My newest column for @sciam: "Global Vaccine Equity Is Much More Important Than ‘Vaccine Passports.’"

It's much more important to vaccinate ppl ACROSS borders quickly than to make it easy for vaccinated ppl TO CROSS borders.…
Filed this before the Trump export clause was reported.

It doesn't change my central arguments. Upholding any kind of IP or sales contract in the face of mass death (with an airborne virus!) is indefensible + borders have been used before Trump—

—and viral status has been used in awful ways to bolster borders.

When you take careof people across borders, you needn't segregate them by borders.

There is also a real danger, as many USians become vaxxed, that we slip into a "clean" = vaxxed, "unclean"= unvaxxed mindset.

Viruses teach us that borders (between nations & bodies & genders) are porous fictions. We need to treat the collective human body across natl borders.
Want to share a couple of other essays abt vaccine passports, which make key points. One is "How Vaccine Passports Will Worsen Inequities In Global Health" by by @paimadhu in @NatureMicrobiol…
Another, which I link to in my @sciam but is worth reading in its entirety, is "Covid-19 vaccine passports will harm sustainable development" by @sdbaral, @TwahirwaOlivier & Nancy Phaswana-Mafuya in @bmj_latest (h/t @JuliaLMarcus)…
I didn’t have room to get into this, but I share @jameshamblin’s unease & vaccine nationalism absolutely has a role in this. Why are young USians getting jabbed and not elderly ppl & essential workers in Central America, sub-Saharan Africa & Southeast Asia? Borders. Nationalism.

• • •

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More from @thrasherxy

7 Apr
I am cancelling my subscription to the Tribune.

Yes, I do think there is no space in a newspaper for arguing for the murder of a child, and that it's "never to early" to think they are worthy of murder.

You're canceled, Trib.
CANCELLED. Took less than 3 minutes. When they asked me why, I said a newspaper that argues for why it's OK to murder a child is not getting one more dollar of my money.
A reminder amidst cancel culture hysteria: You are never under any obligation to fund or ingest any media which debases or wants to harm (or kill) you, people who look like you, or marginalized ppl.

There are endless forms of media to support.
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7 Apr
This is good & reminds of when my then boyfriend's dad died in 2012 & I learned that in Switzerland, your taxes pay for your

—Embalming for viewing

—Clergy of choice


—Chapel for funeral

so there's no stress to your fam when you die.…
Switzerland has high taxes, but they go towards matters of dignity and beauty. Housing. Public access to nature. School buildings that look like architectural utopias, not jails. A dignified funeral when you die.
Imagine a society where death isn't a way to extract more money from your corpse and your family!

Switzerland has a part-time air force, it doesn't operate at night. They had a national vote abt buying a single new jet & voted NO bc it would divert resources from schools!
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7 Apr
ABOUT TIME. Had a friend who was his assistant. A frustration I’ve had abt reporting on Hollywood abuse is it has almost exclusively focused on sexual harassment, rarely on any other kinds of labor abuse. But when I worked in film/TV (98-2004) so many of our bosses were monsters.
Appreciate the brave ppl speaking on the record. So much of film/TV/theater work, especially when non-unionized, involves horrendous labor practices. Producers prey on ppl’s personal, vulnerable desire to “make it” by launching psychological & physical warfare on their wellbeing.
While workplace sexual harassment is important to cover, a lot of media interest in such stories bc of US discomfort w sex & less abt worker abuse. Worker abuse (in Hollywood & elsewhere) takes many forms, some physically violent (Rudin in this article), some psychological...
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5 Apr
The Republican governor of Arkansas said the bill was “overbroad, extreme and does not grandfather young people currently on hormone treatment.”

The framing of Asa Hutchinson's reasoning, and the news media framing of the issues, are surprisingly good…
I am so in awe of @chasestrangio. Like many people, I wrote Gov. Hutchinson a long email based on my research why this was a terrible bill, but I really didn't think anyone's calls would mean much. But the unrelenting Chase kept at it, and it did.
Even if it is overridden, this is a major turn in Republican politics—to have a Republican governor not want to stop in process hormone treatments? To acknowledge the harm of street drugs? To not want to interfere w doctors and patients?

A turning point.
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2 Apr
I just heard an activist on Democracy Now saying "we'll have their back" in regards to Delta maybe losing fuel tax credits for being against the Georgia voter suppression bill, and I HATE this dynamic. I hate how corporations get activists to protect their tax breaks. Depressing.
Delta should pay fuel tax! Atlanta is one of the most unaffordable cities for housing in America. Jet fuel leads to climate change and asthma, which harm Black Georgians. I wish activists would stop this Devil’s Bargain, where corporations “help” Black voters w trickle down econ!
Activists shouldn’t sell corporate support for Black voting access by giving cover to corporations NOT paying their fair share of taxes (and thereby increasing Black homelessness and asthma in a city like Atlanta!)
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1 Apr
Wanna write something abt my privileged work conditions the decade before the pandemic that I want all office workers to have post pandemic:

I have an office.

I go there for mtgs & to work as I want.

If I need to work elsewhere, I do.

All office workers should get this.
Personally, I don’t like working at home at all (pre-pandemic, I never wrote any of my articles or a word of my dissertation where I lived). But I like having flexibility. The pandemic shouldn’t return to “normal.” Office workers should have a desk AND offsite flexibility.
Mostly, I miss working in libraries and can’t wait to return to them
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