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27 Apr
FushiIta: A Sickness Called Love (Part 1)

Warning/Tags: Mentions of Incest kinda, Yandere!Megumi, Dark!Megumi, Mention of murder and thoughts of violence. Obsessive and possessive behavior

Megumi remembers the first time he felt this strange emotion. A possessive need.
Tsumiki was so happy to learn her brother had a crush, that happiness turned to horror when she learned the crush he had was on her.

He remembers the fear in her eyes as she took in the sight of the mangled body of one of her classmates.
The same classmate who had confessed to her the day before.

The girl was able to control her voice


“He was bothering you. I’m just getting rid of the trash.”

Tsumiki hurriedly helped Megumi get rid of the body and clean the blood stains.
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26 Apr
Blessed Messiah and The Tower of Ai x Jjk

The Story for those who don’t know, is about ten friends. One turns out to be the next Messiah in a dying world. The only way to save it is to gain the 9 blessings at the Tower of Ai.
However, the Messiah’s 9 friends each steal a blessing. The Messiah is hurt until the end when they discover that to save/heal the earth 9 sacrifices were needed. The friends knew this and gave their life willing for the messiah who was overcome in grief
With that briefly explained: JJK VER

Messiah: Satoru Gojo

Sea Blessing: Suguru Geto

Fire Blessing: Nobara Kugisaki

Sun Blessing: Tsumiki Fushiguro

Darkness Blessing: Megumi Fushiguro
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26 Apr
GoYuu/GetYuu/????: You Could Do Better

Warning/Tags: No Curse Au, Fluff with slight angst? Very little, Mention of SatoSugu, and a surprise at the end!

This Idea/Prompt was created by Lovely @kawaiiyuuji and I simply had to write for it.
When Suguru and Satoru broke up, Suguru had left Tokyo to get away from the memories and ugly feelings.

Their break up was rather messy, if he had stayed in Tokyo he would no doubt run into his ex more than he’d like.

However, he wishes he had stayed.
Stayed in Tokyo instead of traveling for a few years before coming back

Then he could have been the one to meet Yuuji To hold the boy’s hand, to kiss his sweet pink lips

But he had ran and when he came back and visited Shoko, the pair had run into Satoru and his new love, Yuuji
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26 Apr
Hey Guys, I wanted to take this time as a reminder for everyone that you are safe here on my profile.

You like a certain ship? You like minor x adult or some “problematic” content? You are safe here.

You can like whatever kink/trope/ship whatever you want-
As long as you aren’t actually causing harm to anyone, I do not mind. I am a multishipper but there are ships even I do not like and if you happen to like them? That’s great! I support you and your enjoyment!

Fandoms are meant to be fun-
They’re meant to be communities for people who share an interests to talk and just be creative.

But some people are out here trying to make it seem more serious than it needs to be.

This is all fiction and there is so much canon stuff that is problematic-
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25 Apr
So serious talk for a second. If you follow me and you support the outing of a person who is in an unsafe environment. If you support the risky situation someone put Columbo in, block me right now. Just go.
There’s no fucking reason to do such a thing. No reason to put someones life in danger just cause you decided to throw a tantrum about some art that you could have ignored. I didn’t follow them, mainly cause Im not in the AOT fandom much anymore
But they really just wanted to share their art and do what they loved and some assholes had to go and just ruin everything.

You think you’re a hero? A savior? Get over your hero complex and actually realize what you’ve done.
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25 Apr
GetYuu/GetIta: I like you, I love you!

Warning/Tags: Major Fluff, Super fluff, that’s it

Yuuji never expected any of this to happen. From swallowing a cursed finger, to becoming a vessel and a sorcerer, and even being on death row.
Having a crush should have been the last thing on his mind

Yet here he was, sitting on Nobara’s bed with a red face as he confessed to his friends.

“Wait wait, repeat that? I want to make sure I didn’t mishear that.” Nobara said as Megumi looked at his friend in slight surprise
Yuuji squeezed his eyes shut, taking a breath and relaxing before he opened them again trying to keep his cool.

“I...I think I have a crush on Geto-senpai…” Yuuji spoke unusually soft
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19 Apr
Madoka Magica but make it jjk where Yuuji somehow gets the power to restart everything.

Warning: Angst

His friends and loved ones all get to live happily and normally, curses no longer exist

But in exchange, it wipes Yuuji’s existence completely
No one remembers Yuuji. Not even his grandpa.

Well, except one person. Satoru Gojo who has dreams of a bright smile and pink hair, golden brown eyes that remind him of honey.

