Libertarianism is against coercion, not collective action. People can act collectively without coercing each other. Individualism means sovereign choice, it doesn't mean not taking part in peaceful collective activities.

Do thinkbois also think libertarians oppose team sports?
Authoritarians like @EricRWeinstein don't get the distinction between collective & coercive action because their ideas are so bad they can only get others to join them by coercion.

They'd be far less authoritarian if they tried having good & useful ideas others want to join.

Don't critique libertarianism before you've at least read The Ethics of Liberty by Rothbard, or you'll end up exposing yourself as a shallow authoritarian thinkboi critiquing your fiat university's stupid propaganda caricature of libertarianism.…
There are so many big problems in the world, but all the authoritarian thinkboiz want to think about are tiny particulates of CO2 & a virus, because in their little brains, these can only be solved by authoritarianism.
Why do thinkboiz think forcing others to get vaccinated is a more effective way to fight covid than figuring out how to unfat yourself?

Because fiat academia is about controlling cattle, not enlightening humans.
Every authoritarian is a libertarian on all the questions that are irrelevant to his attempts to control, rob, and enslave you.

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3 Apr
The biggest problem fiat brains have with bitcoin is that they think it needs to win an intellectual argument against their stupid fiat theories to succeed.

It doesn't.

It just needs to keep going up in value & all your fiat theories are irrelevant noise powerless to stop it.
"money is not supposed to be volatile"
"money is supposed to conform with this economic theory"
"money needs X but bitcoin doesn't have it"

As long as bitcoin's price goes up, all of this is bitter irrelevant stupid noises of losers whose investments can't outperform bitcoin.
All your preconceived notions about money and economics come from fiat voodoo economists licking the boot of their government paymaster.

It is not holy scripture & bitcoin will completely destroy these idiotic models & the livelihood of the fiat hucksters who popularize them.
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2 Apr
Being fat not only increases your risk of serious covid complications, it also makes you more likely to transmit it to others.

Instead of demanding to force healthy people at 0 risk to carry vaccine passports, why don't you first try not being fat?…
The rationale behind all the hysterics' assaults on healthy people has been that they could potentially transmit viruses.

Yet the same fat pharma-funded public health criminals will never mention anything about obesity because the goal is power, not health.
Can any of the coronahysterics make a coherent argument for why restricting the freedom of fat people at high risk from illness & transmission is wrong, but restricting the freedom of all people, including those at very low risk of transmission, is ok?
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25 Mar
One of bitcoin's wonderful newly-discovered features is that it will lead gullible anti-human hysterics to scam themselves into poverty by going into green-signalling stupid shitcoin scams.

Have fun staying poor & hysterical!
Your entire modern life, from effortlessly surviving winter to all your electronic devices, is utterly dependent on hydrocarbons & carbon emissions. Until you live a year without them, your opinion about bitcoin consumption is dumb worthless noise.
Modern life's hallmark is energy replacing human labor. It's how washing machines, tractors, cars, & PCs free us from drudgery & poverty. Every technological improvement we discover allows us to replace living human time with dead fuels and that's unequivocally a good thing.
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14 Mar
The typical libertarian think tanker is a bitter loser with nothing constructive or intelligent to say. If you think bitcoin can work, they will launch into emotional diatribes about how it can't because they have credentials & degrees, while never offering a cogent argument.
Similarly George Selgin spent years snarkily insulting bitcoiners for not understanding money, then when on a stage to debate me, chickened out & said bitcoin has great monetary policy & resorted to arguing dumb bcash scammer talking points about scaling
Imagine spending your life working on monetary reform & then bitcoin comes along & your most notable contribution is not to explain it to the world, but to moan on Twitter that bitcoiners don't respect you or understand economics as well as you.
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8 Mar
If you bought $10 of bitcoin a week for the past 7 years, you would have turned $3,660 into $218,940 today.

Imagine how many people's lives could be improved if they had done this.

Now imagine how many were put off doing this because they listened to clueless bitcoin skeptics.
Bitcoin's uptime & price appreciation are unprecedented in payment network & financial asset history.

Bitcoin skeptics have no way of explaining this but still feel confident enough to turn people away from it because it doesn't agree with their fiat university's dumb theories
Bitcoin skeptics are technically & economically illiterate luddites who are turning people away from the world's best monetary technology, because of noises they learned from central bank propaganda mouthpieces at fiat universities.…
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5 Mar
Bitcoin is the only technology that allows you to convert Janet Mnuchin, Christine Powell, Jay Lagarde, Mario Yellen, and Steve Draghi into noises inconsequential to your life.
Imagine training and working all of your life to earn money, and then having to hang on every cryptic word of some fiat economist you never hired to try to figure out how to keep it.

The fiat scam is the idea that you can indefinitely finance government insanity.

The real cost is the destruction of individuals' ability to save for their future.

It's been a century-long ponzi of destroying one medium of saving after another & systematic mass impoverishment.
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