Alrighty here we go

cw: dubcon, "stop" not taken at face value, trans!Hawks with AFAB terms, dacryphilia, heavy on the Daddy kink
"O-oh /fuuuck/." Keigo's spine arches beautifully with his fifth orgasm of the night. Enji went down on him nearly an hour ago and hasn't emerged since.

He's been much too busy stretching out and drooling all over his Boy's pussy
The blonde reaches down to pat at Enji's cheek as the larger man continues to suck at his folds. "C'mon Big Guy. I'm ready."

Keigo's chest heaves when Enji finally, /finally/ pulls away to sit back on his heels.
The cool air feels like ice cold pinpricks on Keigo's clit and he suddenly misses the warmth of Enji's mouth against him.

The redhead wipes the bottom half of his face clean with the back of his hand as he searches the sheets for the bottle of lube.
"You're sure?" Keigo whines with a nod. "Do you have /any/ idea how much bigger I am compared to you?" Keigo whines again as a chill runs up his spine.

Of /course/ he knows. It's all he ever thinks about.
"We've had this planned for weeks, Enji. Please don't back out now." The smaller man pouts as he runs a finger along the center of his companion's bare chest. "I'm beyond ready for you to fuck me, Daddy."

Keigo makes sure to lay it on thick, fluttering lashes and all.
A shaky breath rattles through Enji's lungs as he nods in response. He swallows in an attempt to remedy his dry throat before popping the cap on the lube.

He pouts a generous amount onto his fingers and gently slicks up the smaller man's already sopping wet cunt.
Enji does his best to work the majority of the substance into Keigo's swollen and already overworked hole. The excess drips down to soak into the slick-stained sheets.

The touch leaves and then there's nothing, almost as if the larger man had simply disappeared.
Keigo sits up on his elbows to find Enji just /staring/.

"How do you want me, Daddy? I could flip over and let you use my wings as handlebars." The blonde winks. He doesn't miss the spark of interest in Enji's expression.
The redhead's breath picks up as he strokes himself with his slick hand. He still can't believe that just /looking/ at Keigo gets him this worked up.

"Lay on your side." Keigo wastes no time doing as he's told.
Soon he's rewarded with the secure feeling of his boyfriend's broad chest pressing against his feathers.

There's nothing he loves more than being able to feel Enji's every breath; to sense every beat of his heart.
Enji presses a soft kiss against the nape of Keigo's neck as he slowly grinds his cock between plush thighs.

Keigo gasps each time the head of the redhead's cock catches in his clit. He rolls his hips back until Enji wraps a large hand around his whole thigh.
A whimper works its way from the blonde's throat when his leg is lifted and Enji's cock flawlessly lines up with his entrance.

Enji holds the boy close as he slowly presses his hips forward.
There's quite a bit of resistance before the very tip of his cock finally presses into that tight heat.

Keigo digs his talons into Enji's arm as his breathing picks up. His pussy tightens up like a vise as if trying to push the intrusion out.
Enji's brow creases as he fights back against the blonde's muscles, attempting to keep himself inside.

He keeps his lips pressed to the nape of the smaller man's neck as his voice drops into a whisper. "/Relax/. You're doing so well, Baby. Just relax for me, okay?."
The blonde's walls loosen up as he allows his body to relax against the mattress. "W-well..." He pushes his sweat-soaked bangs out of his eyes. "At least the head's out of the way now."

Keigo laughs nervously as his cunt throbs.
Enji is silent and unmoving for an uncomfortable amount of time. "Daddy?"

"Keigo, that's only half."

" sure?" Enji pushes a puff of air through his nose in what Keigo can only assume is a laugh.

"I'm positive."
"/Oh/." Keigo's hand skims his stomach as it snakes down to feel where they're joined.

Sure enough, Enji has barely even breached him. His biggest toy doesn't even stretch him out the way he knows Enji is about to. "W-Wait. I-I think I still need more pre-Ahh!"
Enji takes advantage of Keigo's distraction to press forward a good two inches. The blonde's jaw hangs open as his muscles clench impossibly hard once again.

