When building a business, nothing is more important than a co-founder relationship.

Yet the dynamics of these relationships are seldom discussed.

That ends now.

Here are five learnings in six years of building Morning Brew alongside @austin_rief 👇
1. Find a brain VERY different from yours

We didn't need two Alexs or two Austins.

We needed brains that complemented each other and uncovered blindspots.

I am a divergent thinker.

Austin is a convergent thinker.

Both are crucial in building businesses.
2. Find someone that likes solving VERY different problems from you

I love solving new problems and problems related to people.

Austin loves solving problems related to scale and strategy.

If co-founders love & hate solving the same problems, it can create friction.
3. Disagreement is healthy, vision misalignment is not

When Austin & I disagree it's generally about the HOW not the WHY.

We may have different perspectives on HOW we reach our end goal, but we don't disagree on WHY our end goal is what it is.
4. Personal relationships between co-founders differ greatly

Some are best friends.
Others just have a professional relationship.

Austin and I fall somewhere in between.

We're like close cousins that will always have a bond and a deep respect but also live independent lives.
5. A co-founder must pass the road trip test

People talk about the bus stop test when hiring. Can you sit next to the person for 2 hours at a bus stop?

For co-founders, the standard is higher.
Can you go on a 2-month road trip with the person without going crazy?
And those are 5 of my biggest lessons in 6 years of partnership with my co-founder!

If you want more business stories or lessons building a business, throw me a follow!

And if you want the full breakdown of my co-founder relationship, listen to the newest episode of @FoundersPod 👇

Listen on Apple: apple.co/31OLNwk

Listen on Spotify: spoti.fi/3mjJVow

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3/14/2015: the first Morning Brew is sent to 1,500 students.

3/14/2021: Morning Brew has 7 products, 90 employees, and an audience of 3mm.

I've learned so much during this incredible journey.

Here are the SIX BIGGEST LESSONS in six years of building the business 👇
LESSON ONE: things always take longer than you think.

In our 2017 investor deck, we shared a 5-step business plan for 2018.

Four years later, we still haven't completed that plan.
LESSON TWO: there is nothing more crushing to a business than a bad hire.

A bad hire is bad for progress.
A bad hire is bad for culture.
And a bad hire is bad for a founder's psyche.

You can't take hiring too seriously.
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Sales is hard.

It's an absolute grind filled with thousands of NOs.

Here are my biggest early learnings selling @MorningBrew.

Rule 1: Lead with curiosity
Rule 2: Sell audiences
Rule 3: FOMO drives decisions
Rule 4: Appeal to bosses

Time for a Masters in Sales 👇
It's 2018. @austin_rief and I had gone full-time on the Brew, we felt good about the product, and the audience was around 100 subscribers.

Making money felt like the obvious next step if we wanted to build a business.

But we had ZERO idea how to do it.
We never worked in media.
We had never sold ads.
We had no idea how much to charge.

So rather than starting with selling the Brew, we started learning all we could about how to sell the Brew.

I forced myself to get an informal Masters in Advertising in three weeks.
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12 Feb
Today's Founder’s Journal is about how Morning Brew raised money.

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We raised $750,000 from 28 individuals.

Time to share the original investor deck with a hint of commentary.

Read on 👇
𝗧𝗶𝘁𝗹𝗲 𝗦𝗹𝗶𝗱𝗲:

1) We were very clearly not designers

2) That very quickly became our old logo

This could be the world's longest agenda.

In hindsight, 75% of this was fluff.

All our investors really cared about was our business plan & how we planned to use their money.
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Everyone wants to start a podcast.

But podcasts aren’t for everyone & they are extremely tough to grow.

Here is the playbook for successfully growing a pod.

6 growth strategies
6 real-world examples

Lets get into it 👇

Podcasts have horrible discoverability & shareability.

Social/video platforms have exceptional discoverability & shareability.

Spend a lot of your content creation efforts building top of funnel to then drive down to your pod.
EXAMPLE 1: @APompliano

Pomp is a content machine.

He's spent years cultivating loyal social followings through content related/unrelated to his pod.

Twitter: 474.4k followers
YouTube: 146k
Linkedin: 28.8k

This helps him overcome the distribution challenges of podcasts.
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