Forbes reveals 40 people who have seen their fortunes soar due to fighting the coronavirus pandemic! 5 Canadians entered the league. Take some time out & read. Look at the numbers! China+HK account for almost 250 billionaires. Wealth Transfer has been done…
Wealth transfer doesn’t just correspond to new 493 first timer billionaires (incl. 40 Covid beneficiaries), look at how top 10 gained. @jack at what 177 with $12.5 billion which is surprisingly low with all the effort he personally puts too 😉.
4 Indian billionaires are Covid linked. 5 Canadians Covid linked. 14 Chinese Covid linked. Total wealth of all billionaires last year was $8 trillion which jumped to $13 trillion which is more than 62% jump. That’s why I called it biggest wealth transfer ever in history.
Historically all the modern wars were investments by wealthy ( u can give any spin to it and call them WW1/2) to make money & usurp more power. This includes smaller wars since WW2 across world too. Wealthy people have become innovative, Disease is the new war & an investment!
Traditional wars may not happen atleast in short term but psyops based information warfare may be fought with help of AI now onwards. So wealthy people investing in info warfare(+AI) & disease(+pharma) will mint money. Monarchy ,Feudalism followed by communism & Capitalism is
Giving way to global oligarchy(till now it was country specific) which leads to the quintessential topic of Globalists & new world order. The global oligarchs want it all just the way monarchs & lords wanted. It was just change of name & the way system was organized!
Yes indeed in capitalism & democracy we had a mirage of possibilities but very few could break the ranks. It seems they have decided the old system created too many well to do people & now is the time to strike hard & make people poor & subservient again. System change in order!
Global oligarchs need global system to track individuals. Vaccine passport is step 1. It will simply lead to global digital Identity cards. Your movement , spends, earnings, behaviour, activism, threat to system will be managed by AI. No wonder the push for vaccine Ppt is high!
Digital revolution was never to give u more power but to give more power to globalists to control u. If there were ever to be a power that stops this all, it is (sadly) denouncing digital way of living which has enamoured us all. People rejecting digital way will be ostracized!
Anti-Digitals as I’d call them if they were ever to come into being will suffer the most at the hands of globalists because they will be threat to new world order. For survival they’ll have to live underground (hidden) lives which is almost impossible with current technologies!
So the questions that arise are Q1) will globalists succeed? Q2) will awaken minority(against Covid scam) be able to achieve a significant pushback against vaccine passport global rollout? Will they be ostracized & targeted with restrictions on opportunities & movements(travel)
Q3) will there be a new GANDHI just from Satyagraha standpoint? (Sanskrit : “holding onto truth”) concept introduced in the early 20th century by Mahatma Gandhi to designate a determined but nonviolent resistance to evil. Will a saviour leader arise out of this ongoing War & When
Q4) WHERE will the new leader arise??? Note: If there were not to be a leader against this Psyops/information war then the war has been won by Globalist already. It’s over. This fight at local levels against lockdowns & anti vaccination needs to take shape of a larger movement
WHERE IS THE LEADER who can stand & fight against this powerful globalists? Will western world be able to offer 1? Ideally India should have offered one with such large mandate to Modi but he has kneeled down to globalists to save the nation from financial ostracizing by powerful
UN,IMF,WEF such powerful institutions with their global tentacles reaching out(infiltrating) the entire world is there any possibility of a pushback that can achieve any results for the masses. Are we seeing history in the making? Will a new system that kicks out NWO take birth??

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