We talk a lot about queer kids being bullied by their peers, by their classmates. But for queer kids with with homophobic or transphobic parents... the worst bullies they encounter are at home. For many queers kids school is a refuge from the bullies at home.
School is where some queer kids can let their guards down—even if just for a moment. They can find other queer kids to connect with. At school they don't have to police every gesture or inflection at all times. They can risk asking someone to use the right pronoun.
What North Carolina Republicans are proposing here is to take that one potentially safe place away from queer kids with homophobic/transphobic parents at home—sometimes violently hateful parents. nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-ou…
School will no longer be that refuge for the kids who need it most if every teacher and staffer and administrator is a gender narc... required to report to a kid's parents if they "display" any gender-nonconforming behaviors at school.
And those calls home to mom and dad because that boy was overheard speaking with too much lilt in his voice or that girl changed into the "wrong clothes" once she got to school... those calls will get some queer kids killed.
Denying trans kids healthcare is wrong and dangerous. Telling on queer kids is wrong and dangerous. And they know it. Republicans still believe you can beat the queer out of a kid despite all the openly queer adults out there who endured beatings as kids and are still queer.
These fucking monsters.
Office Phone:
(919) 733-3460
Office Phone:
(919) 715-7823
Office Phone:
(919) 733-5706

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22 Mar
I want to say, "I challenge anyone to listen to this interview @jessesingal did with youth-gender clinician Dr. Erica Anderson and tell me he's transphobic," but I know people will continue to insist he's transphobic. But he isn't.

I went through this myself a decade ago—people insisting I was transphobic. I was assaulted by people who insisted I was transphobic. People who weirdly invested in me being transphobic. It was an article of faith. I'm not.


I haven't said anything about the long & dishonest campaign against @jessesingal because I didn't think it would help. It would be dismissed as one transphobe coming to the defense of another and quite possibly make things worse for Jesse and renew the accusations against me.
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26 Dec 20
Weird that Chris Pine and Wonder Woman never thought, hey, where'd that other guy's soul go? The guy whose body Chris Pine was in? If it was me—if I was Chris Pine—I would've worried about where he went and whether I was inconveniencing him.
And Wonder Woman fucked Steve when she was in that other dude's body. And then she ran into that other dude near the end and smiled like, "I fucked you but you don't know because you were basically unconscious at the time since your body was possessed by my dead lover's soul."
Seems problematic.
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19 Jun 20
If Anthony Fauci isn't allowed to do his job... what good is keeping it? It's time for him to resign and give a speech —in prime time—about what we need to do and why we're not doing it and the price we're paying for not doing it.

An argument could be made—an argument was made—for Fauci to stay in place and work around Trump. That's no longer possible. He's been silenced and sidelined. By failing to resign in protest Fauci has made himself complicit in the Trump administration's failures
and he is contributing to the spread of this plague and helping to bring about the deaths of thousands of Americans. It's obscene.
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13 May 20
Old enough to remember when rightwing Christian assholes accused gay men who were going to gay bars despite AIDS of being reckless, irresponsible, and immoral because we might get ourselves sick.
Now rightwing Christian assholes—some of the same ones—are insisting everyone has to go back to bars, restaurants, gyms, churches, etc., even though you might get yourself and everyone you know sick.
We still went out in the 80s and 90s because we needed love and intimacy and connection—and with a few simple precautions, you could protect yourself and your sex partners from HIV. And almost all of us took those precautions.
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27 Apr 18
Conservatives attack and disparage women, queers, POC, immigrants, birth control users, non-Christians, liberals, football players, basketball players, singers, actors, Hollywood, people who live in cities and blue states... and then sit there wondering why no one likes them.
They bombard millions of Americans daily with disrespect and legislative attacks. Wins you elections, it seems, but doesn’t win you many friends.
Also: trans people, late night talk show hosts, teenage survivors of school shootings and other people who don’t want to get shot, public school teachers, sex educators, non-FoxNews cable news anchors, reporters, Jeff Bezos, the FBI, college professors, union members...
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