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It is our duty to fight for our freedom.
It is our duty to win.
We must love each other and support each other.
We have nothing to lose but our chains.
On 13th march, Clapham Common hosted a silent vigil for a woman murdered in the area. This is a detailed account of what happened on the night of the vigil and who exactly is responsible for inciting it into a protest against the police
You can watch the full 2hour edit following the link below. Alternatively check out this shorter twitter thread...

We start off with 2 YouTubers @actualinterview and @SubjectAccesss, who instantly aren't treating the event with the respect it deserves. Typical behaviour from those LARPing as journalists I suppose.
Subject access has a gang of followers that understand that his livestream is all about manufacturing chaos. Check this video and notice how it starts with a police officer already not wearing a hat.

That's because the trigger to this chaos was the theft of a police officers hat. It's @SubjectAccesss's MO to have chaos triggered in someway, sometimes using his cult following and then he will only releasing footage of the reaction with no context.
On the night of vigil @SubjectAccesss and his gang used this method on a massive scale, gaining 12million+ views on twitter alone, controlling the narrative of the event in the mainstream, while discrediting grassroots movements all at the same time

Working with Tommy Robinson flying monkey @SteveRightNLeft who he uses as his spotter, @SubjectAccesss is more of an independent anti-left protester profiler... not an independent journalist like he claims
Or unlike how Steve described him on twitter here.

If you'd like to know more about Steve he features on numerous videos on my channel, including this one where he has some very bigoted opinions on Somali women

William Coleshill runs the @GbResistance account and YouTube channel alongside his girlfriend. Like James Goddard, he has a history of harassing female MP's, proudly so according to his twitter profile.
William Coleshill recently nuked most of his twitter account - However he is still uploading to Youtube.
Everyone mentioned so far work under the access media collective who promote conspiracy theoriests and far right ideologies, while discrediting left wing movements by any means.
Piers Corbyn shows up and @actualinterview reports on Piers agenda to take the stage to make a speech, at a SILENT VIGIL!
It's no surprise to hear Piers' agenda when this whole gang think that the feminist movement is one big global conspiracy.

The final person to introduce for now is Heiko...
Coleshill announces Heiko's speech, and unsurprisingly it didn't go too well for him. He's removed while the crowd chant 'not your place'. Note that the self proclaimed journalist commits contempt of court multiple times.
We see a man who seems very concerned about Heiko. Remember his face for later.
@SteveRightNLeft seemed adamant that he wasn't a police officer. I wonder how he knew

Piers arrives with a sound-system which was announced by a random woman moments before on stage, providing more evidence for an organised infiltration of a large network of anti-lockdown agitators
Two police liaison officers enter the bandstand for the first time while we see a group of anti-lockdown protestors make sure they're ignored.
Also notice how the police liaison officer seems very polite. Yet the anti-lockdown mafia only seem to want to escalate, to make sure the evening carries on where Heiko left off...
Behind the mafia is conspiracy theorist Fiona Hine who can be found hanging round Heiko, Piers, Kurten and many more of the anti-lockdown gang in a video released only yesterday. She appears at around 9mins 20.

Next up we see the photo opportunity herself @PatsyeStevenson climb the fence (she would have has to climb through flowers to get there) in order to get in thick of it. She even seems to have a strategy meeting with the mafia...
And then look who shows up again after already been removed once? It's Heiko, this time armed with a megaphone
Heiko continues to incite the crowd at a silent vigil barking about a dictatorship passing off the megaphone to his associate once he's got the crowd going - then @PatsyeStevenson has a go, committing contempt of court on the way
I recommend watching her Good Morning Britain interview and see if you can pick up on her bullshit. She claims she saw people speaking on a megaphone, but never once mentioned she played a part in that as well

