CEO to median worker pay ratio
Ross: 1,059 to 1
Chipotle: 1,136 to 1
GameStop: 1,137 to 1
KFC/Pizza Hut/Taco Bell: 1,413 to 1
Dick's: 1,487 to 1
Gap: 1,558 to 1
Coke 1,657 to 1
Starbucks: 1,675 to 1
McDonald's 1,939 to 1

yes, it's min wage workers responsible for price increases
CEO to median worker pay ratio
Papa John's: 1,038 to 1
Kraft-Heinz: 1,034 to 1
Foot Locker: 1,013 to 1
Bed Bath & Beyond: 1,007 to 1
American Eagle: 1,003 to 1
Walmart: 983 to 1
DSW: 965 to 1
Kohl's: 923 to 1
Disney: 911 to 1

yes, it's min wage workers responsible for job losses
CEO to median worker pay ratio
Dollar General: 824 to 1
Target: 821 to 1
CVS: 790 to 1
Kroger: 789 to 1
Five Below: 718 to 1
Estee Lauder: 697 to 1
PriceSmart: 694 to 1
Dollar Tree: 690 to 1
Big Lots: 663 to 1

yes, it's min wage workers responsible for store closures
CEO to median worker pay ratio
Olive Garden/LongHorn Steakhouse: 589 to 1
Lulumon: 580 to 1
Ralph Lauren 570 to 1
Oreo/Chips Ahoy/Jell-O: 561 to 1
Hanes 559 to 1
Versace/Michael Koors 558 to 1
Outback Steakhouse 558 to 1
BJ's 542 to 1

yes, it's min wage workers that are overpaid
CEO to median worker pay ratio
Avis: 538 to 1
H&R Block: 526 to 1
Lowe's: 511 to 1
Chico's: 495 to 1
Cracker Barrel: 491 to 1
Under Armour: 491 to 1
Hilton: 489 to 1
Home Depot: 481 to 1
Macy's: 461 to 1
Comcast: 461 to 1
For the companies listed in this thread, the median worker makes about $10,000 a year. Their CEOs make $5 to $10 million.

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29 Mar
Thread on how Amazon treats its workers

Amazon full-time warehouse employees make $31,200 a year. Jeff Bezos makes that every 12 seconds.

Cost to give warehouse workers 2 weeks paid sick leave + pay bumps so they don't qualify for food stamps = 0.9% of Bezos' fortune
1. Last week Amazon denied its workers' quotas are so punishing that they have to pee in bottles.

The next day, documents showed that not only do workers regularly have to urinate in bottles, they also defecate in bags, and Amazon is well aware of this…
2. Amazon is one of the top 3 companies whose employees rely on food stamps and Medicaid (along with Walmart and McDonald's).

This costs taxpayers billions of dollars, meaning you are subsidizing low pay to increase profits for a $1.6 trillion company…
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18 Feb
I grew up listening to Rush Limbaugh 3 hours a day as a home-schooled kid. My parents idolized him.

5 years ago my parents called me: "Rush is about to talk about you!"

I was in the news for slashing my CEO pay to raise our min wage to $70k. I excitedly turned on his show (1/6)
Rush said: "I hope this company is a case study in MBA programs on how socialism does not work, because it’s gonna fail."

I was completely devastated. My dad said he thought Rush got this one wrong. But it was a huge blow and led to a flood of hate-mail against me. (2/6)
Rush turned out to be right: we were a MBA case study. Harvard Business School concluded the $70k min wage was a huge success. Our revenue tripled. Retention and productivity skyrocketed. We were featured as success stories everywhere from the BBC to the New York Times. (3/6)
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6 Feb
In pandemic
Postmates sold for $2.6B
GrubHub stock douled
DoorDash founder made $3B
Uber Eats revenue up 125%

They charge restaurants 30% fees

Revenue for small restaurants we serve: down 45%. With delivery fees, they can lose money on transactions

Support restaurants directly
Small restaurant revenue vs year prior
April 2020⬇️73%
Jan 2021⬇️45%

The "best" month, with lockdowns lifted, was still 2x worse than peak 2009 recession.

source: our Gravity Payments processing data
"So why don't restaurants just not use delivery apps"

Most can't afford to set up a website delivery system and would automatically go under if they don't try.

Others don't have a choice - these apps set up services without the restaurants' consent…
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2 Feb
What they did to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is completely and utterly disgusting. Her strength is seemly endless. Incredible to see a heroine rise to a moment like that.
Hey everyone, you should watch her Instagram live. Everyone should watch it. Will be civics 101 - no exceptions
For those questioning what I am saying, watch this video with an open mind. Then check out her other videos. Don't watch her on MSNBC or FoxNews. Just watch the damn videos and make up your own mind.…
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1 Feb
There is no connection between the stock market and reality.

A thread:

1. Airlines spent 96% of free cash flow on stock buybacks for a decade, then cut 90,000 jobs as soon as trouble hits. Then they got a $50 billion bailout…
2. GE promised its CEO a huge bonus if stock hit $19. It didn't

So GE re-did contract so the bonus kicks in at $10/share

The CEO cut 20% of aviation staff to increase profits and raise the stock to $10

His bonus: $47M. If it goes up again he gets $270M…
3. JCPenney
April: furloughed 85,000 employees
May 10: Gave CEO $4.5 million bonus on top of $17 million/year in pay
May 15: went bankrupt
Oct: laid off 15,000 people
Dec: closed 150 stores
Now: CEO left with $4.5M bonus after stock fell 88% in her 2 years…
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27 Jan
Proud to announce plans I've been working on with lawmakers for the nation's first billionaire wealth tax, in WA state.

Under the 1% tax, Jeff Bezos would pay $1.9 billion. He makes that in a week.

WA has the most regressive tax system in the country.…
The revenue from a wealth tax on Washington's billionaires would singlehandedly make up our state's $3.3 billion budget shortfall while leaving taxes the same for 99.999% of residents.

It makes no sense to gut education and critical services further to protect the rich.
Washington is one of the few states with no income tax. We have the most upside-down tax system in America: low-income residents pay 18% of their income on taxes. The rich pay 3%.

Nationally, billionaires pay the lowest tax rate of any income group.…
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