Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) From them to you:

Take only what resonates, leave the rest.

"My momma hates you"
"I'm single"
"3rd party hurt me"

You, them or the 3rd party/momma may have Gemini placements. This person may be a mommas
boy/girl and unfortunately their mom dislikes you. You and this person may have children or they have children with someone else and that's who the mom prefers. I wouldn't take this personally.. it feels very petty and two-faced on the moms part. They may be too invested
(definitely due to money in some cases) in their child's lovelife.

This person may have lied about their status and hid a 3rd party or gaslighted you about a bm/bd and whether they were still with them. I feel like they painted you out to be irrational and unreasonable, caused
you to doubt your intuition, just for you to be right in the end. You may have also told them that they would get hurt and you were right about that too.

Some of them ARE now single and have separated from whoever they were with but some of them have decided to stay and try to
make it work out of some type of obligation, more than likely children. They're lowkey miserable though so if you see them on social media acting like a big happy family.. issa lie.

2, 7, D, E, J, M, T, W

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8 Apr
Earth Signs (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) From them to you:

Take only what resonate, leave the rest.

"I know you love me"
"I miss talking to you"
"I'm coming!"
"I'm single"
"Black magic"
"I'm broke"

This person really misses you. The two of you may have had a great friendship Image
which included really great conversations and that's part of what they miss the most. I feel like they're going through some things and they really need a friend which is making them miss you more.. but they also believe that you miss them too and you're just being stubborn or
fronting. Some of them are single now and they're planning to reach out to you.

Some of them are not single and they're still with a 3rd party. Some type of spellwork could be involved or they're staying due to money.. the other person could be supporting them. And in some
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8 Apr
Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer. Scorpio) Timeless Collective:

Take only what resonates, leave the rest.

Water siiigns.. when Spirit and your Ancestors say "Jump" yall say "How high?". Of course they're not on that kind of pettiness, they'll only ever direct you to do things for Image
your highest good and Higher Self.. and you know this which is why you guys don't hesitate to follow instructions. For some of you this is a new thing and you may struggle a bit with leaving people/things behind but most of yall stay with a pair of scissors just in case you need
to cut a mfer off. This spread is all about following Divine guidance.

A lot of you are being Divinely led to walk away from fake shit.. fake friendships, fake family, fake love, in some cases yall are being led to stop being fake yourselves.. some of YOU are the ones out here
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8 Apr
Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) Messages from Spirit/Ancestors:

"3rd eye chakra"
"Stop doubting your intuition"
"You're stronger"
"Speak positively"
"Divinely guided"
"We're root for you!"

Your 3rd eye chakra may need some work, especially if you find yourself second Image
guessing what your intuition tells you. You may feel very strongly about something, some of you are even Intuitives, but because you lack concrete proof you go back and forth on whether it's true or not. Do you trust your gifts or don't you? Has the message been consistent?
Does it FEEL true? Then it is. Sometimes you just have to take yourself off the hamster wheel before it drives you crazy.

This goes for thinking and speaking negatively about yourself as well. It's natural and normal to have flaws and acknowledge them but don't harp on them.
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8 Apr
Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) From them to you:

Take only what resonates, leave the rest.

"I'm being pressured by family"
"Child support"
"You changed me"
"I'm woke (Spiritual)"
"Don't love anyone else"

This person is/was either married or has children with/on
the way with someone and although they are or were unhappy they allowed tradition and their family to pressure them to stay. In some cases fear is what kept them stuck because they didn't want to leave and have to pay child support or for a divorce.

Some of them have left though
or they're in the process of finalizing a seperation and you may hear from them very soon. This person was changed by you and they're going through their own Awakening and Spiritual journey. Some of you didn't even know this person that long and may not have even been technically
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7 Apr
Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) Timeless Collective:

Take only what resonates, leave the rest.

Fire siiigns..for better or worse a lot of you are getting out of the land of indecision and deciding to make your next move your best move. In some cases this means going Image
TOWARDS the things you desire and in some it means hauling ass AWAY from the things you no longer want. This feels like you guys are chucking up the deuces to the spirit of fear and anxiety, no longer letting it hinder you.

Some of you are hitting the gas and distancing
yourself from a friend that brings nothing but drama to your life and lowkey acts like they're in competition with you. Some of these are people who don't add any value to your life, if anything they subtract from it. They may always need assistance or help but never return the
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7 Apr
Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) Messages from Spirit/Ancestors:

Take only what resonates, leave the rest

"Stop waiting"
"It's ok to be single"
"You're manifesting!"
"Be humble"

Stopping putting off the things that you KNOW you have to do and also Image
the things that you really WANT to do. For some of you there's a conversation that needs to be had with someone.. it feels like an ending. There may be someone that you no longer want to be friends with or a relationship you're no longer invested in.. for some of you this is a
relative that you need to put in their place or tell something important.

In some cases you may really want to move or launch a creative endeavor/business.. but you're making excuses not to. Don't allow distractions to keep you from going after your dreams and desires. Also,
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