GoYuu Thread: Iron Collar

Warning/tags: A/B/O Au, NSFW, Alpha!Gojo, Omega!Yuji, Possessive Gojo, Breeding, Just in case gonna tag Dubious Consent

In a world where Omega’s made up about 20% of the population while the other 30% were betas and the rest were alpha’s, Omega’s-
- were treasured and practically worshipped.

Society had decided as a way to protect Omega’s from being unwillingly mated, every Omega when they presented would have to wear a collar.

Every collar designed differently for the needs of each omega.
They had collars with locks, collars with scent blockers, collars that shocked anyone that tried to break it, and more.

In Yuji’s case, he had an iron collar wrapped around his neck. It wasn’t due to the threat of Alpha’s but because of Yuji’s own strength even as a child.
“So what? You’ll just break it when you’re ready to mate?” Nobara asked, poking the iron collar around the male omega.

“I guess so...it doesn’t have a lock or anything cause I kept taking it off when I was a kid.” Yuji pouted and lightly smacked the Alpha’s hand away.
The boy walked with his two friends, both Alpha’s, the three had gotten onto the discussion of mates (courtesy of Nobara being a romantic) and from there the two began to wonder how Yuji’s collar worked.

“Anyways, did Gojo-sensei seem weird to you guys earlier?”
During training, Yuji had noticed how tense Gojo had been. The older Alpha had seemed like he was in pain and holding back from something.

The usual hugs he gave were tight, nearly painful but short. Like Gojo-sensei didn’t want to touch him for very long.
His normally goofy and eccentric teacher had acted off all day, it worried him.

His two friends shared a look.

“He’ll be fine. He probably just isn’t feeling well but just give him a few days and he’ll be back to normal.” Megumi spoke, knowing why the man had been acting off-
- but not sure if he should tell the Omega.

“Yeah, besides he has time to rest. We’re training with the 2nd years for the next few days.” Nobara offered to soothe the boy.
Neither of them liked the worried scent, they could tell Yuji was concerned for their teacher (who knows why) and were relieved when his scent started to become sweeter and calm.

“Yeah! Sensei is strong, he'll be fine!”
Yuji said that but here he was standing-
- outside the man’s home with two convenient store bags.

He had tried to push back his worry but he couldn’t help but want to make sure the man was okay himself.

Gojo had done so much for Yuji, it was only right the boy help him if needed.
Luckily, Gojo-sensei had given yuji a spare key before he moved back into the dorms.

Yuji unlocked the door and stepped inside. As he shut the door behind him, it hit him.

The scent.

It was stronger than usual….
Yuji bit his lip, if this was what he thought it was then maybe he should….


He couldn’t leave his Sensei like this. The man barely ate healthy when he was well. If he was in a rut then he’d probably forget to eat all together.
Plus when Yuji suffered his heats in the basement, Gojo had always made sure Yuji had what he needed though he rarely saw the man himself during that week.

Yuji made his way to the kitchen and set the bags on the counter, sniffing-
- the air he could tell it was coming from Gojo’s room.

Should he let Gojo know he was here..? He didn’t want the Alpha to react badly to a new scent in the house.

With that in mind, Yuji carefully made his way to the bedroom.
Smart enough to not barge in, he went to knock but stopped hearing soft panting and the bed creaking.

Yuji could feel his whole body heat up, maybe someone was already here?? He couldn’t pick up another scent but-

A low growl broke through his thoughts\

Yuji jumped away from the door, placing a hand over his racing heart.

He...he heard wrong right? He had to have heard wrong.

Shaking his head, he decided to carefully and quietly knock on the door.

The creaking and panting stopped.
“Um..Gojo-sensei? I heard you weren’t feeling well so uh I came to check on you….” Yuji trailed off when he heard footsteps coming to the door.

He felt his breath leave him when he saw his Sensei, standing in the doorway, sweatpants thrown on and hung low, his body was-
- flushed and a sheen of sweat covered him.

Yuji looked up to see Gojo’s hair a mess, blue eyes swallowed by black and yet he looked so focused and aware of his surroundings.

“I..I thought you were sick-”
“I’m not.” Gojo’s voice was rough, the same voice that he overheard moan his name just seconds ago.

“Right...well you helped me during my heats so I thought I could at least prepare dinner for you and-” Yuji cut off when he felt himself pulled into a hard chest.
Looking up, he felt a shiver run down his spine as he saw the hungry stare his teacher was directing at him. A feral grin replacing Gojo’s usual relaxed smile.

Gojo backed the boy up against the wall, trapping him between his arms.
The musky but strangely sweet scent of his teacher was making Yuji light headed.

“Help? You want to help me, is that right? I’ve been through this enough times that I don’t need that kind of help but if you want-” Gojo gently took one of Yuji’s hands placing it over the-
- hard cock in his sweatpants, “You can help me in other ways. You heard it didn’t you?”

“H-heard what?”

“Your name. Me calling for you.” Gojo began to grind against the hand pressed to his crotch, his eyes focused on the Omega in front of him.
Yuji couldn’t help the whimper that escaped him, his mind was fuzzy.

Sure, as an omega he had been keenly aware of the perfect Alpha in front of him but that was his teacher. Not only that but Gojo was in a rut, he wasn’t thinking straight.
“That...you just smelled my scent that’s why you don’t-”

A growl tore from Gojo’s throat, dragging the boy into the bedroom. He none too gently tossed the boy onto the bed.

