We may hear medical testimony today in the Derek Chauvin trial -- critical to the state's case as well as the defense's assertion that Chauvin's knee did not cause George Floyd's death. 4/8/21 Thread
First witness today is Dr. Martin Tobin. He is a pulmonologist from Chicago.
Prior to being called, defense attorney Eric Nelson noted that the state will call Hennepin County Medical Examiner Andrew Baker tomorrow, even though it's more common for the ME to testify first then other medical experts afterwards.
Dr. Tobin is a nationally renowned expert on breathing.
If you want to buy Dr. Tobin's "Bible on Mechanical Ventilation," open up your wallet!
Our @LaurenKARE11 is the pool reporter inside the courtroom today. We will fill you in on her notes during the breaks.
Dr. Tobin testifying that unlike most expert witnesses -- he is not getting paid. He was contacted by the state, but said he would do it for free.
Dr. Tobin gives his opinion: "Mr. Floyd died from a low level of oxygen."

He says it caused damage to his brain and caused PEA arrhythmia which stopped his heart. (ER doc already testified about PEA arrhythmia so it matches earlier testimony)
Dr. Tobin testifies that shallow breathing led to the low level of oxygen -- caused by prone position, handcuffs behind back, and knees on neck and back.
There's @LaurenKARE11
Fascinating computer animation of the officers holding down George Floyd.

Dr. Tobin testifies that he believes Derek Chauvin's knee was on Floyd's neck 90% of the time.
Dr. Tobin is testifying that the way the officers manipulated or moved Floyd's handcuffs played a big role.
A visual aid to go with what Dr. Tobin is saying regarding handcuffs -- and what officers are doing with the handcuffs.
Dr. Tobin says you can see Floyd attempt to breathe by lifting shoulder. But it is an "ineffective" way to breathe.

"It's a very poor way of breathing, but it's what you have to do when everything else is failing"
The state is using this with Dr. Tobin to try to show that someone can still speak even if they "can't breathe."
Dr. Tobin now talking about weight distribution and the effect on Floyd's neck.
Another visual aid. This witnesses is checking a lot of the boxes that I know from past interviews jurors like to see and hear when experts are testifying.
Dr. Tobin is addressing studies that say putting weight on someone's back in prone position is not dangerous -- he says these studies are misleading.
Prosecutor Jerry Blackwell reveals in questioning that George Floyd had a paraganglioma tumor. Dr. Tobin testified that it was not meaningful to his death.
Dr. Tobin testified that this moment where George Floyd's leg kicked up and Lane pushed it down -- Floyd was suffering severe brain injury at it was a reflex during fatally low level of oxygen to the brain.
Dr. Tobin just testified that he could see the moment George Floyd died by looking at his face. Blackwell played the Facebook video in slight slo-mo.

"That's the moment the life goes out of his body."
Here is our Youtube link for hte afternoon session:
Nelson in cross-examination just addressed the mixture of drugs - and how the meth and fentanyl counteract each other - meth increasing heartrate.
Nelson is now laying out the defense theory of overdose timeline -- through his question with the witness. That five minutes after ingestion "peak fentanyl respiratory depression" occurs.
New witness is Dr. Daniel S. Isenschmid, NMS Laboratory – Horsham, PA.

That's the same lab where the last witness from yesterday works.
Dr. Isenschmid tested George Floyd's blood at the request of the Hennepin County Medical Examiner.

He said the amount of meth found in Floyd was about the same as taking one dose.
New witness -- Dr. William Smock, Louisville, KY
Dr. Smock: "Mr Floyd died from positional asphyxia, which is a fancy way of saying he died because he had no oxygen left in his body."
Dr. Smock is a police surgeon for the Louisville Police Department.

Prosecutor Jerry Blackwell is questioning him on the "controversial diagnosis" of excited delirium.

Dr. Smock testifies that in his opinion, it is real.

But now saying Floyd did not have it.
"I saw absolutely no evidence of it," Smock said.
Smock testifies that Floyd is not going through a drug overdose.

"That is not a fentanyl overdose. That is someone begging to breathe."
Smock ends direct examination with "As soon as Mr. Floyd is unconscious, he should have been rolled over... you have documentation on the video that an officer couldn't find a pulse... should have rolled over, when couldn't find a pulse CPR should have been started."
In cross-examination -- Eric Nelson asked if the knee was placed on the posterior base of neck -- would not affect diaphragm.

Smock agreed.

• • •

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