The @GOPSenate & @GOPHouseOfRep hate cancel culture, except for:
The Dixie Chicks
Bill Maher
French Fries
Colin Kaepernick
Rosie O'Donnell
Ah, hell, who has the time to list the bullshit MAGA wants you to boycott
Right-wingers cancel people so often they can't keep track. They're buying Pepsi because they're canceling Coke, but the previously canceled Pepsi. Really, they need to make their own soda.…

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6 Apr
From reading about the Chauvin trial, the ideas coming from the defense attorney Eric Nelson are pretty offensive. Scary Black people in the crowd, scary Black man pleading in handcuffs, etc. He's obviously appealing to the racist fear of Blackness lurking inside the white jurors
The thing is, the only way he can win is through appeals to racism. The evidence is so overwhelming that the only road to acquittal is using racist tropes about angry/scary Black people. If Chauvin is found guilty, then I want it to stick, no appeal for ineffective counsel, so I
guess the public airing of racist tropes is essential to making the verdict stick. But, doesn't it seem that in the face of the video, the testimony of witnesses and law enforcement, those tropes are also made ludicrous?
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5 Apr
So a GOP talking point against the infrastructure bill is that only X% is for roads and bridges. Of course, the media ask Dems to address this and they handle it beautifully pointing out that in the 21st century, the power grid and broadband ARE infrastructure.
Here's Buttigieg addressing it on FOX. This is excellent. Limiting infrastructure to roads and bridges is 20th century - now it's time to prepare for the future.
Of couse, Sanders cannot praise the bill but instead criticize it for not doing enough and then stepping all over the message, he goes on to talk about "human infrastructure." We have won the messaging on infrastructure, but I am concerned he will do his best to lose it for us.
Read 4 tweets
2 Apr
I do not like @Politico and think no one has captured the mentality of that rag better than @CharlesPPierce who named it "Tiger Beat of the Potomac" BUT this Boehner story is worth reading.…
And not so much because Boehner is calling the reactionary right and the right-wing propaganda machine out. It's worth reading because it is a cautionary tale for Democrats.
Read this paragraph and ask yourself, are there Democrats this describes? I can think of more than a few.
Read 8 tweets
1 Apr
Not posting a link because the Washington Free Beacon deserves no amplification, but I would propose this as the shittiest shit take of the day.
I kid you not. Except there is no Colton Plowder.
Nor is there a Center for Behavioral Politics and Interspecies Relationship at Brown.…
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27 Mar
Highly dubious claim. Did they limit people's options to William Windsor and Kevin from The Office?
Ah, it is not a survey at all.
But did the search "Prince William" and sexy or
"Prince William" and sexy -not?
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25 Mar
There is a lot that is wrong with the media. Some problems are structural. Some are economic. Some are our own damn fault. There are some things we can do.
Structurally, the media remains very much in the hands of white men. Even though we see more diversity in the public face, there is little progress where the decisions are made.
This study looks at more than the US, but then the structural problems are broader than the US.…
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