Why Amber Heard is lying: A thread about her "injuries."

On March 8, 2013, Amber claimed Johnny backhanded her in the mouth, causing a cut to her lip and blood spatter on the wall. She provided no photographic evidence of this, only a text exchange between her & Johnny.
"Hideous moment" could've been a reference to anything. He could have easily been referring to an injury Amber inflicted on him.

Amber was photographed days later, on March 14th, with no apparent injury to her lips. No cuts, no swelling, no discoloration.
There is also a picture Amber takes of a bruise on her arm on Mar 23, and sends it to her mother. She says it's from 2 weeks ago, which would put the injury around Mar 9. The problem is she never mentions that Johnny did anything to her arm at that time. (cont.)
Only that he backhanded her in the face. She provided this photo to the court and yet does not mention in her witness statements or testimony that Johnny caused an injury to her arm. The bruise could be from anything - simply bumping into something, for example.
She never directly tells her mother the injury was caused by Johnny, only implies it and let's her mother believe it. Prior to this, she told her mother twice that Johnny never hit her.
Amber texts several other people on the same day, telling them all different things. I get the impression that she likes the attention she gets from playing the victim. You can read the other texts for yourself in The Sun's closing statement, found on nickwallis.com
The next incident gets a little confusing because originally Amber had this incident and the one on March 8th as having been one incident. Johnny's lawyers argued that she made them 2 separate incidents after finding out about a picture showing no injury to her face. (cont.)
Amber denied this. Her new claim was that the injury to her lip was March 8th, everything else occurred on March 22nd. "Everything else" was Johnny grabbing her hard, shaking her, and shoving her into a wall. Again, she has no photographic evidence of this. (cont.)
The only pictures she provided were of drugs on a table and a painting that Johnny supposedly tried to burn (but doesn't appear burned at all). Johnny provided 2 photos taken at this time that show no injury. The first was taken on March 21 or 22.
The other was taken on March 23rd. When shown these photos, both Amber and her sister claimed that it looked like Amber had a swollen lip. Never mind that Amber said the lip injury happened on March 8th.
In March 2015, Amber describes continuous assaults that happened over a 3 day period. They included being slapped, pushed, thrown around the room, choked, having glass bottles thrown at her, being dragged naked through broken glass, and being s*xually assaulted. (cont.)
The only photographic evidence she provides are pictures of graffiti that Johnny painted around the house and this single picture of faint scars on her arm, taken in 2019.
There's only a few scars on 1 arm (she also claims her feet were all cut up) and they are very straight and don't look very deep. Definitely not consistent with being dragged thru broken glass. The cuts would be deeper & more jagged. (Cont.)
In my opinion (and I'm not the only one) these are self-harm scars. They are on her left arm and she is right handed.
The only one seriously injured during this incident was Johnny. The tip of his finger was severed when Amber threw a vodka bottle at him. He went to the hospital & has records to prove it. She has no medical records of her injuries & eyewitnesses never saw injuries on her.
Amber denies hurting Johnny, but this audio recording suggests otherwise.
In January 2015, Amber claimed Johnny threw her to the floor and kneeled on her back. The next day, at a movie premiere, no marks on her back.
On Dec 15, 2015, Amber claims she was slapped, shoved, head-butted, dragged around an entire penthouse by her hair, held face down on a bed so she couldn't breathe. She provides several photos, taken the day after, but they don't show anything consistent with what she describes.
There's a small mark under her right eye, a slight darkness under both eyes, and blood on her lip. But there is no swelling whatsoever. You can't even see any kind of cut on her lip. It just looks like she has dry lips that started to bleed. (cont.)
Johnny even testified that she always had dry lips & she would pick at them. The darkness under her eyes just looks like she may not have been getting enough sleep. Medical notes record her having insomnia & by her own admission, she took Ambien to help her sleep. (cont.)
Photos taken earlier in the day on Dec 16, don't appear to show any marks at all. (Not even sure why they were submitted.)
Amber appears on the James Corden show on Dec 16 and no injuries can be seen. She claims that she was heavily covered in makeup, but her stylist testified that when she saw her without makeup, there were no signs of injury.
In court she described the injuries she had.
Her nurse (and friend) visits her on Dec 17 and sees her lip bleeding, but nothing else.
Later in Dec 2015, Amber is photographed frolicking on a beach and ocean tubing, all while supposedly having bruised ribs. She is makeup-free and there are no marks on her body at all. She recently tried to claim she was wearing makeup during this photo shoot. (cont.)
However, photos from this shoot can be found on the Instagram page of the photographer's partner, in which the description reads "no makeup needed."
May 21, 2016 was the infamous iPhone incident. Amber claims Johnny wound up his arm like a baseball pitcher and threw her phone at her face with "great force." The photos she provides don't show anything that would resemble an injury like that.
One of the pictures is almost laughable, as it seems to show a mark shaped like an iPhone, as if the phone landed flat against her face. Most importantly, there's NO SWELLING, which an injury like that would have surely caused, especially in the eye area. (cont.)
Just look up photos of people who have been hit with a baseball (which is roughly the same weight as an iPhone). You'll see a huge difference between those photos and Amber's.

And then there's eyewitnesses, including two police officers, who saw no injury to her face. (cont.)
Employees that worked in the building where she lived saw no injuries on her in the days following May 21. Then on May 27, Amber appears in court with what looks like a bruise on her face.
The very next day, May 28, the bruise has magically disappeared.

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