I thought I'd create a thread of links which sum up the @CONservatives on a whole host of issues. I will add to it every now and again.

Let's start with an exploration of Johnson's lies.

Here's a rather sensible sounding Johnson talking about the benefits of being in the EU.

The Government were warned that Brexit could cause violence in NI again. Many believe this 8s 9ne of the reasons.

BBC News - Belfast: Police attacked as trouble flares
Here's Johnson lying directly in the faces of business people in Northern Ireland that there won't be any botder issues between NI and the rest of the UK.

Johnson putting people's Brexit fears at ease. With more lies.
2 billion of taxpayer's money going to associates of the @CONservatives.

The Russia report recommended that our security services investigate interference in our elections. Johnson chose not to investigate it.

You might wonder why Johnson fails to investigate Russian interference in our elections. This reports the UK's National Crime Agency estimates that £100 billion of dirty money comes into the UK each year with Russia named as one of the key players.

Some of the targeted lies and hate aimed at people who the leave campaign believed could be swayed.

David Cameron and his lobbying work for Greensill.

Patrick Vallance talking about UK's herd immunity plans.

The extremes to which one fisherman is going to due to Brexit.

Fishermen realising that they have been lied to and prawns (sorry) in the game of chess that is Brexit.

The effects of Brexit on British chocolate makers.

A page showing Brexit job losses. This page has not been updated since 31st January 2020 so obviously the number is going to be much higher.

Details about Johnson lying to the Queen.

Details of 11 @CONservatives who have broken the ministerial code. They are supposed to resign when they do so. That ship seems to have sailed.

Details of the £126,000 of public money given to Johnson's lover Jennifer Arcuri.

More public money payouts. This time to Patel's bullied victim Philip Rutnam.

The 21 Tory MPs booted out by the Johnson / Cummings double act in another show of democracy.

The famous Civil Service tweet.
May and Johnson unveiling the statue of the first female MP who was antisemitic. Imagine that Corbyn had done that...

Huge rise in Islamaphobic incidents following racist comments from Johnson.

More hate speech from Johnson.

How's that trade deal with the US going? @JoeBiden is a good judge of character in his judge of Johnson.

A great Lib Dems page on the 12 lies of Brexit.

Details on the activities of Tufton Street.

The excellent @carolecadwalla on the threat to our democracy.

Chloe Westley. Head of social media for vote leave. Now head of social media at number 10.

A Financial Times video on the eye-test drive made by Cummings. There's no doubt in my mind after watching this that it was written hy lawyers, probably at the taxpayer's expense.

The reporter who Johnson conspired to have beaten up.

Russian pals of Johnson. Remind me, did they investigate Russian interference?

Johnson, bunga-bunga and MI6 on why they consider Johnson a threat.

Johnson missed the first 5 Cobra meetings as Covid was kicking off.

A great book by Peter Oborne on how Johnson has weaponised lies in the same way as Trump and how the media support him.

Another great and well researched book by @lukeharding1968. So well researched and detailed that I don't doubt its authenticity.

Poor old Jo Cox. Would she still be alive if it wasn't for the Brexit referendum? I think she would.

Cummings allegedly said "I don’t care if Northern Ireland falls into the fucking sea"

Johnson calming businesses concerned about Brexit with his "Fuck business" comment.

Matt Handcock and the 30 million awarded to his pub landlord chum.

Details of an upcoming court case regarding the VIP Chumocracy.

An example of the tactics used by the Tories in order to vilify Sadiq Khan.

A good video from @TruthToPowerTV

Tufton Street. Home of the Tufton Street Mafia. Many, including me, think that this is the real driving force behind Brexit. All those targeted lies which led to the outcome, you can start here...

Meet Shanker Singham @ShankerASingham the apparent shit-for-brains behind Brexit.


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28 Jan

A very short thread. Please RT:

As an occasional supporter of the brilliant @JolyonMaugham, I was very disturbed to read an email today which
details what the Government are doing in order to apparently stop the court action from The Good Law Project in order to determine why they have failed to publish the contract details of at least 4 billion pounds worth of PPE contracts which we already know have been awarded to
VIP members of a chumocracy, often without tender. This link describes what they are planning. I have summed up my concerns underneath the link.


1. We know about the VIP chumocracy and the details of some of these contracts

2. The Government have said
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12 Nov 20
Had an interesting thought earlier. It may take a few tweets but stuck with it, hopefully it's worth it...

Imagine an alternate reality where Murdoch's newspaper moguls didn't prop up our Government with the bullshit stories they peddle. Furthermore, social media site Facebook
was not open to abuse in the way it has been in our reality.
So let's assume that, for whatever reason, Murdoch's newspapers had thought that Brexit was an excellent idea and supported it wholeheartedly. A leave result was declared and then everything else unfolded in the same
way but remember, Murdoch's shit rags are independent. As the 350 million for the NHS lie unravels, as the staying in the single market and retaining our EU rights lies become apparent the newspapers are not happy. "What about the 350 million you promised?" they cry, "You said
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3 Jul 20
A short thread if I may.

I don't know what @UKLabour, @LibDems, @theSNP
and others do all day but we have a serious issue. Russia.

"Yakovenko explained to his admiring colleagues that the state was rewarding him for smashing the Brits to the ground"

The most serious allegation is directed at May and Johnson. So May was PM, Johnson wS foreign secretary. Who knows why but it appears that they decided to rurn a blind eye to the intel that Trump may have been compromised by Russia. That is big news

Now, assuming that it is true and thr evidence looks compelling then they had a duty to investigate and not to sweep under the Russian rug.
It is also claimed that Russia had a big hand in Brexit. It appears that they are trying to undermine our interests.
It's easy to dismiss
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29 Jun 20
Oh well , I guess that's it. The last day of June is tomorrow, the deadline for which we can ask the EU for an extension. I know that Slimy Toad Gove has already told the EU that we wouldn't be seeking an extension but I was sort of hopeful. And before the thicko trolls come out
of their caves with their usual "you lost" bollocks and pictures of babies crying, I would just say a fuck you very much for what you've done to our country.
See, it's interesting to me that the far right goose stepping racists voted leave. I passionately believe that Jo Cox
would still be alive if it wasn't for Vote Leave riling up the racists on Facebook while the right-wing press spew out racist style rhetoric about immigrants every day. The same right-wing press who are best pals with the Tories of course. So, where does that leave the country
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