By now there's not many people left in the bandstand apart from the rabble rousers on the outskirts. Piers' soundsystem is seized...
Still the police a treating these people with kid gloves, asking 'PLEASE can you leave' - much kinder than the crowd were initially when they were chanting 'not your place' to Heiko - the pandemonium has been going on now for over 40mins.
@SteveRightNLeft maneuvers himself to the front to make an important addition while Heiko hogs the mic, which leads to a confusing moment when Heiko finally allows a woman to speak. She simply continues along with the crowd.
Patsy has another go at provoking the police to leave so they can further incite the crowd and promote their antilockdown agenda.
Heiko jumps down in order to make space for a switcheroo with the photo opportunities and then he hands his megaphone to @SteveRightNLeft who has an important announcement to make about their protest on 20th March.
After the switch has been made the 4 photo ops are now in position with all the walking CCTVS pointing in their direction. You hear Sam call out to someone called David off camera.
Then the arrests come and in predictable fashion, the anti-lockdown mob have to pointlessly escalate the chaos in real time, trampling the flowers without a care in the process
This is a little look at what Patsy has been getting up to since the vigil...
In the full edit you will notice how easy it was to get the arrested women back to the police vans in comparison to this next arrest coming up. Not sure exactly why, but interesting to note nonetheless
Tommy Robinson was the first to alert me to the infiltration of the crowd. Learning to spot when a psychopath projects is a very valuable tool in this game. That Antifa hoody guy is a blatant stooge who was hanging round all night with the anti-lockdown agitators kicking off
Heiko's handler grins wildly as he seems to direct and push the fake antifa from behind - pandemonium ensues in stark contrast to the last arrests
Things are further escalated once they reach the vans, a wing mirror is smashed, and the anti-lockdown crowd try to prevent the van from leaving. Incited to 'sit down on the road' by @SteveRightNLeft
Moving the people who @SteveRightNLeft incited to sit in front of the van turns into police 'attacking women'. These anti-lockdown protestors need to grow some backbone and take some responsibility for their actions.
If you incite the police to arrest you, they will eventually be forced to do it. XR get it. You don't see any of them crying about their arrests. They are honest and upfront about it. The behavior on display at the vigil was simply childish from the start

Yet it's these children that are supposed to have all the answers. The solutions to the bread and circus they just performed...
Notice how Heiko shares the megaphone with the Stand up x guy while standing under the far right white Pendragon flag.
This is an example of what they had in store for their protest on March 20th - draw the police into the fields in order to isolate them. While outnumbered they would be able to overwhelm them with missiles. They used children as fodder on the front lines!
Notice a guy called Based Welshman on the front lines. He was directing the walking CCTVs at the vigil through the chat. When I try and film far right events he has his flying monkey's try to steal my equipment. Yet they are free to do as they please.

These Nazi's tell us the solutions to their bread and circus they just performed, watch their propaganda, believe their conspiracies, fund their bogus charities and vote for their joke politicians
Coleshill finishes his stream by highlighting his creepy and predatory tendencies. He's told to stop smiling and to keep it on message, by 2 separate people in quick succession
@seanedwardfitz is another character on the Access Media label who admits to going on a protest roadshow to Bristol and Manchester. Which means this infiltration of events goes nationwide. And puts a slightly different perspective on how the Bristol protests were reported
This group are also getting into the mainstream, @SteveRightNLeft on LBC and I wouldn't be surprised if the group had links with the Police chiefs considering this quote from the Daily Mail
@LozzaFox attended the march on the 20th, accompanied by @JamesDelingpole who recently platformed Neoreactionary Ralph Masilamani showing how wide this spider web is connected.

@LozzaFox uses Buska to film his Mayoral campaign, the channel recommended by the Nazi's previously, & he's also flanked by Tommy Robinson Flying Monkey @SteveRightNLeft and his mate Andy. You should see a trend of the types of people sucked into toxicity

So what can we do about these people?
And what are these people really? And who can we call on for help?
If you value my work please feel free to show your appreciation below. I would love to do more antifascism work and less for the corporate monster so help me make that happen 😘✊

And never forget...
It is our duty to fight for our freedom.
It is our duty to win.
We must love each other and support each other.
We have nothing to lose but our chains.
Forgot the link ✌️

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