In theory I understand what's being argued in the argument George Floyd's cause of death. But I marvel at the absurdity of the idea that Floyd's body finally gave out from drug use at the moment a cop was kneeling on his chest and compressing his diaphram so he couldn't breathe.
2/ I thought it was a pretty established principle of law that different people's bodies have different levels of fragility. What breaks one person might not break another. And when you kill someone, or take actions that could kill someone you take on that unknown at ...
3/ your own risk.
4/ To make the point crystal clear, there doesn't seem to be any evidence whatsoever drugs played any role in Floyd's death. But even under the hypothetical that either chronic drug use or drugs in his system made it 10% more likely that he would die in that situation ...
5/ that seems basically irrelevant. We don't have to be in peak fitness not to get murdered. And you take on the risk of the uncertainties of how a particular person's body will react when you compress their chest for 10 minutes.

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10 Apr
The key part of Tucker's recitation of 'Great Replacement' theory is this: "the democratic party is trying to replace the current the electorate … the voters now casting ballots - ***with new people, more obedient voters from the third world**." The racism here is clear ...
2/ enough. But this second element is the key that unlocks the whole thing. It's not immigrants coming tot he US who will change the country. All immigrants do that. The country evolves over time, transforming and being transformed. It is rather than people who are here ...
3/ now are bringing in new people "who are more obedient". In other words, the new folks, whatever their color are basically passive actors. They're brought here by domestic bad people because the domestic bad people will be able to control them more easily.
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7 Apr
This is such a small thing. But it jumped out at me. In that Robert Pape oped on people arrested during the insurrection there’s this paragraph.
2/ As I understand the grammar and relationship between the two sentences this identifies Putnam county as one of the 14 counts that Biden won. 14 counties then “one of these”, i.e. one of the 14. But Biden lost Putnam county. Not by much but he lost.
3/ I went back to make sure I remembered this and looked at several sources. Here’s the final results from the Times.
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6 Apr
On the issue of whether voter suppression has any effect here's a recent study that comes to the conclusion that laws to make voting easier lead to more people voting. Not terribly counter-intuitive. But good to know!…
2/ Again, both strategically and actually, we shouldn't be focused on who it makes more likely to win. In a democracy you are on the right side if you put as few impediments as possible in the way of people exercising their fundamental right as citizens. Democrats are in a...
3/ good position because ease of voting probably does advantage them. But that's fine. That doesn't make it self-interested or illegitimate. The side that supports democracy is always on the right side in a democracy. People make various arguments to the effect of well, voter ...
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3 Apr
On this point I'm discussing here in various threads with colleagues. One benefits of my perch at TPM was to be immersed in the dynamics of aughts/teens digital publishing economy but also being (very) small enough not to be able to indulge the fantasy that we could ignore ...
2/ the structural trends within it. When you're huge you have time/cushion to pretend you can buck the trends. When you're small you can't or you'll die fast. One thing that was clear from this inside POV was that essentially none of the high-flying players EVER even broke ...
3/ even. And here I'm talking about real world break even: you're taking in at least as much revenue over a fixed period as you're spending to produce it. I'm not talking about fancy accounting nonsense. Once the platforms began to assert significant pricing power over ...
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2 Apr
If I'm reading this article right it sounds like Gaetz and his indicted friend Greenberg were cruising Sugar Daddy websites looking for women to pay for sex. They were geniuses enough to make payments with digital payment apps. Many encounters, lots of drugs.
2/ Most of these women appear to have been 18 or over. But at least one was 17. Both Gaetz and Greenberg seem to have had sex with her for money. That is needless to say quite illegal. From separate reporting and Greenberg's indictment it appeared Greenberg ...
3/ used his access to the state driver's license system to stalk, or monitor the women they were paying for sex. They seem to have possibly generated fake IDs for them. At one point at least Gaetz reportedly looked at the license info with Greenberg (big mistake).
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1 Apr
The other fascinating part of this story is Gaetz and Pops Gaetz thinking any of this bullshit matters. The federal law enforcement process just doesn't care how many libs you own. That doesn't mean it's righteous or not righteous. It's just that it moves forward with a ...
2/ a mechanical and relentless force once it gets started. Of course Trump really did create the appearance of this other model. Various crooks were invited play out these sagas, arguments, stunts in public. And in a way it was reality because Trump could and DID ...
3/ jump in and shortcircuit the whole process with pardons in a number of cases. But absent that none of this shit matters. And obviously we are absent that. Normal Presidents don't that except in very rare cases (I'm thinking of Bush's commutation of Scooter Libby.) And in ...
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