He remembers. Vaguely. Sometimes he wakes up calling out “Yuuji!” And then-
Just like that, the dreams fade and the name sounds so strange. So familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

Suguru holds him those days. The two laying in bed all morning. Suguru doesn’t mind when his lover calls out this boy’s name-
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19 Apr
Yuuji Harem Thread: Cuddles

So I’m finally expanding on this idea about Yuuji being best at cuddles.

The first one to discover this was obviously Megumi Fushiguro.
It was accidental really, Yuuji had fallen asleep during the car ride back to campus and Megumi for some reason decided to carry him back to his dorm instead of waking him.

This resulted in Yuuji refusing to let go in his sleep, Megumi was forced to lay in bed with Yuuji.
Yuuji, in his sleep, was very cuddly. The pink haired boy nuzzled his friend’s throat, throwing a leg over Megumi’s own.

Megumi couldn’t help but relax against the warm body pressed against him and ultimately fell asleep.

Nobara was next.
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18 Apr
I’m listening to “As the world caves in” and all I can think is curses winning this war, humanity is ending and Sukuna has all his power. He can finally overpower Yuuji and brags about it one last time in their shared mind, in his domain-
And Yuuji just smiles. A real sincere smile since this whole thing started.

“Brat, why are you smiling? I’ve won. Not even your stupid sensei can save you.”

“I know....Do you mind if I watch the sunset one more time?”

Sukuna has no idea what’s going on but he agrees-
After all, there’s nothing left to be done. Sorcerer’s have lost. Humanity has lost.

And so they watch the sunset together. Yuuji given one last moment to have control.

“You never answered why you’re smiling brat.”
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18 Apr
SukuIta/FushiIta Thread: Temporary

Warning/Tags: Shotacon, Yandere!Sukuna, Possessive Shotakuna, Oblivious but good older brother!Yuuji.

May make a sequel that’s nsfw but for now Enjoy!


Yuuji was a good big brother.
He was caring, protective, made sure his baby brother had whatever he needed, and basically spoiled his baby brother.

If Sukuna wanted something, all he had to do was look at Yuuji and give him a pout while calling him “Nii-san” and Yuuji would be putty in his hands.
Yuuji saw Sukuna as his adorable brother who had horrible nightmares and so even at 10 years old he /had/ to sleep in the same bed as Yuuji or he’d cry.

Yuuji’s friends saw Sukuna as what he truly was. A terrifying 10 year old who was unhealthily obsessed with his older brother-
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15 Apr
Getyuu/GetIta: Mommy’s here

Warning/Tag: Mild spoilers, Manipulation and trauma, I don’t think this counts as a mommy kink but I’ll go ahead and tag that too


“Your father had stitches on his head, didn’t he?”
That was what Choso said. Yuuji wanted to say something, to argue, because no. His father did not have stitches on his head


His mom did. A memory flashed across his mind of loving eyes looking down at him, a soft tune hummed and shushing his cries.
Just as fast as the memory came to him, it went away.

He shook the memory off and hurried off, desperate to get to Gojo-sensei.

It didn’t matter, his parents had left him long ago so why should he care about some pointless memory?
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8 Apr
GoYuu Thread: Iron Collar

Warning/tags: A/B/O Au, NSFW, Alpha!Gojo, Omega!Yuji, Possessive Gojo, Breeding, Just in case gonna tag Dubious Consent

In a world where Omega’s made up about 20% of the population while the other 30% were betas and the rest were alpha’s, Omega’s-
- were treasured and practically worshipped.

Society had decided as a way to protect Omega’s from being unwillingly mated, every Omega when they presented would have to wear a collar.

Every collar designed differently for the needs of each omega.
They had collars with locks, collars with scent blockers, collars that shocked anyone that tried to break it, and more.

In Yuji’s case, he had an iron collar wrapped around his neck. It wasn’t due to the threat of Alpha’s but because of Yuji’s own strength even as a child.
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6 Apr
GetYuu/GetIta: Not so Different

Warning/Tags: This isn’t really romantic or shippy, it’s angst filled so be warned but my thoughts are kinda on this. Spoilers if you aren’t caught up in the manga. This is more my imagination and thoughts on everything and comparing the two characters Hints of GoYuu and FushiIta
Suguru has watched over the boy ever since he was first brought to the college.

Yuji Itadori, bright and hopeful, just like Suguru and his friends were until everything fell apart.

Suguru didn’t care for non-shamans, they were worthless in his opinion but-
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23 Mar
GoYuu: Love at first sight

Warning/Tags: Yandere!Gojo, Senpai/Kouhai AU, possessive behavior, stalking, implied NSFW at the end

@Chubbydoggo1 This ones for you ^^

Satoru Gojo could have anything he wanted. He had money, respect, admirers, and strength.
He even had two great friends: Suguru Geto and Ieiri Shoko.

