गोपालगंज या सिवान ज़िले का एक डॉक्टर इन बिहार चुनावों में लड़ रहा था निर्दलीय।उसका इंटरव्यू देखा था।जवान लड़का, AIIMS में काम करता था , गांव काम करने आया था ।बदहाली देख कुछ करने की सोची ।गांव बदलने के किये समाज सेवा शुरू की। 1/5
पत्रकार ने उसके चुनावी मुद्दों की बात की तोनुसने अपना मेनिफेस्टो दिखाया।हर ब्लॉक लेवल पर सांप काटने की दवाई की उपस्थिति हमेशा , उसका एक वायदा था ।इसपर उसने बताया कि कैसे इन सालों उसने गांवों में काम करते पाया कि बाढ़ बरसात में कैसे गांवों में लोगों को खूब सर्पदंश होता है 2/5
यहां के सांप बेहद ज़हरीले हैं और खेत मे ,घरों में हर जगह फैल जाते हैं बरसात में ।अक्सर मरीज को दवा न मौजूद होने की वजह से शहर ले जाना पड़ता है और इसी बीच सैकड़ों दम तोड़ देते हैं।एक दवा ,साधारण सी यदि ब्लॉक के स्वास्थ्य केंद्र पर रहे तो आदमी की जान बच जाए। 3/5
मगर इस गुरबत से भरे इलाके को हमारा लोकतंत्र ये भी नहीं दिला पाता।दिमाग हिल गया था ये सुन कर ।हमारी सरकारें और प्रतिनिधि इन मुद्दों की न कभी बात करते हैंऔर न समाधान।इस डॉक्टर जैसे लोग चाहिए , असली मुद्दे और समाधान लेकर आएं। 4/5
अफसोस,इस डॉक्टर को भी हरा दिया होगा चुनावों में,उसके मुद्दे कहीं थे ही नहीं मीडिया में, वहां तो फासिज़्म रोकने और सामाजिक न्याय लाने vs सुशासन की बहार का युद्ध था,गांव में भी अपने ही धर्मजात को वोट दिया होगा ।
बदलना होगा ये सब।उस डॉक्टर जैसों का सम्मान करना होगा ,अपमान नहीं। 5/5

• • •

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5 Apr
Deng Xiao Peng,Jiang Zhemin,Hu Jintao,Xi Jinping,Wen Jiabao....the leaders of China who converted China into mind boggling power,pulling out 80 Crore people out of poverty, the total GDP of China increased by unbelievable 40 times in just 28 Yrs after1989 Tiananmen massacre. 1/5 Image
Xi Jinping took power in'12 &decided to wipe out corruption from Communist party &Govt stating that we will make sure no official will dare not, will not , won't like to be corrupt. Only in First 6 months of '17 over 210000 top officials of Govt were punished for corruption .2/5
The sword against corruption was sharper on top officials, an Army General committed suicide when charged with corruption by Govt.,Party Chief of Shanxi Province, Ex Railways Minister too were punished with death with corruption . Corrupt officials fleed from nation 3/5
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18 Feb
Thread :
AAP should work in demolish a BIG myth created by BJP ecosystem: Modi theek hai , uske ministers ,aur neeche ke adhikari gadbad karte hain
This smartly weaved narration has shielded Modi from any public unrest against his catastrophic decision . 1/7
I remember , after Demonetization , met a retailer in Connaught place who said that business was down , that demonetization HURT them badly BUT he blamed ARUN JAITLEY for this , stating that a lawyer can NOT be a finance Minister and it's NOT Modi's but AJ's fault 2/7
Thus giving clean chit to Modi , most termed Demo as a GOOD STEP , NOT IMPLEMENTED properly ,whereas the fact remains that the step itself was well thought and targeted at destruction of masses, people got fooled .3/7
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17 Feb
The Surat story :
Friend told me that there are at least 100-150 selfless,crazy AAP volunteers in Surat who sleep at 4AM these days , work hard, never take the centre stage,never asked for tickets , are infact donating , are working round the clock for making AAP a success 1/4
Never seen in pictures , never named in newspapers , or communications,they sleep,eat,drink AAP,dream of making Gopal Italia the CM og Gujarat and Arvind the PM of India .Tells me that those businessmen who never used to donate for AAP are moving around AAP now 2/4
As these businessmen are really seeing AAP in Surat as a hope.Also these selfless volunteers take no non sense , if they see any wrong in party they speak up, keeping everyone on toes for the cause and action have to be smartest and purest, no corruption allowed . 3/4
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5 Nov 20
पूरे 47 बरस बाद क्यों चिली अमेरिका की परछाई से आज़ाद हो गया , लापाज़ में एवो मोराले वापस आ गया , वेनेजुएला पर भी अमेरिका की काली परछाईं कम हुई ?
लगता है किसी ने दायेश का हुक्का पानी बंद किया फिर ईरान को भी हड़काया की सीरिया में खून बहाना बंद करे।
सऊदी को भी यमन पर ठंडा किया ।
नहीं लगता ?
नोबल वोबल जो बंटता था ,कहाँ है ?

पिछले 4-5 बरस में लगता है सारे मुल्क़ अमन पसंद हो गए, सारे दहशतगर्दों ने हथियार डाल दिये ।
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4 Nov 20
There were no real TRPs for Republic , off late no major political party was sending their spokespersons to this channel too .
Arnab thus it proves was NOT having any considerable audience .
It's only that the Amit Shah IT Cell and 1/6 Image
folks like Sambit Patra were sharing Republic videos on social media and creating an storm in the tea cup .
Arnab did work for a paid agenda but to believe if even Modi voters took him seriously is a joke ,a big one .
He is just a bloody loud mouth . 2/6
When whole BJP leadership starting Amit Shah tweets in solidarity with him it shows whose dog he was ,but again ,just a DOG and not even a TRP face with viewership like Sudhir Chaudhary or Rajat Sharma ,who actually have viewership . 3/6 ImageImage
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1 Nov 20
Thread from my own experience :

It must have been either 1st or 2nd of November 1984. My joint family was a hard core Congressi one , my grandfather was once a companion to Gandhi and Nehru in Jail ,i can say pretty Nehruvian we were .
#NeverForget1984 1/16 Image
The family and the nation was deep sunk in sorrow due to loss of a pretty popular Prime Minister but in disturbances too.
Violence has broken out on the evening of 31st Oct from Zakir Nagar , Delhi where AIIMS is located.
#NeverForget1984 2/16 Image
The crowds, the mobs were directly pinning the Sikh community as those responsible for Indira's killing.
Attacks on Sikhs started spreading across North India, Haryana, UP, Bihar, MP apart from major ones in Delhi.
#NeverForget1984 3/16 Image
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