The Chinese Ambassador to Australia is holding a rare press conference today in Canberra. It will start at 2pm, so around 10 minutes from now. We are told it will be on Xinjiang. I won't live tweet, but will post excerpts here 1/
The Ambassador, Cheng Jingye, introduces a series of officials in Xinjiang who are being beamed live into the press conference. They are sitting under a banner reading "Xinjiang is a Wonderful Land." One of the officials is Xinjiang govt spokesman Xu Guixiang 2/
Journalists were played a 10 minute long propaganda video about Xinjiang. Now they're hearing from Vice-Governor Erkin Tuniyaz. Both the Governor and the video hit very familiar themes, saying the govt maintains "ethnic harmony" in Xinjiang while cracking down on terrorism 3/
Erkin Tuniyaz gives a long speech- around 20/25 minutes. It's very similar to presentations which have been made by Chinese officials before on Xinjiang, stressing the "prosperity" and "harmony" of the region. He says media and Western politicians tells "preposterous" lies 4/
Journalists have now heard from two Xinjiang residents and an Imam who all sing the praises of the Chinese government. I do not know if this testimony is genuine or coerced. 5/
The East Turkistan Australian Association has already put out a release condemning the press conference 6/
The conference has been going for an hour now, with no opportunity for journalists to ask questions yet. But organisers have flagged that reporters will get a chance to do so before the end 7/
Worth noting-this is not an isolated event, it looks like the Chinese Government has rolled out this press campaign in at least three other countries, including the UK (HT my eagle-eyed colleague @BangXiao_) 8/…
Now questions. One journalist asks: how many people are in "re-education centres" in Xinjiang and how many are in prison? If China disputes the 1 million figure, what is the real figure? Officials do not answer the question, just repeat the one million figure is "fabricated" 9/
Second question is to the Ambassador. Journo asks a broader question about the tensions in the bilateral relationship. But Cheng says the conference is about Xinjiang, not the relationship, and does not answer 10/
Third question - why have we only heard from women in Xinjiang today, and not from men? Officials seem slightly confused by the question. They say at several press conferences they have presented testimony from both women and men 11/
Another question on the bilateral relationship. The Ambassador says Embassy has repeatedly expressed its "dismay" at Australian criticism of human rights abuses in Xinjiang. "We hope the Australian side will work together with us in the same direction" 12/
Next question is essentially - if you lie over something as routine as air pollution levels in Beijing, why should we believe what you say about Xinjiang? A flash of irritation from the Ambassador who calls the question "provocative" and says it's not based in fact 13/
So far I don't think I have heard one thing from Chinese officials which I have not heard from them before 14/

• • •

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9 Dec 20
OK. India's External Affairs Minister @DrSJaishankar is about to speak to @mfullilove at @LowyInstitute and I'm going to live tweet. Please mute if you don't care about India's foreign policy (you should though you numpties, it's stupendously interesting) 1/
Jaishankar was previously the head of MEA (comparable to @dfat Secretary) before becoming Minister. Fullilove asks which job is more satisfying. Jaishankar doesn't quite answer but says the ministerial role gave him a "broader" view of both domestic and international politics 2/
Now to Jaishankar's new book "The India Way." He says the core ideas he's exploring in the book are "multi-polarity and re-balancing." A "new architecture" is being built as power shifts. But countries are now far more interdependent. This creates "constrained competition" 3/
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8 Dec 20
Right. We're back onto the Senate debate over the foreign relations bill. The lower house has rejected a Senate amendment which would subject ministerial decisions to judicial review. Now we'll get another vote in the Senate 1/
Looks like Jacqui Lambie has switched her vote, so the Govt has the numbers to pass the foreign relations laws in full. Labor will continue to vote in favor of the judicial review mechanism but seems likely to lose the vote (if those numbers hold) 2/
And that's done. Govt wins the vote, so the Senate does not insist on its judicial review amendment. It hits the cutting room floor. Full laws now passed. In quick time too: the bill was first proposed only in August. Quite a significant shift in policy in only a few months
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7 Dec 20
Contributions to the China debate from @DaveSharma + @TimWattsMP Both have written briefs for @ChinaMattersAUS Sharma says Aust should remain "resolved and patient." Also says security agencies should recruit more Chinese Australians which means overhauling security clearances 1/
Sharma says the Islamic community in Australia has been a "great resource" when it comes to fighting attempts by Islamic State to radicalise citizens - "we need to have the same level of cooperation with Australia's Chinese communities" 2/
Sharma says Taiwan should be invited to join the CPTPP. He also wants Australia to try and coax the Biden Administration back in 3/
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4 Dec 20
Thread. I briefly interviewed China's Deputy head of mission Wang Xining on his way out of the @MarisePayne speech. Some interesting elements. The Deputy suggested the PM over-reacted by responding so angrily to the tweet by @zlj517 1/
When asked about the barrage of attacks on Australia in state media Wang Xining denies those outlets are "manipulated" by the state and suggests they just reflect the anger of Chinese people. Yes, the first claim is patently false (though the anger towards Aus might be real) 2/
When asked about the notorious "14 grievances" from the Chinese Embassy Wang Xining attacks the Australian media, saying the way the list was presented was a "media concoction." He says it is not a definitive list of demands, "just some examples of what we disagree with" 3/
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3 Dec 20
Right. So the Foreign Minister will soon give what has been pitched as a major foreign policy speech in the @dfat building. Diplomats from every country have been invited. US Ambassador Arthur Culvahouse Jr is here, as well as China’s Deputy Head of Mission
Payne says Australia has “agency and influence” in the emerging era of strategic competition. She stresses the existing order is not static but says changes should be negotiated through discussion, not the use of power 2/
Payne stresses the importance of regional powers like Indonesia, Japan, India. Gently chides media and commentariat for focussing solely on the contest between the US and China. Says Australia has a vision for the region which is “open” and “inclusive” 3/
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3 Sep 20
There's a hearing in Canberra on Australia-Pacific Island relations. Labor MP @JulianHillMP asks @dfat officials if they agree with this study, which estimates up to 1.2 million people in the Pacific could be pushed into extreme poverty by COVID-19 1/…
Grim. Officials from @dfat so that analysis is "pretty solid" and "realistic" although it will depend on how governments and donors respond to the crisis. 2/
Now @dfat is asked about the 300 million dollar loan Australia made to PNG. Officials confirm we have suspended repayments, with repayment of the principle delayed until 2024 3/
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