That’s when Yuji saw it. A familiar yellow sweatshirt that he-
-had thought he lost laying on the bed covered in...oh

Yuji doesn’t have a mirror to see it but he’s sure his whole body is burning bright red right now

Gojo chuckled pushing the boy to lay on his back & pinning the boy’s wrists down with one hand as he sat straddling his legs
“Do you not understand how good you smell? How perfect of an omega you are?” Gojo leaned down, breathing against Yuji’s ear. The collar preventing Gojo from biting the young boy’s scent gland.

“You’re so perfect, Yuji. You’re perfect-
- in every way and that’s in or out of this stupid rut.” Gojo growled as he pulled back, not wasting time as he tore off the boy’s shirt and started to kiss and suck anywhere he could get his lips on.

Yuji couldn’t hold back the gasp and moans that escaped him.
The Alpha became the only thing he could focus on, Yuji felt his pants becoming unbearably tight and wet.


Gojo grinned when he could smell the boy’s arousal, sitting up and quickly getting rid of the rest of their clothes.
“Awe, look at this. Is it all for me?” Gojo leaned down between his sweet Omega’s legs and licked up the slick practically pouring from him.

Gojo’s grip on Yuji’s thighs tightened, one taste wasn’t enough.

He wanted, no, he needed /more/.
Gojo dived in, sliding his tongue in his student’s ass for more of that sweet slick. Groaning at the taste, his eyes flickered up at the sounds of whines.

His sweet, perfect Yuji laid bare His whole body a beautiful shade of pink, Gojo watched as the omega struggled to-
- grip the sheets to keep him grounded.

Sweet little “Ah, Ah, Ah’s” growing higher in pitch played like music in his ears.

He could feel Yuji tighten around his tongue and reluctantly pulled away, chin dripping and glistening with slick.
“No, no, Alpha please! So close please!” Yuji whined, tears trailing down his cheeks.

Gojo quieted his love with a kiss, using Yuji’s moan to slip his tongue in and claim every inch of the boy’s mouth.
Yuji didn’t notice Gojo’s hand moving to his collar or said collar being removed from his throat, baring himself to be mated.

“Fuck, look at you. You’re all mine, my little omega. My precious Yuji.” Gojo’s voice wavered, his body rutting against the Omega beneath him.
It had been a fantasy for him, ever since he met the young cursed boy. To claim every inch of him.

Other Alpha’s couldn’t see how perfect Yuji was, sure he was unnaturally strong but that was part of his charm.

Gojo didn’t want a weak Omega. Weak Omega’s broke too easily.

Gojo was brought out of his thoughts as he looked to see the boy reaching down with his hands, spreading his hole for the Alpha to see.

“Please….Please fuck me Alpha. I want you to knot me.” Yuji was delirious, thrown into an early heat due to Gojo’s own rut.
If Gojo had any self control before, it was gone in an instant. He took no time as he roughly thrusted into the soaking hole.

Gojo groaned as the wet and tight heat wrapped around him perfectly.
There was no point starting slow, not when Yuji was pulling him down into a kiss and trying to rut himself against Gojo.

The pace was brutal, the bed creaked beneath them, the headboard hitting the wall but Yuji could barely hear any of it over his own-
-moans and the filthy praises coming from his Alpha.

“Such a good boy~”

“Fuck, so tight, you were made for my knot”

“Gonna knot you, pump you full of my cum and have you carry my pups”
Yuji whined, dragging his dull nails down the older man’s back leaving red lines in their wake.

“Yes yes yes Oh god yes Alpha!” Yuji screamed as he felt the hard cock hit his prostate, the knot beginning to catch on his rim.
“Who do you belong to?” Gojo leaned down to Yuji, growling in his ear, “Tell me!”

“You! Im yours! Yes fuck Im your Omega!”

“Fuck! Mine, that’s right, you’re /mine/. Just mine.” Gojo shoved his knot as deep as it would go, biting down on Yuji’s scent gland as he did-
-, marking the boy both inside and out as he filled the boy up with cum.

Yuji saw stars as his orgasm hit him hard, a scream tearing from him and straining his voice.
Yuji felt light as he came down from the high, his legs twitching every so often. It was then he felt the sharp pain where his scent gland was and reached up, tensing when he felt skin instead of cold iron.

The man hummed, rolling the two onto their sides carefully and nuzzling the fresh mark on the boy. Scenting him. After today there would be no mistake who Yuji belonged to.

“You..is this okay…?” Yuji asked worried, after alll, once you’re mated to someone it can’t be undone.
“Of course it is. I wouldn’t let my rut make me mate someone I didn’t want to.”

“But...you’re my teacher and-”

Yuji felt a finger press against his lips silencing him.
“Yuji, since when have I been one for rules? It’s really simple. You’re mine and I’m yours. I won’t let you leave me for some silly reason.” Gojo smiled, replacing the finger on Yuji’s lips with his own.

Gojo purred as he felt the Omega relax, Yuji releasing a pleased scent-
- as he returned the kiss.

Gojo pulled away, his rut calmed for the time being as he went back to scenting the boy and leaving soft kiss over every mark he left.

Proof that he finally claimed his precious Omega.

• • •

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