I tweeted angrily a few minutes ago about how terribly lawmakers have treated trans kids.

I deleted it, because I want to speak to trans kids instead: I want you to know how many people care about you & are fighting for you. I want you to know we won’t stop. Ever. We love you.
I want you to know that many of us see your humanity and see your truth—the one you are telling is about yourself that only you know best.

I want you to know your right to be who you are is as important as everyone else’s, even if everyone doesn’t always treat you that way.
I want you to know there are people out there who wake up every morning wondering how they can best fight for you, and go to bed at night wondering if they could have done more, and how they can do that tomorrow. You matter THAT much. You do.
I want your supportive families to know they’re not alone in this fight to protect you, and that even if we don’t live in the same area or even the same country, we’re listening to what you need from us and doing what we can, I promise. You have helpers.
Young trans people: you are SEEN. You are LOVED. You are incredible. We will not give up on you, so please don’t give up on you. 🏳️‍⚧️

• • •

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2 Apr
Old friend: I like you but you’ve become too political.

Yes, well, amazing what happens when your family’s safety, rights and access to supports are constantly under attack by hate groups and the politicians who support them.

Enjoy your 24/7 Facebook gardening groups, though.👋
I remember not having to pay much attention to this stuff unless I wanted to and it as amazing. I don’t miss us all living in closets in the Knox household because it was miserable but I miss the simplicity (and privilege) of looking like an average cishet nuclear family.
The people in my life who’ve told me I’m “too political” are all straight, cis and white, able to vote for who will save them money and not have to think much beyond that unless they care to. They don’t see the privilege in that just as I didn’t see it for a long time.
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23 Mar
I have tried to understand America and guns.
I don't understand America and guns.
I will never understand America and guns.

American gun culture is an absolute trip to most of us who live outside of it. It makes no sense and the violence it carries with it is heartbreaking.
And so many smart, savvy, wonderful Americans try to defend gun culture and I also don't get that. I guess when you grow up with it it's all you know? But for most of us who didn't, it's just never going to make sense. It's just baffling to us how it's continuously justified.
My dad had a couple of hunting rifles in the house when I was growing up, so it's not like I don't know firearms. But we don't make guns a part of our identity in large parts of the world outside of America. They're just tools. They're not rights or freedom or whatever.
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6 Mar
🧵Let me tell you a story before bed. It’s in my book (Love Lives Here) but it’s a powerful example of unconditional love for a LGBTQ kid and it deserves to be told 1000 times over.
Meet my mom. She’s Catholic and relatively conservative in some respects; someone who’s pretty traditional, you know?

Meet my kid. They came out as trans at 11. I was worried what my mom would say, but no need. She had questions but was supportive.
Honestly, I didn’t know how far that support stretched. I knew she had some people in her life who probably wouldn’t be affirming to her grandchild whatsoever, and I wondered if this would influence her somehow.

One day I got a phone call from her. She didn’t sound happy.😬
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3 Mar
Today I would tell younger me who dropped out of high school to have a baby that things will be ok. We finished high school in our 30's, went on to write books and do work we really love, and today we're graduating as an internationally certified coach. Baby steps, my love.
I would tell her that we didn't take the traditional route to education or work. That we learned through life experience and that this shaped our career path. That we became experts in areas life demanded of us, rather than choosing a field, and that this created passion.
I would tell her that she will doubt herself thousands of times, even later with a shelf full of accolades, and that she's going to have to push through that -that pushing through is what she does best. And helping others find strength is what she does best. It's her life's work.
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15 Dec 20
I see @nationalpost has an article out about transition regret in young people. Because of course they do.

As the parent of a young nonbinary person and someone who has worked extensively with trans/nonbinary youth and their families for several years, I have some thoughts.
First, I do not doubt for a second there are people who regret transitioning to some extent or another. They deserve to be heard. Their pain is real.

However, it should be noted they are, BY FAR, the minority of those who medically transition.
Every medical treatment has a regret rate. Transition regret is statistically lower than regret for most types of medical procedures.

In surveys, usually fewer than 1% say they have any regret whatsoever. The reasons for regret also vary.
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19 Oct 20
American Academy of Pediatrics
Formed: 1930
Members: 67,000
Type: Professional association
Affirms transgender kids

American College of Pediatricians
Formed: 2002
Members: ~500
Type: Advocacy/Designated a hate group by SPLC
Anti-LGBT/anti-trans kids messaging

Know your sources.
The American College of Pediatricians has released anti-trans statements, videos, etc that have been used in an attempt to discredit best practices for trans youth. But don't let their name fool you: they are a conservative advocacy group and meet the criteria for a hate group.
The ACP's estimated 500 members are not all pediatricians. The Southern Poverty Law Center lists them as a hate group for "pushing anti-LGBT junk science". The group was formed to lobby against same-sex parent adoption in the US. They moved into anti-trans messaging afterwards.
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