The Boy's legs shake as his talons draw blood from the arm wrapped around him.
The redhead slowly draws his hips back, ripping a sob from Keigo's throat. "St-Stop! /Hurts/!"

Tears start to slide down his cheeks as Enji continues the slow roll of his hips. "D-Daddy, /please/. I'm gonna tear!"
Keigo whines as he clutches at the sheets. "/Fuck/, y-you're too big. P-please Daddy take it out! Hurts too much." The blonde cries out with each burning drag of that cock inside him. It's going to ruin him.
His words devolve into an unintelligible mess when Enji uses his free hand to gently rub his Boy's clit.

He shushes Keigo's frantic mumbling with gentle hums and soft words.
"It's okay. You're okay. I promise you aren't going to tear, Baby. Daddy wouldn't do anything to hurt you like that. You know that, right?"

Keigo manages a nod. "Doing so good for me, Baby. So, so good." Enji groans when his Boy's tight pussy flutters around his cock.
"See, Baby? Isn't it starting to feel good now?" If Keigo notices how his pathetic sobs and whimpers make Enji's cock pulse, he doesn't say anything.

Especially not when that cock is grinding so deliciously against his g-spot.
The sharp pain is starting to morph into a full throb. It's addicting. "Y-yeah, kinda."

Enji jams the head of his cock into the blonde's spot and holds the position as his fingers speed up. "Only kinda?"

"Nnh A-ahh, N-no! Feels really good, Daddy!"

"Mm...Good Boy."
Keigo squirms in the larger man's arms as Enji's thick fingers speed up. It feels nice but he really wants to chase the ache in his cunt. "M-more. I want more."

Enji presses barely-there kisses to the blonde's shoulder blade.
"Not this time, Baby. But don't worry, well work up to it." He grunts when Keigo spasms around him, pussy clenching and unclenching rapidly as if it's trying to suck him in. "/Fuck/, Keigo."
The pleasure is mind-numbing. His sensitive glans has been massaged non-stop and the smooth glide of his foreskin just intensifies it. It's almost too much.

Keigo is in the same boat. "Oh, /fuck/! E-Enji stop. I'm g-gonna make a mess."
His eyes roll back as that telltale pressure builds just below his belly button.

"That's okay, Baby. Make a mess all over my cock. Show Daddy how good he makes you feel." Keigo whines as he starts to give in.
A ragged groan is punched from his lungs with the first wave of his orgasm. Enji holds him tight and doesn't relent as his Boy's cunt pulses, gushing cum with each strong contraction.
The blonde wails once he's finished, quickly overstimulated by the cok still jabbing at his g-spot.

Enji shifts so Keigo's leg is able to rest atop his shoulder, freeing his hand up to wrap around the exposed length of his own cock.
He tightens his grip to match the grip Keigo's pretty pussy has around him. His voice quivers on a long, drawn out groan as he fucks his own fist, careful not to push any deeper into the man under him. "In or out?"
Enji's eyebrows raise when he feels his balls start to tighten.

"Wuh-huh?" Keigo is confused, head still foggy with overstimulation after cumming his brains out.

"In. Or. Out." Enji clenches his teeth and growls as he tries to hold back for just a little bit longer.
", please. W-wanna feel you." His request is fulfilled as soon as the words leave his lips. The blonde yelps when he feels the first spurt of cum paint his walls.

It's hotter than usual. Or maybe it just feels that way because of how tender the blonde is.
Keigo winces when Enji pulls out. It /stings/ but the flood of warn cum that begins to leak out of him almost feels soothing

The redhead pants above him as he watches his own seed drip from the smaller man's messy, gaping hole.
He swipes his fingers through his own mess and spreads it over his Boy's folds. It's intoxicating to see someone filled with you. /Covered/ in you.

Enji flops back onto the mattress before gripping Keigo and pulling the smaller man to lay on top of him.
Their sweaty skin sticks together uncomfortably as the blonde settles in. both of them seem to ignore it in favor of staying close.

Enji smooths a large hand over delicate feathers as he whispers sweet things and affirmations of love into Keigo's ear. //
Hi this was horny and I didn't know how to end it woops

• • •

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