From @jmhansler:

At the US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Days of Remembrance event, @SecBlinken delivered lengthy remarks highlighting the State Department’s complicity in the genocide and also addressed the current rise in antisemitism.

2/ Blinken: “We remember not only what happened, but also how it was allowed to happen. We remember to look at the institutions and societies we’re part of and to understand better what they did and what they did not do...
3/ “...We must never forget the way individuals can make entire systems, from top to bottom, tilt toward the inhumane, how the sanitized language of cables, briefings and regulations can be used to turn away people we should be helping...
4/ "...And we must not forget that individuals, armed with the truth in their convictions, can use those same mechanisms to save lives,” he said.

Blinken, the stepson of a Holocaust survivor, focused much of his speech on WWII-era assistant Sec of State Breckinridge Long.
5/ Long “oversaw immigration and refugee policy for countries impacted by the war, including the issuance of visas. He had immense power to help those being persecuted...
6/ "...yet as the Nazis began to systematically round up and execute Jews, Long made it harder and harder for Jews to be granted refuge in the United States. He established onerous security checks...
7/ "...claiming they were necessary to prevent enemy spies from infiltrating the United States even though there were, there was no evidence that refugees posed that risk.

"Long didn't hide what he was doing. He wrote it up in official cables.“
8/ “Assistant Secretary Long did still worse. He blocked cables with reports of the mass killing, which would have increased pressure for America to take in more Jews. He lied to Congress...
9/"...He told them the State Department was doing everything in its power to rescue Jews from Europe, and that the United States that admitted 580,000 Jewish refugees when in fact we'd only taken in around 138,000 Jews..."
10/ "...“Now, it's important to note that Mr. Long did not act alone,” Blinken continued. “Others at the State Department helped him draft and implement his policies. Still others sat silently while Long created more restrictions, more delays.”
11/ "...“But some did push back,” Blinken said, including a group of Treasury officials who came up with payments to evacuate Jews in Romania and France and drafted an appeal to the President laying out “in devastating detail the State Department's refusal to help Jews.”
12/ Blinken noted that “we live in a time where antisemitism is on the rise again in America and around the world.”

“And as always, hatred of the Jews tends to go hand in hand with hatred of others, including LGBTQ, people of color, people with disabilities, refugees...
13/ "...When hateful ideology rises, violence is never far behind as recent attacks on Asian-Americans have illustrated,” he said. “A few weeks ago, the Director of National Intelligence issued a report that racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists present...
14/"... the most lethal threat of domestic violent extremism in America today. It's no surprise that many of these extremists deny the Holocaust,” he noted. “These things are connected. So we must stay vigilant.”

• • •

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7 Apr
Lost amid all the criticism of @MLB for moving the All-Star game from Georgia to protest that state’s new voting law are some simple facts about what would have likely happened had MLB not done so, an informed source tells CNN.  1/
2/ MLB officials made the decision because if they didn’t then the decision would be left to individual players, individual All-Stars, some of whom no doubt would have individually boycotted the game themselves. 

In short: There was no way to avoid this becoming political.
3/ If MLB hadn’t acted, individual players would certainly have been asked from now until July whether they were boycotting or not.

It would have — arguably — become a bigger issue.
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10 Mar
You may remember this story we broke last Fall about Trump Administration officials who were alarmed by the White House pushing to fast track a lucrative 5G spectrum contract to a well-connected company called Rivada... 1/…
2/ Untold billions were at stake. Sources told me Trump was encouraged to help Rivada by Fox commentator Karl Rove, a lobbyist for, and investor in, Rivada. Rove denied Rivada was seeking any non-competitive process, as many officials said Rivada was pursuing.
3/ Ultimately no non-competitive offer was made — though many folks close to the process believe if Trump had won re-election it likely would have happened and lots of folks such as Rove would have gotten very, very rich.
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9 Mar
This is what happens when you live in a country where there is no First amendment. Insanity:

Variety: ‘U.K. media regulator Ofcom launched an investigation after more than 41,000 people complained about Piers Morgan’s comments on Meghan Markle.’…
Governments should have no role in policing news broadcasts.

You can tweet Piers what you think of his comments, that’s not what this is about.
And the notion that OFCAM is in no way part of the UK government? Cmon. Empowered by government, board members named by government,...

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6 Mar
I have not seen the offending images in every book because the @DrSeuss foundation has been vague and opaque about the specifics. So: no, I’m not “on board” with the argument you’re ascribing to me. I’ve seen similar suggestions of overreach with McElligot’s Pool.
2/ Again, let’s stick to facts. Which also means let’s not put words in people’s mouths. If there’s a debate and discussion to be had — let’s have it. But Green Eggs and Ham is not part of that.
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6 Mar
One of the weirdest parts of this culture war is that the self-styled “warriors” aren’t willing to stand by the empirically racist images they’re supposedly defending. Green Eggs and Ham is not one of the books the @DrSeuss Foundation has decided to stop publishing.
2/ The NRCC will send contributors copies of The Cat In the Hat — also not one of the books that will no longer be published.
3/ The actual books no longer being published are:

- And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street
- If I Ran the Zoo
- McElligot’s Pool
- On Beyond Zebra!
- Scrambled Eggs Super!
- The Cat’s Quizzer
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4 Mar
.@nimaelbagir reports: @amnesty today said the UN must immediately launch an investigation into ongoing allegations of grave violations in the conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, citing an investigation by CNN as well as one of its own.
@nimaelbagir @amnesty 2/ The human rights organization called on the UN to look into “potential war crimes and crimes against humanity.”
@nimaelbagir @amnesty 3/ The UN’s human rights commissioner Michelle Bachelet said there was a need for an "independent, objective assessment" of the situation on the ground in Tigray...
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