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Thread on 139
So when I tweeted this, what I had in mind was the Curse of Ymir being broken and everyone reverting back to humans. I think this idea works as it is a big factor in future generations living in peace, only the logistics mattered #aot139spoilers
The way the chapter started got my hopes up immensely since we knew that Eren faking it in 112 and this piece of dialogue set up the direction of his and Armin's convo nicely. #aot139spoilers
Then this happened. #aot139spoilers
This is what Isayama had in mind as the conclusion? "The world won't be able to fight back and you'll be seen as heroes so everything will be ok". That is just so naively thought-out. #aot139spoilers
I mean on some level I can see how Eren would think that that is a viable solution but it just seems so contradictory (and not in a way that the contradiction feel well-written and substantiated). #aot139spoilers
A lot of the info we get in this chapter just feels like it came out of left field and is half-baked. Not something I've come to expect from the man who wrote Marley and WfP, two arcs with some of the best character work and in-universe mechanics I've ever seen #aot139spoilers
Like what is this man. Eren and Armin's exchange is Isayama lampshading just how ridiculous of a "revelation" this is #aot139spoilers
Then just a page later we get the next totally unsubstantiated "revelation". When the hell was this ever a thing? #aot139spoilers
We later find out in the chapter that this convo b/w Eren and Armin took place when that bird in 131 came near Armin. So what this tells me is that the thing Eren is wondering about is when Mikasa kills him. #aot139spoilers
I'm not sure why Eren is speaking like he doesn't know what'll happen when on the next page he literally says that he sees *everything* while in the paths with the Founder's power, but back to Mikasa for a moment #aot139spoilers
So we knew that Ymir was bound to Fritz and never disobeyed him, and we just found out that he loved him as well. So was Ymir waiting for Mikasa to kill Eren as a way to vicariously experience being "freed" from her love?? You see how convoluted this already got #aot139spoilers
Moving on. Ho boy, this is something I hate how was done. I was expecting that this would be somehow relevant, like maybe Eren would see the memory through Dina's eyes, but I was not expecting him to be the one to do it, and here's why. #aot139spoiler
Eren said that everything is connected in the paths with the founder's power but this in no way explains how he was able to do that with Dina. #aot139spoiler
As I said in those messages, the idea of him doing that does make sense on some level, but there was no way for him to do that without breaking the mechanics of AoT's pseudo time travel and the closed-loop stuff that's made possible via the Attack Titan #aot139spoiler
Like I have no clue how Isayama thought this was good. He either never understood how his own usage of time travel worked and 121 was accidental genius or he just didn't give two shits about this twist #aot139spoiler
This is the worst page I've seen in my entire life. Like the translation could be better but the core idea is there #aot139spoiler
Yes, Eren has been and is a petty crybaby, I actually like this idea of his final moments on screen being somewhat petty, kinda like Light Yagami's, but this almost infantile dependency of Mikasa has never been established in the story. #aot139spoiler
Yes, he cares about Mikasa, but not in this way man. This does not sound like Eren and it's why I had this thought, but as I said in the pic too it's just not substantiated enough, cuz these highly abstract aspects of the Paths have been only recently shown to us. #aot139spoiler
I always believed that the Rumbling was something he wanted to do, and I mean that in the sense of experiencing freedom, not killing people, and I think that that is what these pages are trying to tell me. #aot139spoiler
It's like why is he like this? He or we won't know, it's just how he was born. I like this part a fair bit and I don't believe it contradicts anything or came out of left field. #aot139spoiler
This is also a nice sentiment and a callback to the shell that was not looked upon, but again I gotta question his wording that he doesn't know what'll happen after he dies. #aot139spoiler
He just got done saying that he sees *everything* but that everything hasn't been properly defined to us. #aot139spoiler
Like I said, I knew this would happen, but the logic behind it is unsubstantiated which makes them turning into titans in 138 look like a cheap fakeout. #aot139spoiler
Tweet limit, gonna continue writing #aot139spoiler
Where's Ymir now? Where's the centipede? We will never get to see these things #aot139spoiler
This next page also rubs me the wrong way a little. Like all of their last interactions with Eren have been awful and they just stopped him from committing genocide, and this is how they're reacting? Not the nuanced writing I've come to expect from Yams #aot139spoiler
I liked all of this. Levi especially a goat and Isayama didn't fuck anything up about him #aot139spoiler
This was also nice and emotional, but their convo and how we got here and how all of that isn't well done or defined is too much on my mind to be able to enjoy this payoff. #aot139spoiler
Also, how is Mikasa gonna get back to Paradis? 😭😭😭 #aot139spoiler
This is also one of my most hated parts of the chapter. They're going to stop their conflict but proving they're not the evil race that can turn into titans. That totally undermined the message of people deserving equal rights despite being different #aot139spoiler
Like what in the actual fuck #aot139spoiler
This is also some baby-tier writing. #aot139spoiler
I explain why in these discord messages #aot139spoiler
Timeskip baby and look at that the pregnancy plotline ended up being completely pointless #aot139spoiler
These people are using the words of someone who annihilated 80% of the planet as a chant. What in the world Isayama #aot139spoiler
This is how Isayama decided to conclude Reiner's character #aot139spoiler
So Eren got reborn into a bird? How does this work? So is this the same bird we saw in 131 and at the start of Marley? Does this mean he could be in multiple bodies at once even before he died and got assimilated into the Paths? None of this is explained #aot139spoiler
The end. Shippers won. #aot139spoiler

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