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7 Apr, 5 tweets, 1 min read
reading this made me want to murder somebody. absolutely do not fucking talk to someone like this when they're telling you how angry they are that people don't give a shit about the particular way in which they're suffering
would you tell a woman talking about how scared she is of men assaulting her to stop worrying so much and be less neurotic about it? absolutely no you would fucking not
to be clear, this is not a disagreement with the content, it's with his smarmy fucking tone, fuck you, you obviously don't give a shit about me, don't fucking pretend like any of what you're saying is for *me*
the "love" in particular... my dude... if what "love" means to you is invalidating the thing i explicitly said i was angry about not being validated, i don't fucking want your love. get your love the fuck away from me. don't fucking use the word "love" like that

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7 Apr
you don't get to tell me to stop caring about whether i creep women out. it fucking *matters* to me. i *don't wanna fucking do it*. i am *not alone*. i have had a *lot* of private conversations with other men about this. men are *torn up* about it and they *can't talk about it*
insanely frustrating that we live in a world that 100% validates the fear of being hurt but barely acknowledges that fear of hurting other people exists or could be so intense as to be crippling
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7 Apr
it’s fucked up that ~99% of the stories i read about men hitting on women are stories of male celebrities getting metoo’d. idk where i’m supposed to be getting role models and positive examples from. any women wanna tell us about a time a man hit on them and they liked it?
p sure i’ve done multiple previous tweets about this here’s one
ok this is turning into a flirting advice thread which i wanna clarify is not actually what i asked for or wanted - i specifically want *stories*, i want stories to counterbalance all the terrible shitty stories in my head, walk me through what he did and how you felt!
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6 Apr
chicago deep dish pizzas are lasagnas or casseroles, not pizzas. the archetypical pizza is the costco slice. i will also accept a greasy new york slice
cheesecakes are neither cakes nor pies, they are tarts
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5 Apr
why the ass did they teach us about greek and latin roots in school and not about the even cooler and more badass proto-indo-european roots
might do a PIE root thread. i’ve been looking up a ton of stuff on etymonline but haven’t been able to figure out the most amusing way to structure it into threads
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5 Apr
might fuck around and start using etymologies as a form of divination
hmm so you say you want a girlfriend? well. let's see what the entire history of the english language has to say about that, shall we?
"girlfriend" is of course "girl" + "friend". the etymology of "girl" is... unknown? welp, sucks. let's check the etymology of "friend" then Image
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5 Apr
part of the reason everyone has a million tabs open all the time is because browser bookmarks are legitimately an extremely awful way to save links. the underlying design metaphor hasn’t changed in, what, over two decades? it comes from a much smaller and simpler internet
folders are completely the wrong structure. what you really want is to be able to throw a link into a service that will spit it back out at you *when it becomes relevant*, and/or *when you’re in the mood to read it*. folders don’t capture context- and mood-dependence
i’ve started thinking about “context- and mood-dependence” using the word “tuning,” so far only in conversations with @Malcolm_Ocean - the original motivation was wanting to “tune” twitter to specific moods and contexts but i increasingly realized i want tuning *everywhere*
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