1. Last night, I almost certainly should have had a glass of water and a nice little bowl of beans and nuts to nibble on. Instead, I had hot buttered crumpets and a delicious half of ruby ale. I knew it was bad for me, but if someone had turned up and earnestly pointed out the...
2. cholesterol content and carcinogenic properties of the delicious gloop I had just gobbled up, and then lectured me on the long-term deleterious effects of sugar consumption, I doubt my reaction would have been a polite or grateful one. And this is despite the fact I know full
3. well they're right.
And, friends, I think this is why you keep getting polls that show voters agree with lots of Labour/ Green policies, but consistently vote Tory.
People know that huge economic inequality is damaging our country. They know that addressing adult
4. social care and building affordable, green housing should be our priorities.
But dammit... 'the war against woke' (God that feels good - sock it to those smug, whiny bastards who sniff at our naughty jokes)... 'Secure our borders! Long sentences for criminals!'
(Oooooooh, that hits the spot!)... 'Stand up for Brexit! Stop academics who are doing down Britain and its glorious history' (*swoons in slack-jawed ecstasy*)
And, of course, people hate having it pointed out that they're letting their worst, most selfish instincts get the better of them. That's why you so often get those self-righteous, angry justifications in response ('I've worked hard all my life why should *they* have... etc, etc)
I honestly don't know what to do about this.
But I do know it's not right for the left to try the same tactics. I mean, it's wrong. But also it just doesn't work. We'll never beat the Tories at this particular game.
They *really* know how to tenderly caress that lizard brain. I suppose it's easy when you're completely unhindered by ideological principle.

• • •

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25 Dec 20
1/ Merry Christmas everyone! I'm a very odd and eccentric person, so after some Yuletide joy and wine drinking, my thoughts turn to what archaeologists of the future might make of my remains if I were to die in a sudden disaster, like the Vesuvius eruption.
(Quick disclaimer...
2/ I'm not an archaeologist - just someone who takes a keen amateur interest in these things)
After, let's say, a thousand years, and without very particular conditions of preservation that are unlikely in this climate, it's likely that all skin, gristle and textiles would have
3/ rotted into nothingness.
So, what's left?
My bones.
Presuming they're in a decent state of preservation, archaeologists would be able to tell from my brow ridges and gracile bones that I was probably a natal woman.
The eruption of my wisdom teeth and the condition of my
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22 Dec 20
#HookWatch I like this empathy for carp. I approve
#HookWatch I've fed carp with bread too. It's fun - they have these lovely, satisfyingly gummy eclipses of mouths.
The flute music is a pleasing character in this series. It's as playful and elusive as the ghosts. #HookWatch
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22 Dec 20
This piece created quite a stir yesterday on #Nature Twitter. My own initial reaction was interest and slightly squirmy amusement. I've seen a number of responses by writers who have been name-checked and are quite hurt. And I can see why, actually...
2/ There's clearly a personal animus at play here - particularly against Rob Macfarlane. I do actually like Rob, both as a writer and a person. He's been generous to emerging writers and environmental activists. His prose does sometimes verge a bit towards the...
3/ violet end of the spectrum, but I think that's common in nature writing, and perhaps creative non-fiction more generally. I mean, if you're engaging deeply with a landscape, its flora and fauna and its history, it's hard not to circle round back to yourself in some way.
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24 May 20
I live in a very safe Tory constituency. Not very Brexity, but stolidly, solidly Tory. (I’m not a Tory, tbc). Been talking, from a distance, to neighbours. And, oh boy,Joh*son has misjudged this. His voters haven’t been able to see their kids and grandkids.
The anger...
This tweet has clearly struck a nerve. A few people have replied it won't make any difference because Tories always vote Tory. I agree a lot of my neighbours are very unlikely to vote Labour. It clashes with their identity in a way they just couldn't stomach. BUT - I can see
a substantial proportion of them staying at home next election, if the scandals and disasters continue. Remember - that's what cost Teresa May her majority, according to most analyses. Elderly Tory voters upset by her proposed social care bill just didn't turn up.
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