1/4 Last night's convo still got me thinking. @esglaude in Democracy in Black talks about racial *habits.* That was a new layer for me:

1. Racial prejudice in hearts
2. Racial animosity in relationships
3. Racial habits that frame lives
4. Racial systems that order society
2/4 What are some of our racial habits in America? Claude mentions a few, I add some too:

1. Denial/minimization of race (Glaude calls this "masking")
2. Disremembering/distorting our history of race
3. Racial separation/isolation
4. Making assumptions through stereotypes
3/4 What if Christians started replacing these racial habits with Xn *spiritual* habits?

1. Confessing instead of denying
2. Remembering & truth-telling instead of disremembering
3. Breaking bread across difference instead of isolation
4. Asking & listening instead of assuming
4/4 This wouldn't magically solve our issues, but it'd help us think about that often invisible 3rd layer of racialized *habits.* So we don't just look for prejudice or animosity, but we pay attn to our habits. It may also bridge the way to seeing how racism works in our systems.

• • •

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3 Aug 20
Guys, we are staying in a mountain town called Westkill in an old house with black walls in the middle of the woods right next to an old cemetery.

This is how it ends for us, isn't it?
This is fine. Image
Should I go out by myself tonight to the chainsaw shed in the back of the cemetery?
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30 Jun 20
This was outstanding. My feeble attempt at a summary:

Human ideologies take a *good* thing in God's creation and deifies it to replace God as sovereign. This is the fatal mistake that ends up dehumanizing. The problem of ideology is at its core idolatry. Image
Liberalism lifts up the individual (a good!). But when the individual is made the savior and sovereign over ALL of life, it results in the loss of social cohesion and self-serving isolation.
Nationalism lifts up the ethnic group or nation-state (a good!). But when one ethnic group is made the Savior and Sovereign over ALL of life, it results in racial oppression and the violence of empire.
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16 Jun 20
Most days I wake up completely overwhelmed as a leader. It's all too much. Then I tell myself what I tell my kids:

1. Acknowledge that you feel overwhelmed to God. Name it, don't ignore, deny, or shame the feeling away. It's ok to have that feeling. Jesus knows what it's like.
2. Admit that what you're trying to do is really hard. Like actually say out loud "This is really hard." To yourself and to God.
3. Break down the massive work that needs to be done into smaller, concrete steps.
4. Find one small, doable next step and just do that. Pull a Frozen II on yourself: What's the next right thing?
5. Take the tiny momentum of that small step into the next step and do one more.
6. Repeat.
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15 Jun 20
This morning my two little guys asked me why racism is still such a problem. Reminded me of an analogy I once heard using the game Monopoly, which they love. It's not perfect, but still illuminating (1/4)
I said imagine your three siblings have been playing Monopoly for two hours. They've bought all the properties and built houses and hotels on them. You ask if you can play. They let you, but they don't want to start over or give you any of their properties. (2/4)
And they say you have to start with the same amount of money they did because, well, you have to follow the rules. Technically you have been included "fairly," but do you really have a chance? Wouldn't that make you mad? (3/4)
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11 Jun 20
I had the privilege of marching with #praymarchact in the Bronx today. #PrayBX!!! Some reflections:

1. All the pastors were local leaders who have been doing ministry in and for the the community for decades. That made a huge difference. It felt more effective and "sturdy."
2. The police captain of the local precinct, because it was led by local churches that he had relationship with, came out to address the pastors. This profoundly humanized police officers and dispelled the belief that this was the people vs. the police. Powerful.
3. His essential message: "This march is needed. I'm Puerto Rican, I'm with you. I grew up in the church, I love that this is the church. We are here to protect you and your right to protest. We want to see peaceful change."
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20 May 20
A beautiful day serving lunch & distributing hygiene kits with @NYC_Relief. We served 100s of guests over 2 hrs. A few things stood out:

1. Our homeless neighbors often can't socially distance if staying in a shelter. They rely on orgs like NYC Relief for protective supplies.
2. The proportion of Asian-American guests was far higher than I expected. The model minority myth often renders these neighbors and their needs invisible.
3. I instinctively gave people food according to the Korean custom of using both hands and honoring the person with a slight bow. One Asian woman was taken aback and seemed almost embarrassed by this simple gesture of honor. Human dignity matters. A lot.
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