with lots of team work (Film course) but it has become tedious and a chore as it is now all written.
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19 Mar

"The fear and tension is all-pervasive... rather than schools protecting the children from it, in most cases they ramp it up..."

"We run a small but very successful school photography business that employs 2 people...

"Our turnover normally is around 130k.

Due to the 2020 lockdown, our turnover for the year was less than 60k...

Fortunately we managed to operate at most of the schools during the Autumn to generate that 60k...
"We would usually expect to be going back into schools to photograph class groups from the start of April.

Our feeling this year is that we probably will not be allowed in again until the Autumn.

Another 40% turnover year for us...
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16 Mar

UK govt communicated Covid data "with apparent intention of creating a more favourable view of the Govt...

...or even to provoke anxiety rather than help people understand risk," says damning new Parliamentary report.

"This is not acceptable." [Thread]
The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee also:

🎭 Complains of "serious concerns about the lack of transparency and clarity in decision-making" in Govt

🎭 Singles out Michael Gove: his "refusal to appear before this Committee is contemptuous of Parliament"
🎭 Complains of a "moving of the goalposts, which creates uncertainty, makes it impossible to see trends and therefore must stop..."

🎭 "Lamentable and unacceptable:" it is "deeply worrying" Ministers were unable to answer basic questions about lockdown lifting decisions
Read 7 tweets
12 Mar

"I am one of the 3 million left out of all government support, they have told me I must close my business and I am entitled to nothing, this has left me worrying about the future, will they do this again?

"How can they do this to someone who has been a net contributor/higher rate tax payer into the system and never claimed a penny?

The fact that a government can do this with very little opposition is frightening, how would most of the population have coped in my position?
"How would they feel if they were left out?

We are certainly not all in this together.

Then they have the cheek to tell people to retrain, when all learning is virtual, how many years does that take...
Read 8 tweets

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