For those of you determined to wage war against complementarianism, just understand this. Egalitarianism is the new kid at school. It’s the aberration. The historic position for 2000 years is complementarianism, even if the label is somewhat new. Beth Moore changes nothing.
2/ And I will add this. The large denominations and associations that have historically embraced egalitarianism since the days of second wave feminism have noticeably become far more liberal and many eventually do deny inerrancy. Denominations exist to guard their distinctive
3/ beliefs and practices. If you disagree with a denomination’s beliefs on gender roles, don’t have the audacity to try to force them to conform to your opinion. Who are you? You who decry subjugation now seek to subject an entire denomination’s doctrinal position into conformity
4/ with your own. Nonsense! Hubris! If you’re so determined to hold to any kind of egalitarianism, then join a denomination, or found one, that already believes as you do, and go and do your thing. But don’t shame a denomination for holding a consistent line for 2000 years. Don’t
5/ poison the well by pointing to sexual abuse that happened in churches that hold to complementarianism when the same statistics bear true for churches that hold to egalitarianism. Don’t fallaciously argue that correlation equals causation and then ignore correlation that
6/ equally applies to your own group. Just go and do your own thing. We shall do our thing, and the Lord will sort this out at the tribunal seat.

• • •

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7 Apr
One of the ThM/PhD courses I am taking this semester is on 2ndTemple Literature. We still have a month to go, but I finished all the required primary and secondary source reading. It has been a busy semester! Below is a list of all the primary sources we had to read.
oPseudo Philo Chp 6:1-8:3; Chp 32
oJosephus. Antiquities of the Jews, Book 11.1-14.4
o1 & 2 Maccabees
oDamascus Document (CD)
oHalakic Document = 4QMMT
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27 Feb
I think what is lacking in this conversation about CRT and especially the seminary presidents statement is this. Resolution 9 repudiates it being used as an absolutized worldview. However, it acknowledged that certain insights via analysis can helpfully describe some social
2/ phenomena. I support that resolution, and I believe that is an honest to take on CRT. And I have never changed my position on this. I do believe its main weakness is that it said nothing about the critical theory that now animates critical race theory. This is why almost
3/ everywhere you find it being used, it is being used as an absolutized worldview. You only need to look at the multiple articles as of late from the New York Times, Washington Post, and other papers that demonstrate the absolute insanity that is happening on certain college
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27 Feb
And for the record, this is a poor application of Acts 6. They were ALL Jews. What separated them was language. The apostles did not use an ancient version of affirmative action. Instead they let the church select people best suited to serve the Greek speaking Jews. That’s all
This kind of nonsense is what happens when somebody tries to see race in places where it’s not. They start reading things into the scriptures that are not there.
And concerning Acts 13, are you serious? I ask that question with all genuineness. Just because the Antioch church had a diverse leadership, this in no way speaks to the issue about the presidents statement. The text is about the Holy Spirit selecting missionaries! Is this how
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25 Feb
I feel compelled to offer another fierce critique of CRT, especially in Christian circles. Truth in advertising, I’m going to play the Jewish card. A few months back, the seminary presidents of the SBC wrote a statement critical of CRT. Recently students and alumni of the
2/ seminaries wrote a statement against it. One of the critiques against the presidents is they are a council of six white men, as if they are incapable of mounting a valid criticism without a POC in their midst. Yet, I would be willing to bet all of you who are critical of the
3/ presidents likely have never invited a Jew to help you write your sermons on Galatians. After all, as you preach it, you are likely criticizing the threat of Judaizing the Gentiles. Well who are you, a bunch of Gentiles who have oppressed us for at least 3400 years to speak on
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1 Jan
One more musing for the evening. Economic and social equality doesn’t solve the problem of racism or systemic partiality. After centuries of oppression in Germany, we Jews economically rose to the top of that society. We achieved a form of social equality. That’s when an entire
2/ society attempted to wipe us off the face of the earth and seize our economic fruit. So if you think dismantling systems and creating an artificial equality of outcome is what actually will make racism and systemic partiality disappear, you kid yourself. In fact I would say
3/ you are willfully ignorant of history. People are 100% right when they say it’s a heart issue and a sin issue that can only be cured by the gospel. When you hold in derision those who claim such, you simply show your own folly. And let’s not forget that every society that has
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1 Jan
Reading an essay by Eric Gruen titled Judaism in the Diaspora. After listing famous historical Gentiles make clearly bigoted remarks against the Jews, he says none of this amounts to anti-Semitism but only mere mockery. Could any scholar get away with saying that about bigoted
2/ remarks toward POCs in America? I think not. But again, when it comes to the Jews, the prevailing attitude is “who cares?” This is why people like me (Jews) see right through the nonsense of CT/CRT. Historically, no one has been as marginalized as we have been, and yet
3/ historically we thrive in every culture to which we are scattered, in spite of the marginalization. We then have to deal with the constant and repetitious claim that we are plotting to take over the world and control all the world’s money, simply because we find ways to be
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