Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel, is a former United States Air Force pilot who, upon being exposed to the energy of the Tesseract via the destruction of the Light-Speed Engine, obtained cosmic powers.
She was made into a Kree-human hybrid via the blood transfusion from Yon-Rogg, while having all of her old memories removed, turning her into the Kree's weapon and a member of Starforce.
During their Kree-Skrull War, Danvers returned to Earth and began recalling her past, with help from Nick Fury and Maria Rambeau.
Danvers had then also discovered that Yon-Rogg and the Kree Empire had been manipulating her for years, learning from Talos that the Skrulls were merely seeking to find a new home.
With this information, Danvers unlocked her true powers and defeated the Kree invasion onto Earth that was being led by Ronan the Accuser, before setting off out to the far reaches of the galaxy to finish what her late mentor Mar-Vell had previously started.
Spending twenty-three years journeying through the universe, Captain Marvel learned of the Snapthrough the distress call sent out by Fury and had joined the Avengers in an attempt to confront Thanos and reverse the damage done.
managing to also rescue Tony Stark and Nebula from deep space along the way.
However, despite their first attempt at finding the Infinity Stones failing, Captain Marvel returned to Earth in 2023.
when the Avengers had just succeeded with their second attempt to resurrect the victims of the Snap and assisted them during their fight against an alternate Thanos and his army.
The combined efforts of Captain Marvel and her allies triumphed over Thanos and his forces, though Iron Mansacrificed his life, with Danvers attending his funeral before leaving Earth.
Master Combatant: Having been trained for six years by Yon-Rogg, Danvers is a highly trained unarmed combatant, as well as an expert of the Kree's unique martial arts. During her workouts, Danvers fought her mentor Yon-Rogg, though he had the upper hand.
She is skilled enough to defeat almost two dozen Skrulls soldiers while she was handcuffed and could not use her photon blasts and even managed to dominate commander Talos with relative ease.
During the pursuit on the train, Danvers was able to fight against the Skrull Spy on equal terms, although this time with less ease and ultimately didn't manage to defeat him.
Later, with her new ability to manipulate cosmic energy being linked to her combat abilities, Danvers was able to defeat the other Starforce members, including Yon-Rogg, with ease and without much effort.
Danvers was also able to subdue a weakened Thanos, by putting him in a headlock, long enough for the other Avengers to come to help her. During the final battle.
Danvers was able to fight Thanos while almost managing to take away the Nano Gauntlet but was ultimately bested by him enhancing his strength with the Power Stone.

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