Two people he could always count on.

He remembers the two 1st years Megumi and Nobara hanging around the 3rd years. Satoru got along fine with them, both had incredible potential.
He even thinks Megumi could reach Satoru’s level if he tapped into his full potential.

Satoru has a small amount of respect for the two 1st years.

Until he heard about a third 1st year joining who knew nothing of cursed energy and the only reason he was here now was because-
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21 Mar

Warning: Drug Use, Noncon/Dubcon, Underage, NSFW, daddy kink


Toji didn’t usually care or get involved with what his kids were up to. They were grown enough to make decisions for themselves at this point.
His son, Megumi, was rather reserved and not as social as Tsumiki.

Which is why it was a surprise when Megumi said he was bringing a friend over.

Even more surprising is how the kid was the complete opposite of Megumi.
The kid’s name was Yuji Itadori, soft pink hair, golden brown eyes, loud and constantly smiling.

It was clear the kid was a people magnet and Toji was no different than his son, feeling drawn to the young boy and constantly keeping watch of him when he would come over.
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21 Mar
GoYuu: Bride

Warning/Tags: Kid!Gojo & Teen!Yuji au, Fluff, Gojo is a brat. What's new?

@itadoricest Happy early Birthday!

When Yaga-sensei sent the 1st years to train with one of the famous clans, Yuji was ecstatic.
It’ll be great, he thought.
He was excited to get stronger, though Megumi and Nobara warned him that the Gojo Clan wasn’t...the friendliest.

That’s fine! Yuji knew he could work with that.
The training was to go on for a week and Yuji got tackled the first day they were there after a huge misunderstanding.

He had seen some kid walking alone and decided to talk to him, be nice and maybe make a new friend.
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21 Mar

Warning: NSFW, Fluff, Cross dressing


“This is a present?” Yuji looked at his Sensei who watched the boy eagerly.

“Yes! What? You’re gonna say you don’t like it?” Gojo pouted as Yuji laughed.
“Is it a present for me or for you?” Yuji smiled, looking at the outfit he had pulled out of the giftbag.

A maid outfit. Cliche as it was.
Yuji had to admit it was cute though, it was pastel pink with white stockings.
He looked over to his beloved Sensei, rolling his eyes at the adorable pout directed at him.

“Fine fine, give me a minute to put it on.” Yuji laughed softly, grabbing the outfit and heading to the bathroom.
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21 Mar
OkkoIta Thread: Happy Birthday

Warning: NSFW, Noncon/DubCon, Yandere!Yuuta Why do I do this?


Yuuta had been told of Yuji by Gojo-sensei way before the Shibuya incident happened.
Before the Higher-ups had sent him to kill Yuji.

Yuuta had expected some pretty girl from the way Gojo-sensei described Yuji, but what he found was even better.

The Higher-ups showed him a file with information on Yuji, a picture-
- attached of a pink haired boy, bright smile with bright eyes.

He could outshine the sun if he wanted.

Yuuta knew he had to pretend to hold a grudge against the boy. He was a good actor so he didn’t have to worry about that.

When he got to Shibuya, that’s when he saw him.
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21 Mar
KamIta/KamYuu: Mommy

Warning: NSFW, Mommy Kink, Kamo needs love, Fluff? Slight Fluff

@assugaa @nimblenanami

Noritoshi only ever became a sorcerer for his mother. For her safety, for her sake, he was willing to do the dirty work.
Ever since he was a child, this has always been the case.

Some things never change.

“Oh my baby, you’re doing so good for me. Mommy feels so good~” Yuji cooed, caressing the older boy’s face as he rode his baby boy’s cock.
“Mommy, Mommy please” Noritoshi pleaded, reduced to nothing but a drooling mess.

“Please what? Use your words baby boy. Mommy will give you whatever you want” Yuji spoke breathless, he had never felt so full before.

His baby deserved a reward for being so good.
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21 Mar
GeYuu/SuYuu/GetIta: The Panther and The Tiger

Warning: Hybrid Au, Implied NSFW, Geto is a subtle creep


Yuji respected all of his senpai’s. The 2nd years accepted him relatively quickly despite being the vessel for Sukuna.
The 3rd years took a bit more time, mainly Gojo-senpai, who Shoko and Geto explained was just a bastard to everyone.

He eventually got the 3rd year to warm up to him, now Gojo-senpai and him are on better terms though Yuji is still a bit intimidated by the older snow leopard boy
Yuji may have been a tiger hybrid but he was still much smaller and weaker than the supposed “Honoured one” (Seriously Yuji has no idea where that title even came from).

Gojo-senpai was still incredibly sadistic, which is why when Yaga-sensei told the 1st years-
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